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[Resolved] FIDO / fido bill

1 Canada

Mr. Fadel Chbihna

General Manager &

Senior Vice President-Customer Care

Fido Canada

Account Number: [protected]

Dear Mr. Chbihna,

I am Tareq and I am one of your postpaid subscribers. I got myself, my wife and my daughter internet plans last September 2018. You can browse on my transaction details through our mobile numbers (account# [protected]) . We selected the plans that has more mobile data as we specifically needed the internet (when wifi access is not available) than any other perks of any packages. As we were registering the 3 plans, we opted to get 2 plans that has 6GB mobile data at 62CAD per month for each and 1 plan that has 8GB mobile data at 82CAD per month. All has some free calls included. As we understand and initially experienced with the plans, it automatically get cut off when we reach our limit or when it is above 50CAD in excess to what is included in our package. We find this system acceptable and justifiable because at least we are able to control our usage. One instance, my wife is over the limit after 20days and it got cut which we find reasonable.

I travelled out of the country for about 40 days and while I was away I switched to a different sim card. During my travel I have lost my Fido sim card. Upon my return to Canada, I visited one of your stores and declared the sim card lost thus I was issued with a replacement sim card. After a day, I was surprised to receive SMS that I have exceeded my mobile data limit. How come I would be exceeding the limit when I was out of the country for 40 days and I even lost my sim card then? I went again to one of your stores and I was advised to download an application. While we were doing it, the application seemed to be not working and the person who assisted me told me that it must be a technical problem. I assumed that the system is incorrect. A month later, I received again SMS for an over data usage. I was really upset and confused as I was expecting that there is that system that will automatically cut my line when I am above 50CAD. Being aware of that system, we relied on that. I called your call center to clarify the matter and I was shocked on how the agent spoke to me. To quote the agent "we thought you know, we assumed it is ok". He was referring to just allowing the data usage to go over the limit without a prompt to the user. I never requested nor called for an extension over our limits (above 50CAD). I felt really disappointed on how my case was handled and I honestly told the agent that I thought of the SMS to be not reliable after what happened when I came back from my 40 days overseas travel. After my first incident, I was not properly assisted and no explanation nor interventions were done to address my concerns aside from the advise to download the app which didn't work at all.

To add more oil to the fire, I was shocked to have received a 2 months bill (Sept to Nov 2018) of 2, 000CAD solely on the internet/mobile data usage. For the record, my family might be using the mobile data when we are out of our home but my wife and daughter were usually at home where wifi access is available. We were also aware of the system when our line gets cut when we are over the allowable limit. As mentioned, I never allowed or requested to make an extension of our allowed limit. This is a clear manifestation of system failure from downloading the app up to the limitation of data usage. If you are in my shoes, would it be easy for you to pay for 2, 000CAD which is way over our expected bill? This situation is really upsetting for us and we are being overcharged even though we are not at fault. I am sure that our usage will not even reach 1, 000CAD. Also to consider that I travelled out of the country for 40days without my sim card.

This is really unfair on our part thus we decided to send you this complaint after exerting all efforts we can do. We were even not attended well and was just replied with a sarcastic statement which was not at all helpful in any aspects. I trust that you will make your own investigation on this matter and you will do whatever you deem rightful to do. I will highly appreciate your kind assistance and looking forward to your response.

Thanks and best regards,

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Fido Customer Care's Response, Dec 27, 2018

    Hey Tareq,

    Claudia here from Fido.
    I understand your concerns with your account and we'll be more than happy to look into everything with you. Please send us PM on our Facebook page or a DM on Twitter so we can access your account and double-check what's going on.
    Hope to hear from you soon!


Dec 20, 2018

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