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Fifth Third Bank / overcharged

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In my opinion, Fifth Third Bank 'stole' over $1, 000.00 from me. How they did it was to compile over ten transactions that took place over a period of five days and post them all on one day. I am not 100% innocent in this as I did go into negative balance. However, there were only five transactions that occurred while the account was overdrawn. I explained to the bank that I would pay for those five trans., but not for the remaining six as I had money in my account to cover them. They tried to justify their dishonesty by telling me that they were not responsible for when transactions posted (although all trans. were made by debit cards and are taken directly out of the account).

I just can't believe how these corrupt banking officials can twist their policies to fill their own pockets while basically screwing over their customers.

Apparently I am not the first Fifth Third customer who was taken advantage of as I have found over 400 others with similar situations. If we need to file a class action suit against these thieves - count me in. I, for one, will fight these crooks for as long as it takes until I achieve my goals - Honesty and Integrity (not to mention MY money).

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  • Va
      16th of Sep, 2008
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    I am so tired of being ripped off by fifth third bank!!!

    I used my card twice on 9/5 and had over 400 left in my account. On monday the 8th a check for 700 came in on the same day i wrote it after close out and over drew me. I immediately put cash in the next day to cover the check and 1 over draft. well the check was resubmitted the same day of my CASH deposit and it was send back AGAIN because they moved the two items up from 9/5th to 9/8th so they could get three overdraft fees in the amount of 111.00 which made me short on covering the check, I am a business person and was Totally embarrassed by what they did, There is not one thing right about what they do and in the past two years it has cost me over 1000.

    They prey on low income people so they can rob from us to give to the poor and I'm damned tired of it. I want to start a grassroots advocacy group to STOP what big business is doing to people who are low income. It is time to start speaking out about how this country is ran by corporate business who don't give a ### about humanity.

  • Co
      18th of Dec, 2008
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    I had received a phone call from one of the girls who worked there trying to get me to get a credit card. I told her I did not want. After that conversation a month or two later another girl called me once again i advised I did not want a credit card. She tried telling me how good it was. I told her again not interested. She then continues to tell mte well if i get it in the mail just to cancel it. I told her again very stern and now upset i did not want it. I then hung up. Several days later I got that credit card i did not want. With a 20, 000 limit. SO i called their manger was useless not wanting to help. Called their 800 number spoke with loss prevention who advised me when that girl called in my credit app she said how excited i was which was marked down. At that point i was livid. SO I filed a police report and the manager told the police that he believed his worker over me no matter what proof i provided including witness's. Needless to say I was told by one of their other workers that no one there likes her except the manager cause she gets all these application. BUT she is doing it illegally. Illinois state law says what she had done by getting my credit report and filing the false application to get me a credit card and her a bonus at work is illegal and a class a misdemeanor. To me i see it as Identity theft since i never gave her approval to run my credit report or file an application I never approved nor did i sign!!! There management even seeing how much money i took out did not wish to do anything including firing her. I had to file a compliant with LISA Madigans office which i was thrown form state to state. At some point the fifth third bank finally contacted me and took that off my credit report and apologized. To me that was not enough the cicero branch where this occurred still has never contacted me to tell me what happened after their investigation nor did they ever apologize. Be ware of their identity stealing employees!!!

  • Li
      29th of Dec, 2008
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    I make deposits at this bank, receive my deposit tickets with today's date, and everything is ok... I drive off a happy camper thinking I have so many dollars in the bank. Then I start getting hit with $36.00 charges for insufficient funds for being $2.00 below my balance. Then research shows the bank is holding deposits I made to be sure they clear. So my deposits are never credited at all !!!

    Back in the olden days, a bank teller would say 'hey we are going to hold your deposit for 7 days to be sure the funds are good'. Now they pretend you get immediate credit for the deposit, but never credit your account for the deposit until they feel like it, or until they hit you with about $300.00 in NSF charges.

    Not sure when the people are finally going to give up on these scam artists, that our government has licensed to steal.

    Like Father like son... Our Congress and the Banking System... Two thugs in bed together.

    Just be careful of this bank. Open an account there for a free tote bag, and you'll pay hundreds of dollars for it !!!

