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Fido Solutions Canada / cheating and wrong promises.

1 Canada Review updated:

I am using Fido mobile phone services since more than last 2 years. I have been screwed couple of times by them, but issues were solved by paying whatever they demanded.

This year during summer holidays (2007) I was out of Canada for 2 months, I asked Fido customer service (on 11th June 2007 at 2 p.m.) to put my phone on hold so that I pay minimum bill. A man in customer service by name LUC initially said he will give 50% discount. I said I would better cancel and when I come back I will take another connection.

Upon hearing this, he said he would consider holding (holding number) my phone for 8.20$ a month bill (including taxes) if I wish to continue. During this time I will have no service and my number will be retained.
So I kept the subscription at 8.20 $ a month, that way I would pay roughly 16.40 $ for two months. But when I came back I found they sent me bill of around 40 $. I argued with them, called couple of times. But they did not revert back to their original promise.
A lady in customer relation dept rudely said now I will have to pay full 90 $ in place of 40$ since I wasted their time and argued with them. She rudely said I would add another 50$ in next bill and you will have to pay.

Now I have asked them to disconnect my subscription as I cannot continue with crooks who manipulate their customers for petty benefit. My phone is still active inspite of my request for cancelling my service.
This is purely ripoff practice which they use with many customers which gives them extra millions of dollar profit. No body really wants to fight for small amount by wasting few hours of their time by calling them without any result.

Please beware of Fido who are ill managed with poor ethics. It is part of Rogers group who are equally famous for ripping the customers.

There is no one who is really interested in listening or solving the issue. Fido has also disconnected my caller ID service and still billing for the same.
Their roaming charges are mind blowing, if someone ever wish to use this service just think twice.

Beware of Fido, steer clear from them if you want your peace of mind with their bogus claims and unethical practices in billing.

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  • Br
      2nd of May, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I agree wholeheartedly that Fido 's policy is 'get away with whatever you can' and the customer be damned...I have been overbilled for the past 5 months and every time I receive a new bill it is battle stations again and outright lies on the part of the customer service reps...they record all conversations between reps and customers but every time I make reference to previous complaints and customer rep conversations, the current one plays dumb...I am there any way to take these ### to court? Maybe class action lawsuits? This is such a piss off to be bamboozled every time you try to get a correction, being dealt with by faceless, nameless drones pleading ignorance...or 'policy'.

  • Fr
      7th of May, 2008
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    i've been a customer of fido for several years now, and i haven't check much of my bills. lately i noticed that i hve billings particularly text messages that i'm paying and don"t know if i sed it or not because there's no phone numbers. i asked customer service about it and they say they don't itemized text messages. i know they usually do itemized text messages but the customer service say they don't. isn't it a violation to charge customers services or goods that you are not aware of?

  • Sa
      16th of Jul, 2008
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    July 17, 2008
    (Reminder of the letter dated July 06 & 07, 2008 and June 30 2008)

    Customer Grievances Cell

    SUB: Finally, I was provoked and compelled to say"" Cancel my service"" and get me rid of FIDO(Account #481407674)

    Hello there,

    On July 14, 2008, I did receive a call from Fido at around 5PM in reply of my reminder letter dated July 07, 2008.
    I was informed that there would be a through investigation regarding my feedback. However, I was told that you better look at the bill online and get back to FIDO.
    When, I tried to see my Bill Online, I could not do... I called Fido and spoke to Customer Care around 7 30 PM on July 14, 2008 .
    I was told by that Customer Care that I had outstanding of 25 dollar from the last month Bill of May .The June-July Bill generated is 75 dollar out of that 25 dollar credit was issued on 9th of June so the total balance is 47 something.
    I was really upset to hear this and I told that CSR at the time of making entire payment on 30th of May 2008 which was 107.77 there was not a single penny was left .I made complete payment so how come 25 dollar
    out standing is showing.

    I further explained that in my April & May Bill there was already unjustified charges was there and it took more than an hour for the clarification .
    Then after my Bill had been brought down to 107.77 and I made then and there the full payment.

