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Turned in 2 lease vehicles on 12/12/2019, as of 03/04/2020 Chrysler Capital still shows I have these vehicles and my account is mark PAST DUE!! Also, Chrysler Capital owes me a refund on each vehicle, which every time I call to check status I am told it will take about 60 days. It has been 83 days!!!
Also, each time I call the agent needs to put me on hold for 5-10 minute so that they can research just to come back and say it will take about 60 days.

I believe Chrysler Capital plays these games so that customer quit calling & they get to keep the refunds that are OWED to their customer!

Very shade way to do business. Dodge/Chrysler are my preferred choice, however I will rethink before I lease with Chrysler again.

Customer service

I thought Sprint was the worst when it comes to customer service...I stand corrected. Chrysler Capital took two payments from our account for one month and caused my account to overdraft. When I called over a week ago to get this issue resolved they asked for a bank statement to prove the money has come out of the account. What kind of [censored] is this? Let me get this right, you take money from my account after I cancelled the auto pay and now you need my bank statement to prove the money was taken. Get the [censored] out here with that [censored]. I will never do business with them again. [censored] Chrysler Capital!

lost my payoff check, terrible customer service

I purchased a car. The dealership sent a payoff check to Chrysler Capital for over 33K to payoff my trade. That was six weeks ago, yet (to preserve my good credit) I am still continuing to pay for both vehicles because Chrysler Capital cant find my payoff check. Even though the dealership has sent proof of the check, including the name of the person at Chrysler Capital who signed for the check! All I want is for someone to trace the whereabouts of this check, start at the beginning when it was signed for and try to track it. Anyone, and I mean anyone at Chrysler Capital who has taken my call will not help me at all, they wont even try! What an awful situation to be in. Sitting in limbo watching my bank account be drained to pay for a car that I no longer own and no one is doing anything to help. Literally no one!!
Chrysler capital sucks, their customer service sucks and I will tell everyone I come in contact with to seek financing elsewhere

car payment

They are crooks! I made a payment, the payment never came out of the account so they charged me a 30.00 fee because they said my account number was incorrect. That's a lie because it's the same account I pay it from always. I asked that the fee be waved and they said no. That's not good business at all. I'm refinancing my car and I'm never going to do business with them again and you shouldn't either!


After receiving 6 phone calls from Chrsyler Capital's collection department, I was finally able to answer the next phone call wherein I spoke with Chrysler Capital representative Toshiko, who made demand for past due payment of just under $400. While on the phone I logged into my bank account to confirm that my monthly payments of $365 were still being made (note, I leased the vehicle 15 months ago and have been making payments on the 1st of every month, including the current month). After 35 minutes of Toshiko looking into my account, with no answers or breakdown of the past due amount, I obtained my original copy of the lease agreement I signed 15 months ago, which states the monthly amount is $365.00. I then requested to talk to a manager. After 30 more minutes, the manager told me because I had moved 14 months ago that my monthly payment had increased $3.00 and the other $350+ past due were late fees, that she was unable to waive, all while telling me that had never sent me any written or verbal communication as to the change in payment. How can you pay something you dont know is due??? They clearly have my phone number. And the fact a manager would tell me after 5 collection phone calls and a 59 minute phone call today that I am expected to pay a late fee is ludicrous. Don't do business with Chrysler Capital if you can avoid it!

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I was involved in a head on accident August 11, 2019 in which my car had been totaled. I have been without a car since. I am a 60 yr old woman who has to work to survive and have worked through pain and discomfort from the injuries as a result of this accident. I can not finance a vehicle until Chrysler Capitol sends me a letter stating my vehicle has been paid off. I have gotten the run around. They have received the check from Geico which was issued Nov 08 2019. It is the 21st now and still no payoff letter sent. I have suffered enough from the accident and this wait time is unnecessary. First I was told 5-10 days, then 7-10 days, then told 10 to 17 days. What is really going on? Help me please. Julie Ann Hepner McMurry [protected]. It was a 2014 Hyundai Sonata. My daughter Brandi Dionne is also on the title. Please have them release the payoff so I can move forward with my life. Please!

vehicle leasing

Horrible organization, their contracts are written in a predatory way and in coordination with the dealerships that work with them they scam people to get into 3 year leases telling you that you can break the lease for a penalty of "a few thousand dollars" when in reality you are locked into crazy liability of potentially the entire value of the vehicle. Misleading and bad business practices, stay away

lease financing

This is a terrible company and if I could give it 0 stars, I would. If you like to sit on hold forever, deal with disinterested customer service people who could care less about you or your issue, and enjoy dealing with a company that operates with zero sense of ethics, then Chrysler Capital (it's really Ally Financial in disguise) is the company for you.