  • Ba
      2nd of Jan, 2009
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    deecu charged me with a 20.00 dollar fee for a 17 mistake in my adding. my account was 17 for this mistake i had to pay 20.00. I need ed this money for fod.

  • He
      3rd of Jan, 2009
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    Fifth Third is the only bank I've ever had that purposefully enters checks/debits prior to deposit/credit postings that arrive on the same day just so that they can charge their ridiculous overdraft fees. If you have 5 deposits that post on the 1st of the month, you can be assured that any check/debit that gets to the bank on the 1st will post before ANY of the deposits regardless of when they arrive.

    In addition, any non-cash deposits are at risk of being 'held' just long enough to cause additional overdraft fees.

    Their website offers you a useless 'Daily Balance' that means nothing. It can be positive and items can still bounce because the 'daily balance' does not necessarily have, what they consider, cleared funds. Your daily balance and available balances can be positive, yet you can be charged NSF fees if a check for a lesser amount hits that day. Everything they do is slanted to put you at a disadvantage and provide situations which allow them to take money from you.

    Lastly, an account created on the Internet can only be closed by visiting a branch, unless you do what I did which is zero out the account and just let it sit there until they decide to close it for you. Worst banking experience of my life and if you like being robbed, hurry up and open an account there. If it wasn't for the innocent people that would lose their jobs, I would wish that this bank failed tomorrow.

  • Sa
      4th of Jan, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I was Charged $370.00 in overdraft Fees in one day!!! I paid all my bills through 5/3, which they do not pay right away, they hold off for 2 or 3 days before they payout your payments. I was told by the branch manager that they cannot send payments until each individual accepts payment. However after the 2 or 3 days buy some divine intervention all payments are paid out, all at once! So they hold off and when you overdraft on one Item you are charged an overdraft fee on every item and a return of item fee on top of that! Someone please HELPPP!!!

  • Al
      7th of Jan, 2009
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  • To
      15th of Jan, 2009
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    These Criminals a.k.a Thieves took over my bank -- First Charter -- sometime last year and have since raided my account for over $600.00 in Overdraft and Daily Overdraft Fees. Their daily overdraft fees are $6.00 per day including Holidays, Saturdays and Sundays when if you did make a deposit, you do not get credit for it until maybe Tuesday if Monday is not a holiday.

    Their computer system is set to steal from you in that it if you do make a deposit on the same day that a debit is coming through, guess which one will post first? When your account slips into the red, it's raiding time!

    Their policy is to send you a notice via snail mail (As opposed to email) and you better read it quick fast and in a hurry as they are poised to begin ripping you off of your hard-earned money!

    They also know that once your account goes into the red with one transaction there are other transactions that typically follow making it more difficult to bring your account back into the black. Adding insult to injury is their Daily Overdraft Fee, which I have never heard of until they took over my bank.

    Their excuse and justification of ripping me off is that I should change banks which means that I will no longer have the right to contact them to complain about their predatory practices and it also means that they will get to keep the more than $600.00 they have stolen from my account in just over a month's time.

    I researched the Uniform Commercial Code of North Carolina, however, did not find any law that allows them to charge a Daily Overdraft Fee. I posed this question to 5/3's legal department and have yet to receive a response.

    They insist that I agreed to this fee, however, have yet to produce a document that bears my signature. The moral of the story is that before opening an account with any financial institution -- especially the fortune 500 ones -- you should do a quick search for the term 'Fees' on their website. These crooks are worst than street drug dealers and bank robbers who in my opinion have a higher sense of morality. It is no wonder that they are having such tough times these days. What goes around comes around!

    People should start keeping their money in a hole in the ground like our 'smart' ancestors! That way if they try and steal it from there, you have every right to put a bullet between their eyes!

  • Ke
      16th of Jan, 2009
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    We had a contract to install the electrical portion of a Fifth Third Bank in Shadyside area of Pittsburgh PA. There are many new Fifth Third Banks coming into the Pittsburgh area. We got the contract in August of 2007 and we finished the contract successfully in October 2007.