    So, I told that regarding my Bill, I always face a lot of trouble and tension mentally. I have not too much time to give the clarification each and every time putting a lot of time and my energy.
    At the end, I am losing my peace of mind.
    So, It is better to process Cancellation of this service..which I thought the last resort to take and I reluctantly said that.
    I was forwarded to the Cancellation department and the gentleman asked the reason .I said that I can not afford 75 dollar per month in my bill.

    He said the Bill is just 47 dollar..then I explained what I was told by CSR(Lady) before I was transferred to Cancellation department.
    He said that she made mistake in clarifying ..In fact, there was not any outstanding from the last Bill..Only thing that you are getting some credit from Roger to Fido call etc..
    I reminded that this plan was offered me by matching my older plan where I kept paying between 37-39 per month. Since the beginning from end of 2005.
    When I asked him that how come CSR informed me that 25 Credit applied on June 9th 2008 which brought down my current Bill up to 47.He said that my bill is actually 47 not 75..
    So when I asked what about the credit of 25 applied.. he explained me oh..your Bill actually was 75 dollar and after the credit of 25 dollar applied then it became 47..That means, too much come, my monthly Bill is 75 dollar..??and for what..???
    Where as I was assured by Fido that the current plan has been matched with my two years old plan..which was between 37 to 39..???
    Please clarify this? ...I started crying, please cancel my service, it is better for me and for FIDO too...

    I have already pointed out the only problem I am facing, when I speak with a Customer Care and we reach the resolution after talking for about an hour on an average.
    The next time, when I need to know about the agreement, it is never in my account in the system. This has happened innumerable times and I have lost the count.
    The above said ordeal indicates that the Fido's Management have already decided to discontinue my service rather than solving my problem.
    So, Please go ahead.. and cancel my service...which is the final resolution from Fido side.


    Sajid Anjum
    Account #481407674
    747Eagle Mount Crescent
    Mississauga, ON, L5C 1H2
    (416) 939-0224-(905

  • Ke
      28th of Dec, 2008
    +1 Votes

    My Message with dealing with terrible cellphone companies like Fido is very clear: "If you ever dare to mess up with me (commit billing fraud, ECF etc.),
    I will mess up with you." Consumers Beware: Boycott Fido!~ Spread the word around throughout Canada and the world
    in the internet so that it goes bankrupt, its reputation tarnished and learns its lessons of cheating poor customers and their loyalty.

  • Ne
      26th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    i agree with all above comments and i am going to take a legal action, whatever it costs to me.I am being forced to pay $408.82 which phone was off during the billing period.Necati Engin (647) 262-4354

  • Ja
      4th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I just wanted to change to a different plan I thought I might be over paying. A coustomer service rep told me I did not need a contract to do this. Great. There was some bug on there web site I could not see my account. Filed a support request so I could see my bill. Once I can see my account I am on a 3 year contract. What the!!!. I call they agree it does not sound right but I am stuck with the contract. The they offer the phone i would have got if I had signed up for the contract too make me feel better. I call back and they say I can have the cheapest phone but I will have to pay for most of it.
    PS They said it was my fault for not reading the contract that I did not sign and they did not send. Talk to one rep he admitted that a average support call to the call center costs Fido about $12. The wife thinks I am OCD I refuse to give them money for what they have done. But I can make it expensive to keep me. The only extra fee I am tempted for is one of the new cheapest plan I can get. $25 one time transfer fee(I Think). 2 lunch calls a month and there will be no profit to them.

  • Ch
      10th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    Last week they sent me a 134$ of data usage for one day. I called them to clarify the situation. I told them I was surfing on the boutik website that is supposed to be free and I decided to download a game, then at the last minute I changed my mind. Not only did they charge me 134 $ for the data, they also charged me 8$ for the game that is not even on my cell phone. I got the rudest customer service rep, she didn"t even what she was talking about. Then I got angry at her and got my husband to call for me, the other customer service wanted to slash the amount in 2. I refused I will not be paying for a service that I didn"t use. I wrote them a complaint letter on there website and my next step I will be complaining to consumer protection.