I turned a lease vehicle in 7 months early and replaced with another vehicle leased through Chrysler Capital. I was nowhere near the end of my mileage, but started receiving offers in the mail from dealers to turn the car in early, so I did. The dealer agreed to cover my remaining lease payments as part of the deal.

Then Chrysler Capital sent me a bill for $5, 100 in the mail, claiming that because the car was turned in early, I owed them the difference between the residual value of the lease, and what they actually received for it at auction. Apparently, had I waited and given them a car that was 7 months older with more miles on it, it wouldn't be my fault that they calculated the residual value wrong and took a loss at auction.

Going through the dispute resolution process was a nightmare of epic proportions. When you call there, you are put on hold for literally 10-20 minutes at a time, each time you get escalated, while someone "reviews the notes" of your case. While you're on hold, you are subjected to a jazzy little tune that is literally 5-10 seconds long, then repeats, over and over and over again. Regardless of who you deal with, the best you're ever going to get is treated like a meaningless number to them. They will recite contract language and even get a nasty attitude with you, basically telling you that they don't care what you do, or whether you ever do business with them again.

We have another lease vehicle leased through our local credit union and the experience couldn't be any more different. I highly recommend that you avoid Chrysler Capital and Ally Financial at all costs and choose your own bank or a local credit union that will treat you like you matter, and not pull shady moves trying to transfer the cost of their mistakes onto you.

As a matter of fact, I'm sitting on hold with them right now - 27 minutes in - and I'm using the time to share this experience with as many people as I can.

Worst. Company. Ever.

high interest rates

I bought a 2013 dodge advenger in 2013 the sale price for the car was around 17000 dollars but the interest rate made the cost over 30000 dollars the car quit in about 3 years and I was no longer able to pay for it because I needed another car and I couldn't afford 2 car payments I paid around 25000 dollars for the car but they repossessed it in 2016 can I file a claim to get some of my money back and the car

chrysler capital / financial

Had never missed car Payment s, up until I started having re al issues with not only needing a whole new motor installed at only 4000 ( 4 thousand ) original miles ; other item i complained about the oil pressure relegated valve spring / oil cooler
Needed replacement, the car dealer in Fairfield -California
Would not trade in my 2013 ram truck
i then stopped making payments due to numerous recall issues with my truck, that the dealer would Not help me with ?!
Then afterwards the title ended up in the hands of a credit collections agency. Whom has repeatedly called and made Phone harassment calls, without sending me any invoice r any notice of the title being changed /
Summary ; not only did the dealer not help with my engine problems, but there seams to be very bad customer service

late payment because of mixup

In July I overpaid my car bill, and when I called the customer service person said I was paid through October. That was not true, so I received a call moments ago about late payment. No problem, I am actually on the phone now paying it. But the customer service rep on the phone was not only rude, but unhelpful and un-understanding. His name is Christian Waller (maybe?) and I ended up hanging up on him because I could barely hear him, he was both talking too fast and was muffled, and am now on the phone with someone wonderful and helpful. I have never complained about anything in my life, but this rep of yours did nothing to fix any problem, inform me what was going on, or anything. It was terrible!

I do not want anything, after all it was my mistake, I just wanted to tell someone or even talk into the void about how unhelpful this man was. Every other representative I have spoken to, except I guess the woman who misinformed me about my payments, have been friendly and informative.

dealership fraud & 2018 jeep grand cherokee limited

I am filing a dealership fraud lawsuit against one of your California dealerships and I have my financing with Chrysler Capital, which I defaulted on when I was fully able to prove my case.
I have requested on multiple occasions now, cooperation & assistance, which is required by state law for you to provide me with, copies of every one of my credit reports that were submitted to you by Moss Bros Dealership in Riverside between 10/15/18 - 12/15/18 both via dealership direct & electronic there is probably 3-4 of them.

I would also like to have a direct contact with someone in your executive, fraud, legal department to speak with. I do understand the fraud was not done by Chrysler Capital but it wasn't done by me either.