    It is now over a year and we still have not been paid in full for the contract nor any extra work. We were promised full payment. I have a few accounts with Fith Third Bank and if I am late with a payment I would get fee out the wazzoo. Where is the justice. Do they think they are special. Maybe I need fee's out the wazzoo. for waiting over a year for payment.

  • Ya
      21st of Jan, 2009
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    I DO AGree this bank does overcharge! Their policy is not fair! They are out to rob your account for as much money as possible. I could not get over the fact that hey charge tiered rates that are on the amount of transactions that they are able to post to your account. ie. if you bounce one transaction they charge you lest say 33$ and 2 or more it may be 40$. This is crazy!!! Dont let them rip you off. They can clear your check same day if u can prove that there are suffient funds in the bank account that the check is drawn off of.

  • He
      26th of Jan, 2009
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    I have been with this bank and get an employee checking account. recently 2 checks @ 875.00 have come through 3 times this month of January causing me to receive over 900.00 in overdraft fees. They advised me they go from the highest to the lowest amount. so for an example if I have a charge for 10.69 and just go paid... these checks put me over drawn therefore they charge me 37.00 for the 10.69 also.

    Among any other bills I have for gas to work 2 minor children. My ex husband is a deadbeat who owes over 48K in arrears. I wrote to Ms Huisainga out in Dekalb IL and got no response. I just paid 66.00 to stop payment on these 2 checks on 1-20-09, I had a positive balance on my account.

    On 1-23-09 they approved both checks at 875.00? causing an Overdraft After the Stop payment and the fee? I was left all weekend long with no one to talk to, as well as o money for food gas or medicine. I went to access my account to print it, I can no longer access it online. Sounds suspicious if you ask me. Fraud and thieves!!! Do not bank Here for any reason You get no results and all your income goes in the bank and stays there to pay the salaries!!!

  • Li
      26th of Jan, 2009
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    On December 12, 2008 I was on sick leave and my employer did not deposit my sick pay on my check. So that caused a over draft, What I do not understand if there is no money in a account why are you paying out money that is not there? for a over draft of 185.00 I was charged 400.00 in 2 weeks time, Then my employer sent my sick pay in 245.00 on the 24 of december that should of left me 155.00 overdrawn No on 12-26-08 another pay day payday loans came due again they paid them again with this account overdrawn, (And they tried to say banks didn't have money). Now it is up to 497.20 overdrawn before their fees today. They called and left a message on my machine and that it would be in my best interest to make arrangement on this. for one thing I do not go back to work until 1-1-09 and on 1-9-09 they are gonna pay these out again. every two weeks, I will never get caught up.

    I asked on the 12-12-08 for this account to be shut down and they wont until it has a clear balance. the man I talked to at the bank was trying to help me he tried to put a hold on that account his corrupt office would not let him. Said that there is nothing they can do. STOP PAYING OUT MONEY THAT IS NOT THERE.

  • Cl
      28th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    Since the change over of First Charter Bank to 5th 3rd Bank, I have had nothing but overcharges, fees and complaints of what they practice.

    I also have had changes done one day to the next. I would have the money in my account when doing an ATM transaction, with receipt showing a balance yet, the next day, there were changes made to my account and fees taking out what they say I did not have a right to take out.

    They also once paid a check when I was negative over $200 and when I asked why, they stated word for word, we saw that the money (direct deposit) was coming in.

    They also removed my overdraft protection without informing me. They stated they did not have to when I asked why I was not informed.

    I closed my account because they robbed me of thousands of dollars, in which I had some direct payments taken out monthly for bills and I am now getting notices for fees charged because they received a notice to remove funds for billing.

    They stated that they could reopen my account when this happened and that they could charge these fees.

    I want to know why nothing is being done about the banking industry and the way they operate. Banks have the option of paying if they want to pay a check, they have the option of charging fees or not, they have many options, but we as the consumer do not. Why? I would like to present a bill to congress to change this and to have the banks pay back all charges that were taken unfairly.

    Also, they should not be allowed to charge more than what it costs them to notify you that a check did not go thru due to insufficient funds.

  • Ri
      2nd of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Watch and copy your statements on line. Fifth Third bank is changing the dates of transactions to gain money and charge their consumers bogus fees and causing a domino effect in overdrafts. I have copies of statements that are different from one day to the next and I am turning them in to the FDIC and the BBB. Seeking an attorney for a Class action suit against 5/3 and any person who is changing my statement for any financial or personal gain.

