Fashion Novaitems not received

I ordered 2 different Shipman's one total $250 the other lane told only $97 for my larger shipment missing for different items when I emailed fashion over I have yet to hear back from anybody and I also call the number which is useless because a number just States to email their customer service. The customer service is a complete joke the sad thing is I really love fashion of of clothes and their polity but if this is a kind of customer service they have I can't support a business like this period I'm trying to open a dispute with pay pass I can get partial my money back but I have yet to hear back from them. I'm also gonna write a letter and if all else fails I can try to take them to court and get my money back, because right is right and wrong is phone and you should not be operating on this kind of level where you are still in people's monies for lack of better words I'm not giving them the product they paid .

Dec 01, 2018

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