  • Bo
      20th of Feb, 2009
    0 Votes

    I got a new phone and changed a plan for my dad some time in Nov. He can't use it somehow when he is in the States after I got him the new phone. I have called Fido so many times and they can't figure out. They said everything is normal and it should work, but then they said there might be somethings blocking it. I thought that the phone must need to be actived for a long distance service. After I actived it, then there's a voice said that i will be charged $5.00 each month. I talked to the CR on the phone at once and asked him to cancel that right away. He did that but he said I still have to pay for the $5.00 fee as I actived it either I use it or not. He said he can't do anything about the fee at all. I think that is totally unfair as I just actived it just less then 30 sec and I have to pay for the fee even I did not use it at all. I think I will change the phone company as they have horrible servie and it is totally BS!! Bonnie

  • Ke
      12th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    As a matter of fact, I have already unlocked my Fido cellphones by myself and I shall do more. (Tip: Your Fidos phones are, sadly locked can use with this or Rogers carrier only, I heard in AT&T from the states if you ask the customer support nicely by making some excuses like you are going on a trip to Europe
    they will give you the unlock code to the unlock your branded cellphone
    so you can use it in any country. Next is flashing the original firmware (without Fido logo on it of course)
    This is already one form of protest.. I know that this is a breach of contract or illegal.. BUT I don't care about Fido anymore as they cheat for their pleasure, its their fault.
    Why should I honour the contract when they failed to deliver what the customer wanted, and always
    cheat, nickel and dime poor customers even in times of economic difficulty
    Why the Canadian government support the behaviours of the monopoly companies like the Big three Rogers, Telus and Fido
    and I noticed only Canada sells locked phones only like the Blackberry instead of unlocked ones? is this kind of manipulation on the customer and insult on the customers intelligence?
    Do you know in the Far East, you can buy the original unlocked cellphones like the Blackberry for a relative cheaper price compare to the rip off deal in Canada. One day Fido shall learn its tough lessons of cheating poor customers and their loyalty. Do NOT, I repeat do not ever do business with this unethical company..unless you wanted to get a high blood pressure.

  • Je
      10th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Thank You very much for the $3, 530.00 that ya'll almost tricked me into. They need to quit playing games. I don't know too much about Canada but in Georgia where I live the economy is screwed up right now and eventually someone is goona get hurt. Thanks for the inconvience and I hope that one day they will grow up.

  • Bo
      26th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Not only are they cheating people with celluar phones, they use a company called Blue Seal Staffing which is a scam. They say that they are a Mistery Shopping company but they are not. They have a fake address, they use two different phone number one of them is in New York and the other is in Louisiana. They make it seem so real because theie are Mistery Shopping companys out there. They tell you to put the check in your account then withdraw so much out. Then they tell you to so much to a certain person, fax all the paper to a number that is in a totally different place. They tell you to go shopping with $100.00 and keep whatever you buy the left over $300.00 is your paycheck. People please listen to me if you ever get anything from Blue Seal Staffing or even a check in the mail please tear it up or go to your local police station. This may stop some scamming.

  • Bo
      23rd of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    I live in Dalton Georgia and I got a letter in the mail from GT MIDWEST INC. They also say they are a mystery shopper agency.I recieved a check for 2, 989.00. Of course I had to deposit it into my bank account.Then I was told in the letter 300 of it was mine for Probation Training Pay, 150 for the first assignment in sears, 2, 424 was for the second assignment in any western union and the remaining 115 is to cover the transfer service charge. After you deposit the money into your account they tell you to call them back when you get the money out.The number is out of Valleyfield Qc. and is a FIDO cell phone.IF YOU GET ANYTHING WITH THE NUMBER (450-369-0617) Tear it up!!! My bank luckily caught it in time, They still froze my account and I had to go in and show them the papers from GT MIDWEST to prove I wasn't trying to rip them off!!!

  • Pa
      7th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Fido is a piece of crap. they don't give valid explaination for their charges but only saying their charge is valid. what a crap!

  • Xa
      10th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I signed up with Fido with a $15, 50 min, 50 text msg package and a 2 year lease on 4th, 2009. on Dec 10th I got a bill for $65! I only used 4 min of calling time and the plan is only $15 a month! I don't call they support center because I heard they charge per call to support center. So I called the sales rep and the phone is ALWAYS busy! So I bould not get through. I then send email to the rep (he gave me and promised to answer any questions I should have) I got not reply. I sent another meail to him - got nothing back either.

