First American Home Buyers Protection / Would not fix what was requested, but did not tell me this until afterwards

TX, United States

I requested a service call for two leaking tub faucets and one dripping sink faucet and one faucet dripping sink faucet with low pressure. After much time over the phone with the representative, the repair order was put in for "all". When the plumber company came, their work order shows one tub and two sink faucets. Once they called First American Home Warranty, they were told the sink faucets were not covered. I am being charged for a service fee for them coming out to my house.

This is where I stand. I don't care if I had four items needing repair, I should have been told at the beginning the sink faucets were not covered. If I were told this, a work order would not have been placed at all because I would have cancelled my policy right then. Instead, I cancelled afterwards. This is not the first incident I have had, but this is the one I am disputing.

In the past, we have had our AC unit fixed and fixed and fixed, still it doesn't work properly. We finally called a different service company, actually two. Our unit needed to be replaced. FAHB will not replace it. They said as long as it can continue to be fixed, we will not replace. All of these service calls, I paid for and it was never completely fixed, but this one, I will dispute.

Then they read you the one part of the contract that states, if they send someone out to your house, you will pay them, even when it is under false pretences. That is very underhanded.

Very, very disatisfied customer


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