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+1 203 356 5000 (Headquarters)
+1 800 367 5690 (Employment Verification)
+1 877 822 0996 (Small Business Marketing)
+1 800 327 8627 (Software Solutions)
+1 855 727 7386 (Presort Services)
+1 800 243 7824 (Supplies)
+1 800 522 0020 (Customer Service)
+1 800 243 7800 (Reserve Account)
+1 800 962 4088 (Rates& Updates)
+1 866 235 9627 (Global Shipping Program Customer Service)
+1 800 732 7222 (Account Support Lease Accounts)
+1 800 228 1071 (Rental & All Other Invoices)
001 Summer St.
Stamford, Connecticut
United States - 06926
Pitney Bowes Supplies Operations
2225 American Drive, Neenah, WI 54956

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Pitney Bowes Complaints & Reviews

Feb 15, 2021

Pitney Bowes — Shipping

Parcel was shipped out by retailer on Jan 3rd. On Jan 13th the parcel was in Carol Stream with Pitney Bowe...

Pitney BowesMy message delivered to merchants all over China:

Find another service to mail your products. The people at Pitney Bowes are NOTORIOUS for being lazy bums. My package has just been sitting at the same Pitney Bowes location for 8 days now. Before that it was at another Pitney Bowes location for 8 days just sitting. And before that it was at another Pitney Bowes location just sitting for 8 days. That's 24 days needlessly sitting undelivered for no reason other than they are lazy bums. Christmas time? It doesn't matter to Pitney Bowes they are going to be lazy no matter what. Laziness is what they do. Heck, they probably invented laziness they are so lazy. BUMS!! The package is now close enough where I could just drive and go get it myself. They don't even have the decency to ask me to drive and come get it that's how lazy they are. This is not the first time either this is their modus operandi over and over with every package. You need to tell merchants all over China DO NOT USE PITNEY BOWES under any circumstances!!!

My message delivered to merchants all over China:

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    Pitney BowesShipment returned upaab [protected]

    I want information about my shipment that was returned to you (Tracking number: UPAAB000000432424323), what do I need to do to resend it again?

    Where is my package now? Why has nobody contacted me?


    Shipment returned upaab [protected]
    Shipment returned upaab [protected]
    Shipment returned upaab [protected]
    Shipment returned upaab [protected]

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      Pitney BowesShipping

      Pitney Bowes as a shipping partner is a joke at best. They claim that due to Covid they are overwhelmed. I can understand this a little but when hundreds or people are complaining daily, one would think this company would get it but they clearly don't. They allow packages to sit for weeks if not months before it finally gets to the customer or sometimes packages just disappear into the void. I have heard employees of Pitney Bowes is stealing packages and selling them on eBay. Not something a company should be known for. I hope that retailers start avoiding Pitney Bowes and force them to shut down their shipping services so that consumers like me don't get trapped waiting for packages to be delivered that are literally only a short drive from me. If I could I would go to the location and get the packages myself.

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        Pitney BowesMail station

        Confounded and demeaning mail station, collecting dust does not work, until one day it fell on my toe metal and heavy fracture my big toe in office, call pitney told them the machine was not working and I need to send equipment, back, they send me a box to mail back. I send back the machine, a week after another pitney bowe mail station delivers in from my office door, call them, no one answer, on hold another don't know who I should speak on and on, send back the second machine then 1 month after I am getting constant emails from a collection agency with an outlandish amount, what is wrong with these people their are vampires and neeed to be stopped.

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          Pitney BowesPackage delivery

          Package has been sitting in California for over a month! Been tracking it; needed package ASAP. Tried calling customer service but there really is no valid contact available. Phone system is circular just for sales ... not to address customer needs. I tried calling every department just to speak to someone who might direct me to the right department but they just transferred me and no one could assist. I have never experienced such run around practices as this company. Should have a clear customer service number where there is someone who answers the phone and can actually assist in tracking a package. Tracking via internet showed the package sitting there for over a month. Unbelievable. Left phone and e nail for them to contact me as well. So far no response whatsoever. I will tell vendor to find someone else to handle their shipping or lose customers.