I know you want payment for a vehicle or for it to be returned, and that is exactly what I want as well.

Moss Bros Riverside Chrysler Jeep stole $14, 000 cash & my 2017 Fiat from me worth another $10, 000... I was not approved for financing which I did not want, I wanted only a lease or nothing at all. I was not approved for that either and I received legal documents from financing to return 2 different vehicles within a 25 day period and by law they were required to give back my $14, 000 deposit plus my trade-in vehicle, however, they refused to give me back either.

They then flipped my low payment lease over to a 7 year finance, added on expensive warranty plans, fudged my income by creating a false self employed company (if you check my real applications) I submitted income of approximately $2500 including my disability income and what I was approved on for financing doesn't even mention disability income just fake self employment. This fraud was submitted to financing 1-2 weeks after me signing the finance paperwork and a week after being denied financing and I never agreed to this sale or $830 month payments, because there is no way I can afford that.

Furthermore, I have copies of emails because the first lease they did sell me was fraudulent, they lied telling me it had features that didn't exist and within one week of vehicle possession it was in the shop and falling apart.

My emails clearly informed the sales department that I was interested in a Jeep Cherokee limited plus, and I sent them 15 stock numbers of interest that put the purchase price right at $18, 000 (year end sale) but they ignored me, and 1st put me in a grand Cherokee Laredo with nothing included and broken and then when denied a lease on that $26k Jeep, instead of going back to the less expensive option or giving me back my down payment of $14k, they put me into a $60, 000 grand Cherokee limited with upgrades but said not to worry it had rebates and specials and I qualified for assistance so my payment would remain low.
Well it didn't, I didn't qualify for the lease so they flipped into a finance and I didn't qualify for that either. But then they refused to give me my down payment and trade-in vehicle (told me they can't even though the denial of finance letter says by law they HAVE to)...
After that, they did some shady & hinky stuff and I know they created a fake business name and income (I never signed & only found out by seeing it on my credit report)
I attempted to contact the dealership and finance and I told everyone I can't afford this and I did not want anything but a lease, but no one listened
I contacted several lawyers, each are eager to have me retain them, however Chrysler Capital is refusing to cooperate by providing copies of each credit submission the dealer submitted to you, which is in violation of California law and adds additional charges to my lawsuit that now directly effect and link you to the fraud suit.
So this COURTESY letter is to inform you of my 3rd and official request for copies of EVERY application for finance you received.
This can be emailed to mckray.[protected] and a hard copy mailed to P.O. Box 777 Cedar Glen, CA 92321 Attn: Tracie Mckray

Being that I have not retained an attorney as of yet, because I was advised it would save me fees by requesting the legal documents personally, I am still not under a lawyers care, so I am going to request and recommend that we try to find a solution to this very illegal fraud issue together and avoid courts, avoid law suits, avoid a long lengthy trial and settle this outside of court.

I've never wanted anything more than my down payment plus vehicle trade in or comparable returned to me, and upon doing so, I am happy to return this 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited Edition blacked-out overpriced vehicle to you and walk away and never say a word to media or anyone



I bought my car in 2015, paying it for almost 5 years already, every single month ! Just once asked for push that one payment to the end of month, which I was told no problem, it would be done as a referement, never happened, so even paying every month, always is one behind and fees growing on top, so I called customer services to get some help on it, but nothing happens, I received letters and emails from Chrysler Capital saying " We are here to help and assisting you if need" after you call, tell all your hardship financial, I mean answer a lot of annoying questions over and over !! just to have the answer:: "I Am sorry, We are NOT able to assist you this time" like Really ??? and the Woman how was assisting me was nasty, treated me with No respect and very antipathetic, ,
trying to make me feel bad to be in hard situation, and even treat me already that they would repossessed my car, which I am paying every month ! Please traine your associates to be Nice with your Customers !!! Thank you.

repairing issues on my vehicle.

