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I wanted to share the worst experience in my life with installing tires in my car. It was at Firestone, Hingham on 8/31/18. The car was dropped at 02:44 and was supposed to be ready after 2 hours. After that time I called Firestone and it turned out that the car would be finished around seven o'clock. At 06:40 I came to the workshop to see if my car is already finished. Just when the service advisor saw me - they started exchanging my tires. Already at 07:06 my car was leaving the garage and noise was heard on the right side of the front wheel. The car was parked without a test drive and without checking the TPMS. I asked the mechanic to check what causes noise because he was not there before. However, the mechanic did not really want to check anything, he only said that he replaced only the tires and not the brakes. However, after my request, the service Adviser went out and checked if the backing plate is in the correct position but did not check if the problem with noise in the wheel was repaired.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Hingham, MA Then I was asked to pay the bill for installing the tires and it turned out that I had to pay more than agreed. Instead of $ 68, I was asked to pay $ 91.62 + tax (total $ 93.05). In this there was a charge for lt truck / van oversize tires $ 18.80 and for valve stamps- $ 8. After paying attention, the service Adviser said that everything is correct, but I have to pay full amount. I paid because I had no other choice. When I went home from the right front wheel I still heard noise. After checking, it turned out that the wheel weights were incorrectly installed and hit the caliper. And the car in this condition is not safe to use !!!
Please see attached photos of installed tires and invoice.
I expecting high quality service from this tire service center -I got the worst service in my life including working people who do not care about well done work and customer satisfaction
Looking for any action from you.

Eugeniusz Bramowski
Cell: [protected]

Firestone Complete Auto Care
Firestone Complete Auto Care

Sep 06, 2018

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