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            Pitney BowesCarriage

            Dear sirs
            I purchased item no [protected] queen boadiceas castle on 21/06/2020 through e-bay.
            Tracking no upaad000000006992412.
            The package was to be shipped from newburgh usa to birmingham uk
            Since 27/06/2020 I have received no feed back about my parcel which appears to be stuck in erlanger ny. The ups ref is 9405509205568692590704. All I want is current feed back on the status of my package or a refund for the purchase and service not received.

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              Jun 24, 2020

              Pitney Bowes — Shipping partners

              I have 3 orders, 2 from China and one in the U.S., that involve Pitney Bowes as the shipping Partner. The 2...

              Pitney BowesLost parcel

              Do not use any company that mails your package with pitney bowes. You have had possession of my package since may 14, 2020. I have no idea where you are sending this but it's obviously not to my address. I have tried to contact anyone in any department to try and resolve this but constantly hung up on. This is the worst company I have had the displeasure of dealing with. The vendor will not reimburse me because these clowns keep mailing this parcel all over the united states.
              My suggestions would be to apply the logic that you are blessed with and try to reform your absolutely disastrous system.
              Here are my 2 tracking numbers.



              I don't expect to get an answer but I will make this matter known.

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                Pitney BowesDelivery. It will be almost a month since picked up by your company!

                May 17, 2020, 1:26 am
                Picked Up by Shipping Partner, USPS Awaiting Item
                HAWTHORNE, CA 90250
                Shipping Partner: PITNEY BOWES
                Your item was picked up by a shipping partner at 1:26 am on May 17, 2020 in HAWTHORNE, CA 90250. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date.
                Where is my package? USPS Not received it yet! e mail is harleygirl9754 @yahoo.com

                Delivery. It will be almost a month since picked up by your company!

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                  Jan 17, 2020

                  Pitney Bowes — Fraudulent fees - deceptive business practices

                  Oh where do I begin... For the 2nd time in 2 years, my account with Pitney Bowes (which has been on auto...

                  Pitney BowesPostage meter

                  I am a victim of identity of theft and electronic harassment. I received numerous state, Wells Fargo and AAA mail with what looks like the same postage meter with specific range of numbers and incomplete QR code. I find it hard to believe that that all these institutions use the same incomplete QR code and the numbers listed are well within 500 of each other. I've attached pictures.

                  Postage meter
                  Postage meter

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                    Pitney BowesPostage meter lease

                    We began receiving emails this summer that "Your Lease is Ending Soon-Time to Renew." Since we have had billing issues with PB in the past, we shopped around and found a better deal. We called the PB rep to see if she could match (willing to give them the business if they could). She said no, she could not. We were under the assumption our lease was up at the end of August based on her emails and signed a lease with the new company.

                    It turns out our lease is not up until 7/2020. Her emails were totally misleading and deceitful. When I called her out on it, she replied that I would have to contact the leasing department and I've never heard from her again.

                    After further review, we did renew our lease in Sept of 2017 for 3 years so the lease term is correct. However, we were supposed to get a 20% discount when we did renew. They gave us the discount but then started charging $21 a quarter for Valumax - basically insurance on the machine. This was in the small print on the lease renewal. We had so much trouble with this renewal (they set up a second account and were charging us twice) that we never noticed the Valumax charge.

                    Customer Service is no help at all and we will never do business with PB once our lease is terminated next year.

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                      Pitney BowesPitney bowes

                      I have a grievance against Pitney Bowes. I have been a loyal customer of a leased postage meter for 28 years. Last year we decided to take another route for postage. I calcualted that my 42 month lease contract [protected] was signed on Dec 22, 2015 and would expire as of June 21, 2019 I paid my balance through the expiration and returned my meter in good order.

                      Pitney Bowes is demanding I continue to pay quarterly payments into next year.