I purchased a 2011 Jeep Liberty Jet August of 2013, and within the first six months I jad heater core replaced. Then the fellowing year it was heating system in 2014 and 2015. Then in September of 2016, the sunroof broke it was in the shop for three too four months. Then the gaskets where replaced in December of 2017 and it was in the shop. Theu didn't put the spark plugs into the car. And now I just had the water pump replaced and the thermostat and pull system in the month of July, now this month is the radiator and then now the gaskets in the engine is leaking again please help there selling lemons. Landmark. Automotive Group address is 2381 Prairie Crossing Drive, Springfield, Illinois 62711, telephone number is [protected]. William Grant is the owner.

car payoff

I purchased my car at Chrysler Capital (using their loan service) and decided to pay off my loan after a year and sell the car.
I was misinformed about the whole process. After calling their customer service I realized that the money was received but the paperwork that's needed to sell the car would not be provided easily by Chrysler spite of repeated requests I did not receive any acknowledgment for my payment and more important - there is no way to get the new title for my car which Is needed so I can sell it.
Their customer service is terrible and almost impossible to reach. Every time I call I receive different answer.
I paid off my car, but I'm still hostage by Chrysler Capital.

release of lien

Same story as the other complaints. OVERNIGHTED two payoffs for business vehicle loans. Was told it would be 20-25 days! Unbelievable in modern times and unethical since they have already taken payment. I informed the "customer service" rep to transfer me their litigation dept so that I could have my business attorneys contact them. We shall see where that goes... I found it despicable that she told me that a dealer could get the release of lien immediately but "that's just the way we do things" if anyone else is involved.

customer service representatives uninformed messages

On July 2 my 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee repossessed and when contacting first customer service rep was given information on the process of how to reinstate my vehicle. It was clear and since there was the holiday I was not able to make arrangement to pay fees. However, on Friday, July 5 I made a payment of $1500.00 from my dad's account and the remaining owed from my debit account. Since the following day was the weekend, I was not able to get ahold of anyone to release the vehicle and proceed. Then my nightmare began, rude and inconsiderate representatives after another, first they explained to me that I needed to send over a non dispute letter from my dad stating the 1500.00 was authorized and then when dad goes to bank, the bank was unaware of this verification process and so when dad called they would not give him any information and hung up on him. When mom called to speak on my behalf, I actually authorized my mom right there on the phone to speak on my behalf however next day my mom was not able to speak on my behalf. Today when finally was able to get the letter faxed over called back to let them know the time when faxed and now they tell me I needed to send a running bank statement showing the amount withdrawn from the account which was never mentioned to me the first time. I am just trying to get my truck back and I have paid all the amount due and still I am getting the runaround.
lease account number [protected]
Daniel R Varela JR


I setup autopay - every payment was made on time; then for some mysterious reason, autopay was disabled for the last payment. no phone call, no email - the only way i found out was because of a negative mark on my credit report. WTF? I called CC and they said i would have to submit an official dispute. WTF? Seriously, since when is it okay to disable autopay without letting the client know?

registration renewal on lease vehicle

I mailed my registration renewal in to my states registry back in March. My registration was due by April 1st. I just received my registration and plate stickers on May 12th.
This is unacceptable as my vehicle appears to be unregistered when I drive it after April 1st. When I called the registry they informed me they processed my registration and sent it to Chrysler Capital early April.
My complaint is... Chrysler Capital owns the vehicle not my registration plates. They belong to me as I pay the fee and property tax each year for them to be on my leased vehicle. Cut out the middle man and mail them directly to me. When I called to complain about this they kept telling me that they own the vehicle and that's policy that they receive it. What do they do with them? The whole time they dit somewhere else they are not in the vehicle. That registration belongs to me not the leasing company. Review your policy and this whole process because something is wrong here with this 😠
I will not be leasing another vehicle with Chrysler Capital and I will take to social media about this issue.

warning: scammers

I had a chrysler 300 for 3 1/2 the early days of the loan chrysler capital was willing to work out payment plans/arrangements with me. Due to loss of work (and life circumstances) my loan became delinquent again but now that i've paid nearly $30, 000 on this car plus the $5000 I put as a down payment they repossessed the car. I tried to explain that i've had several medium size out of pocket repairs i've used revenue that should have gone toward payment. But now, there is nothing to discuss in getting the car back since the fees are so high ($4025). The customer service reps has been like a dr. Jeckle/mr. Hyde. They were willing to work with me until they got enough money out of me. The interest rate was far to high for the right along with the $641.00 monthly payments. So technically i've already paid for the vehicle. I should have bought a nissan or toyota!!! Also, though i've paid on nearly 30k on the loan over the 3.5 years. The balance is "still" $28, 000!!

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