Firming Face SerumFraud

I have a complaint about this service. I started to fill out the order and discontinued because I knew once I read that I would be committed to a monthly order fee and I didn't want to do that. I received a phone call from a Heather Hermandez stating that you would send the product for the shipping fee of $2.95 and once I had tried the product I had up to 14 days to contact you to cancel the automated order that would go out after 30 days. I received my "free trial" on
12-06-14. I tried it and my face has been itching to the point I can't stand it.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Santa Ana, CA I called today to cancel and make arrangements to send product back and was told it has been over 14 days since I ordered and that I agreed to purchase and because you tried to take money from my account for a free trial and it did not go through (which was not authorized) that I not only can't return the product, but can't cancel until an amount is deducted from my bank account before I can cancel an order which was suppose to be just a free trial. I haven't even had a the trial in my possession for 14 days only 10 and I am allergic to it!!! And you want me to pay for it?????? The girl was very rude I don't do well with rude either. I was not going to follow through with order, I never finished the form, YOU guys CALLED ME to get me to try it. I signed nothing giving you authorization to submit for payment of anything other than the $2.95 for the original shipping for the free trial. I would like to have this matter taken care of immediately, you do not have my authorization to try and take money from my account and there will be a block on it for you. I would like to here from the head of customer services to contact me and assure me this matter is taken care of.

Thank You,
Deborah Dashnaw

Dec 17, 2014

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