FGB / unethical charges & poor customer service

United Arab Emirates

Complaint Number SR9821943
I am using FGB card since a couple of years. Recently I was charged with unbelievable late fees which are high than the amount paid by the bank plus they charge me interest. I had lost my wallet and blocked the card. After all the calls and complaints there was no option but to pay the entire amount which I paid instantly but they are forcing me to pay interest which is haram but the end of the day I have to pay and I am totally unhappy the way this whole complaint had been handled. FGB claims to call in 4 working days for complaint but eventually, they never called me it is me who followed up after 10 days and they had even closed my complaint not even informing me the outcome of it. I must say a poor customer service and treatment to your customers. Just unbelievable. I really expect an answer from FGB for such service.

Jun 27, 2017

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