  • De
      5th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I closed my account with 5/3 bank mainly because they are CROOKS! THIEF'S! They don't give a damn about their customers, adding OUTRAGEOUSLY high overdraft fees to credit cards that only go over limit because THEY add on the the finance charges that put you over the limit. And when you think it will only get better, it gets worse. They charge you for cash finance charges even if you don't use the option on your account. OH, and when I told them I was closing my account I was informed that I would be charged 2.50 for something random. I HATE 5/3 and everyone who works for them. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Ro
      9th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have been dealing with this bank since October. Thinking I was going to be receiving my title to my truck I instead got a repo man. Customer service has been rude and will not answers any questions stating that they don't have the original contract in front of them to answer my questions and then give me another number to call, and they gives me the same answer, although they have some parts of my loan info since they quote me numbers.

    When I received my history I called and finally got it put on the disputes review. I talked to a lady there and once again got the run around of not having the original contract in front of her so she couldn't tell me the reason why my fixed rate had become a variable rate. Instead of doing her job and looking into why I was ? the loan, which would of been just a matter of getting my original agreement, she instead sends it to collections again, and to be reposed again...isn't customer service suppose to be service for the customers?? How would you all like it if someone treated your mother that way. I would hope you have enough respect for her to care, cause you sure have none for anybody else.

    Well I have my original loan agreement it states that on Dec 19, 2002 I financed 35386.52 at an apr of 6% fixed rate with finance charge of 6741.28, for total of 42127.80e, monthly payments of 638.30, for number of payments 6(e). I am assuming this is six years. And through all my conversations with customer service I have argued that my loan was to be paid off in 66mos and they have told me no it was 72 mos. Yes that is correct but what happens with the extra 70.04 i make a month. which would make the loan paid off in march 2008.

    And according to my loan history they sent it has the term at 72 months with a interest of 4.9% and now the interest is 11.9% Reason being that they state my account has been late since 12/06, after I called in Jan 07 twice to make sure my account was up to date and paid 811.73 to do this. It clearly shows that i would pay the extra amt of money if I was a month late for the late fees t/o my loan history. Which i really don't believe was necessary since i was already paying extra..

    So to date I have paid 43536.86 and fifth third wants 3506.43+ to pay off this loan. Can they possibly expect this when it seems to me that they are just changing the loan #'s as they go. If they can't explain things to me by simply getting out the original loan agreement, then I simply can not bring myself to give them one more dime of my hard earned money.

  • Ma
      20th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Fifth Third Bank is not the only bank that is practicing this scam and fradulent activity. In 2008 I have been hit with nsf fees totaling close to $5000.00. I will have money in the account, and it is usually sufficient enough to cover all of the transactions that post to my account, however, the bank will still take out nsf fees on every single transaction that occurred. How is this possible? If there is money in the account it should be treated as if it were a simple debit/credit such as actually balancing a check book. The banks do not use this method. They find every reason to make your account go negative and will only remove one fee per year. Do not be fooled and think they are removing the fee out of the kindness of their hearts.

    I work with several people who also bank with 5/3 and they actually closed her checking account because it had been negative for 6 days, and instead of telling her it was closed they allowed her to deposit money into a closed account, and no one can tell her where her deposit went. The banks are set up to keep stealing and stealing from the poor. DO NOT EVER BANK WITH FIFTH THIRD. I am planning to remove my money soon and try my luck with a smaller community bank, at least they wont enjoy robbing me blind.

  • Be
      7th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Unfortunately during these hard times, people find reasons why everything is the banks fault due to the bad image banks receive in the media. They are not corrupt, or illegal practices, they have regulations set by the government. They normally are the same across banks... Have you asked them if they are able to reverse any of the fees? Unfortunately, they are a business out to make money, so they might not help you, but you are the one that spent money you didn't have, no matter when the items cleared.

  • Be
      7th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    They don't just "change your statement, " are you talking about transaction date and pending date?

  • Be
      7th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    *I meant to say transaction date and posting date.

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