    That's not all, they keep on sending garbage messages to me trying to put me over the 50 text limit. Messages like promotion material, contests, content related... and they even send "Missed call" messages to me (wihtout telling me whose call I missed!) Who needs a message from Fido when my cellphone already tells me I have missed calls (and from whom!). What a low down trick!

    BEWARE!! Never to sign up for Fido if you want peace of mind! It just burns me up to think such practice is still in progress in this day and age. Let's band together to put Fido to sleep!!!

    Contact me at I need your support and I need ammunition to fight Fido!

  • Xa
      10th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    Since Rogers bought up Fido, it's obvious Rogers is behind all this!

  • Jf
      29th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I received two bills totalling over $3100.00 because I was in MExico. It was all roaming charges for my dataplan.
    I argued with them that they promised to send me a text when I would be at 75% of my data limit, which never happened. Customer Service said that this does not apply to outside of Canada. This, of course, was not told me when I bought the phone plan, but it is in the small print.
    Upon arguing some more, the CSR agreed to reverse the charges on the last bill of $1900 and to give me a credit towards the fist bill of $500.00. The first bill I had already paid, so the next bill should have been $500 credit.
    This week I received a call from CSR telling me that they had made a mistake in accounting and instead of a %500 credit, I now owe over $800.00

    I am accusing them of false advertising (sending a text message when you are 75% of your allowed data) and of just picking numbers out of the air

    I have cancelled my account and I am ready to take them to court.

    J. Huizing
    Red Deer, ALberta

  • Va
      11th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    After negotiating a retention plan over a few phone calls, I was advised by a Fido representative to go to a Fido corporate store to pick up two iphones on April 30, 2010.

    When I arrived at the Fido store, I was advised that they could not give me the iphones. I was very disappointed about being lied to, but I agreed to Fido mailing me two iphones in 3-5 business days after some compensation.
    I was even more disappointed when only one iphone arrived on the 5th business day, May 7, 2010. I called and spoke to a Fido rep on that day who told me that the second phone was never ordered. She told me that she would find out why and call me back quickly, she never did. The second Fido lie.

    I called back and spoke to another Fido rep who told me the same thing, the second iphone was never ordered. I asked to talk with a supervisor. He told me that he would give me fifty dollar phone credit and a hundred dollars in phone service for the error, and he would get a supervisor to call me. He then told me that he couldn’t get the compensation approved, third lie. He did get a supervisor, Kyle to call me.

    Kyle called me at about 4pm pacific time on May 7, 2010. He told me, no problem, the iphone was ordered at the same time and it would arrive on Monday, lie number four. I asked him why the other two Fido reps said it wasn’t ordered, and he said they were wrong, and he was going to talk to their supervisors as they wasted hours of my time, and got me stressed. I didn’t believe him! I asked him if I could go to a Fido store if it did not arrive on Monday, and he replied yes, lie number five. He asked me if I wanted a call back on Monday may 10, and I told him, no, as I wanted to believe him.

    I went to a Fido store on Monday may 10, and was told to call Fido. I called and spoke to darvinder, or something like that, who told me that he talked with his supervisor, and that they had made an exception, and I could go to the store and get an iphone, lie number six. He then checked my account, and said, no I couldn’t get a phone as it was a couples plan. I asked to speak with Kyle, told no!

    I asked to speak to another supervisor who told me that Kyle said I had to wait until Tuesday, and that he had told me that, lie seven. She said that she could do nothing, and had a “feeling” that it would arrive tomorrow. She also told me that the second phone was only ordered on May 7, after speaking with Kyle, and not on April 30 as Kyle stated. Is that lie eight?

    I called on Tuesday May 11 at 12pm when I did not get the phone. The Fido rep said she could not transfer me to a supervisor as the phones were not working, and that she would get a supervisor to call me back, lie 9. She never called me back.

