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My name is Amanda Rinehart. I made an appointment with the Anniston Alabama store for 3pm on 10/27/18 to have my car aligned. I arrived and spoke with a technician at the front. I gave him my paperwork because I had a 12 month alignment so this was to be at no charge. He could not find me in the computer until I gave him the papers. They took my keys and I took a seat to wait. 2 Hours later I got up to stretch and move around and noticed that my car had not moved. A gentleman came out and acted like he was going to move it. I asked him what was going on and he said something about being short 2 technicians. He evidently thought I was going to leave and said he would "comp" me an oil change. I explained that I had worked on this car for the last 4 days after working my job so that I could get this done on my off time. His name on the card was David Marrufo. He said they would get it in then. One hour later a technician came out to tell me that they couldn't get their machine to line up so my car could not be done. At this point I am very angry and someone calls the Oxford Alabama store and tells me that the manager said to come first thing in the morning and that they would find a way to compensate me for my time. So, I show up at 8:30 this morning and no one knows anything about it and I'm told I may be here until 3 this afternoon. I am highly pissed. I cannot continue to drive my car without this alignment. I have put 1 year and $2000 into my car. I have a job to go to. This is ridiculous and absolutely horrible "customer service". This is a small area and people ask opinions all the time when looking for a business for a particular service. Mine will be everything but positive.

Firestone Complete Auto Care
Firestone Complete Auto Care

Oct 28, 2018

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