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FIDO / nonsence internet changes

1 Richmond, British Columbia, Canada Review updated:

Stupid fido... I have never used any internet from the cell phone before nor I know how to use it. And then one day! boom! almost $1000 bucks charged on my mobile internet service. I phoned them and asked what happened and the CSR kept on insisting Fido doesnt make mistakes so it must be me trying to avoid paying the service after using it and that I should learn to be more responsible for my cell phone from now on. I cant believe this is what a CSR should say?!??!?!?! Anyone will similar experience?

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  • Ju
      19th of Feb, 2009
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    Hi there, it is happening to me right now. They charged me 300 bucks for internet, I never used it. What are you going to do? I wont pay for something I did not use. Some help please.

  • To
      23rd of Feb, 2009
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    Yes--I just got off the phone with a CSR who also insists that I purchased two Musictones on my phone. I have had my phone for 5 years, and I have used the same ringtone since the very beginning, one that came with the phone. They insist the transactions are legitimate and that if I didn't purchase them, somebody must have used my phone to do it. Well, they used my phone to purchase musictones and then deleted them?!? The musictones aren't even on my phone--only the charges on my invoice. There are no text message records of the transactions either. Grr...

  • Ve
      1st of Mar, 2009
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    I have also received a bill charging for internet access amounting to 825 when I didn't use it! And the ridiculous thing was, the so called internet access was done when I and my husband were busy packing for his things because he has a flight to catch.
    And for all these complaints that we have, who will help us? There should be a bill that would punish providers for overcharging their customers!

  • Yy
      18th of Mar, 2009
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    It happened to me and I know it happened to other people. $600 in my case, 40$ for my sisters case. 50$ for parents of a friend of mine who would not know how to use the internet.
    3 from personal accounts.

    I think I heard from one of the radio stations that it has been happening frequently.
    I am curious to what phones you guys have?
    BTW Their way to handle this is:
    they will say its your fault blablabla, ignore them
    first they will be willing to take off 50% of the charges on your bill.
    Keep your temper, complain. Take your time to complain. be reasonable but keep in mind that what THEY are charging is unreasonable.
    if you complain long enough, they will say "we can add data plan to your bill (25$) a month to cover for the ridiculous amount that they are charging you." Tell them to BLOCK the internet access of your card (if you don't need data) EVER.
    If you want to be extra safe, record this conversation that you have with fido for future references.
    Here, if you have sometime in your hands, keep complaining. They should wave off all the charges for internet. If you are really busy. or maybe ull give in for the $25 for 1 month to wave off that charge and to block the internet.
    If they ever charge you EVER again for data, take this recording, so you have proof that you already have data blocked off. Worst comes to worst, you have the ability to take them to small claims court for the amounts they say they owe you.
    KEEP insisting that you DID NOT use the data, your phone CANNOT get access to the internet while on the streets.
    I think there are A LOT more people with those charges.
    I am looking into this further and I am thinking of filling complain with regulation agencies or media. A Meanwhile can you guys ask around for other people who have similar experiences? (mobile internet usage overcharge).

  • Zo
      18th of Mar, 2009
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    You catch a lot more bees with honey than with vinegar.

    Once upon a time, I was a csr for Verizon.
    First - the post from Venus is rubbish.
    There simply isn't any way to rack up 825 in intenet charges while packing a suitcase.
    Or 50 suitcases.
    Having said that - yes - sometimes grossly excessive charges occur.
    That's the nature of the beast - no billing system is perfect, and relies on human data input. Misconfigure services on an account and the bill gets screwed up.
    Step 1 to resolve this type of issue is to be reasonable but firm. Also be prepared for the call. Know your plan. Thoroughly and correctly.
    Step 2 is to gather information. Ask what activity generated the billing. Please keep in mind that most csr's have little technical background, so they aren't given the tools to access the information to tell you what was accessed and when.
    What you will need to do is demand full records of internet access. Tell them you need to do this to understand what the billing is for.
    You will be told they don't have this information.
    This isn't a lie.
    The csr doesn't have the info, and likely isn't aware of who does.
    Calmly insist that you either be connected to, or receive a call back, from someone who does have this information.
    This will require escalation of your issue, and it's quite possible that while they are looking at your account more carefully, they find an error in how it's set up.
    An example would a smart phone that is normally set up with a data package. Without it, some smart phones would rack up data charges by pinging the data network periodically. If the account is configured without a data package, and someone forgets the network access block, or puts on the wrong one, this can cause extreme data charges.
    Step 3. Go to a different website. The userbase here is ill qualified to understand, much less diagnose an abnormal billing for internet charges.
    Instead, go to, or
    If you ultimately determine that the problem was a telco error, insist that all charges be waived and the situation corrected.
    If the error was yours (this includes ignorance of your plan or phone operation) be prepared to negotiate. The strength of your position depends partly on how far up you go before you start negotiating, and partly on your perceived value as a customer.
    Your value is not just a factor of your average bill, it also includes perceptions of you based on payment history and customer service logs.
    There are those customers who call in every month to try to dispute valid charges. It's clear who they are. And it's easy to document their behavior in such a way that future csr's will cut them zero slack.
    Don't be a Dick or a Patsy and you'll find the whole process faster and easier,

  • Ad
      10th of May, 2009
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    THey bassically negociate for you, know the laws in canada (Including Quebec) and will help you reduce your bill even though Fido, Rogers, Telus, or BELL refuses.

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  • Tc
      11th of Jun, 2009
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    FIDO IS SHAMELESS! when I saw this website, I know I'm not alone, they overcharged me everymonth, and never revealed any details to me. I've been dealing with them for 3 months now. My plan is $25 with unlimited incoming and weekends etc, they charge me $80 for access fee. I'm going to make creazy long distance phone calls, and [censored] them off!

  • Tl
      16th of Dec, 2010
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    Fido constantly over charges for all sorts of things and when they are caught they claim it is a 'mistake in the system'.
    I have been with them for over 6 years and have caught over 50 mistakes totally tens of thousands of dollars. If these were honest mistakes, some of the charges would have been in my favor (meaning under charging me) while others not. But ALL THEIR MISTAKES ARE OVER CHARGING! Clearly these are not honest or innocent mistakes!

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