                      Their justification extends back over a decade. Contract A203646001 in Oct 2009 was for $142/quarter. In April 2012 I called their representative and let them know I was not going to renew my contract because I had better quotes from other companies. Their representative told me they would match this but I would have to sign a new contract for $99.40.

                      On 4/25/2012 I signed contract A203646002. The disagreement occurs here, where I understood that this new contract over-rode the prior contract and had a start date of 4/25/2012 and a 42 month duration ending 10/25 2015.

                      Following 4/25/2012 Pitney Bowes immediately started billing me at the new quarterly rate of $99.40 showing that they now were honoring the new contract and no longer enforcing the old contract.

                      Contract A203646002 ended 42 months later on 10/25/2015. This corresponds to the phone calls I received in Nov 2015 from them stating that my contract had expired and they would raise my rates if I didn't re-enter a new contract. I did enter another 42 month contract [protected] starting on Dec 22, 2015. As such, the end date of June 21, 2019 is valid.

                      Now Pitney Bowes says I have to continue paying. My lawyer has advised me that their contractual interpretations are incorrect on a number of levels.

                      1) He wants to understand how I had 2 active contracts for 1 machine during that period following 4/25/2012. One can not have 2 contracts for 1 machine, and their actions clearly shows Contract A203646001 was voided on 4/25/12 when they started billing me at the new A203646002 contractual rate.

                      2) Their arguements rely on contractual evidence from 2009 and April 2012, both of which are beyond the 7 year statue of limitations. The only valid contracts are the last 2 contracts A203646002 and contract [protected], both of which were paid in full to the completion of their terms.

                      I have spoken with dozens of Pitney Bowes representatives, most recently JoAnn Brown to no resolution. Pitney Bowes is insistent on collecting 2 additional unjustified payments of $124.12 from me no matter the reasoning.

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                        Pitney BowesPostage meter

                        I have leased my postage meter from Pitney Bowes since 5/2005 and am on a month to month contract. Last September (2018), we ordered ink/supplies that we never received (from Oliver Garcia). He stated he could not confirm our account (off shore and hard to understand). We asked to speak with onshore supervisor and he refused. After numerous calls, we spoke with ‘Jaimie' who said they could not ship to our suspicious account. Neither of these persons now work at Pitney Bowes and apparently all notes have been removed from our account. My payments and credit is perfect so this made no sense! We could not use our machine since 9/7/18 and had just loaded a lot of postage $ onto it. We used stamps for several months and finally had to get a new acct with Neopost. Pitney Bowes forged a signature to renew until 2021 and are charging me for machine. They refused to give us address to return and stated it had to be in original shipping box from 2005! I have continued to make payments because of their threats until this past March. When I called to dispute, the person in India stated he would give me $900 credit if I sent him a check for $2200!?!? Scam!! They have now sent me to collections for balance of their lease until 2021 although I am month to month. They are charging huge monthly late fees and 19.78% interest. This is consumer fraud!!! I am seeking legal council.

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                          May 31, 2019

                          Pitney Bowes — Deceptive practices & unauthorized transactions

                          Don't believe a word that they tell you! Customer service is ridiculous! We returned a machine a few year...

                          Jan 18, 2019

                          Pitney Bowes — Lost parcel

                          They lost my parcel that I ordered off eBay from America and sent me someone else's all very well getting a...

                          Pitney Bowes — The entire company is a joke

                          I have never despised a company more than Pitney Bowes. I truly can not express it enough to anyone how...

                          Pitney BowesPostage meter

                          PB offers virtually no customer service. They call you like crazy to sell you ink and supplies but try getting them on the phone if you technical support.You'll need over an hour before some goon picks up. Also beware of the rigid requirements when you want to terminate your contract. you must send a letter during a very specific time frame .

                          This company keeps its customers through trickery, and loop holes. Too bad they can't provide good enough service to warrant customer loyalty.

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                            Pitney Bowes — Account # [protected] secure capital solutions

                            I have requested cancellation of this account 3 separate times, to be cancelled effective as of the upcoming...

                            La Canada Flintridge

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