    I called again at 3:30pm on May 11 and spoke to a Fido rep who told me that I could not talk with any supervisor as an investigation had been launched on May 10. He told me that I must wait another day or two.
    It is now 5pm on May 11, and I do not have a phone as agreed upon. Fido has not only failed to honor its agreement, it has also wasted hours of my time, and caused me an enormous amount of stress, and lost productivity. I was literally put on hold for what amounts to hours. This is so maddening, words cannot describe how much I now hate fido.

    I Shame on Fido!!

  • Tr
      13th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    i agreed with all letters above. myself with fido for 2 years long with a tons of complains. Last 2 month they ask me to pay 4 months, mean i have to paid more than 2 months extra otherwise they cut off my line. I had no choce, they are always holding the knifehandle, I paid and cancel my bussiness with them. They steal my FIDO dollar, " they said their policy is if the customers do not use the FIDO dollar for a amount of time(only they know), the will be charity the FIDO dollar to wherever... only they know+ They said" they will cancel my number after the month to month contrac expired if i do not pay them $35.00..."...long long long on the phone with the and the price drop to $10.00 even the number i bought 5 years ago, the number legal belong to me.+ they said "we will canceling your number if u jump to whateve phone company even you pay $35 or $10, the only way to keep your number is stay with us" THEY NEVER KEEP THEIR PROMISED. BUNCH OF HEARTLESS DGS ...WORKING FOR FIDO. ONE THING KEEP IN MIND IS AWAY AND AWAY AND AWAY FROM FIDO. THAT IS A BIG BIG TRAP. DO NOT TRY HOW BIG IS A TRAP...IF YOU ARE WITH THEM NOW, LOOK AT YOUR PAYING HISTORY AGAIN, THEY ALWAYS ASK YOU TO PAY PAY AND PAY AND PAY EVEN YOU PAID.

  • Uw
      8th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have been using Fido $20 plan for two and half years. I was quite happy with it since today when I checked my online bill for the month of January. I was shocked seeing my current amount due was $469!

    Now I am really upset and totally worried about how I am going to pay this huge amount of bill. I am a full-time student and my monthly budget on phone is max. $30. And I always have been Fido's regular customer with regular payment for the last two and half years.

    Let me tell you about the reasons why it happened. On the months of November and December, I went outside Canada for vacation. Before I left, I called to Fido Customer Services (on late October) and requested the operator to grant me a vacation discount since I wouldn't use my cell phone for those two months. So the operator granted me the discount and my bill would become $12/month for those two months. Then I clearly mentioned that I'll be right back on January 9th and I'll go back to my $20 plan. I am very sure that the operator made a note on it and he confirmed me about it's duration (till January 9, 2011). But I didn't know that this discount is actually a different plan that is "pay per use" since it wasn't clarified to me during phone conversation.

    After two months, when I came back to Canada, but in another province, I called to Fido Customer Services (on January 12th) for changing my cell phone number (for edmonton area code), address and plan. During later part of the phone conversation, I was informed that my plan would be $20 as before. I think the operator changed my phone number and address, however he forgot to make a note of plan change in my account documentation. As a result, I was with the plan "pay per use" since today and I didn't even know about it.

    >>> More ironically, the plans shown in my invoices for the months of November, December and January are $20/month with caller ID option $6/month. This indicates the invoices were based on $20 Fido plan (please see My Fido Invoice) and they were NOT based on "pay per use" plan. <<<

    I called to Fido customer services 2 times regarding this billing problem during afternoon. Unfortunately, none of the operator was able to help me, except an offer of $50 rebate on the bill. Then I called to Fido customer services again in evening, the operator granted me 25% rebate on the bill. However, I still have to pay $358 bill which is indeed a big burden on a student like me.

  • 2n
      25th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    My writing in english is not very good . i truthly 100% believing what (vanscott222) said in that (his) letter. My long long fido story the same vanscott222's story.They try every thing to sucking money from my pocket.PLS checking again and again your paid payment history, they're still asking you to pay even you PAID . If you have a call from them to asking to pay (the billing circle coming)pls checking the payment history again...!!!GOOD LUCK TO SOMEONE STILL IN FIDO's HANDSssssss.OR FIDO's HOLDING BACK.

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