Farfetch.comdon't stand behind quality of the goods they sell

My first and only experience with them was very poor. I placed an order with them for two items on October 25, 2016. I ordered a long sleeve cotton shirt (mini heart striped t-shirt) by Comme des Garcons Play, which I liked, so I kept it. Last week I washed it for the first time in anticipation of wearing it. I followed the washing instructions exactly (cold wash, gentle cycle, hung out to dry, which was appropriate for a cotton shirt), and it shrunk two whole sizes - it was like a child's shirt. I can't wear it now; it's useless to me and it was an expensive shirt.
When I called and spoke to customer service today, January 9, 2016, to explain my issue, the woman put me on hold and spoke to her supervisor then told me tough luck, that because it was out of their slim 14-day return window that they couldn't help me, but as a consolation they'd offer me free shipping on me next order. Free shipping? Really?
I understand that I called outside of their return window, but I had no way of knowing that the quality of the shirt was so poor for the high price that I paid ($135 for a t-shirt) until I washed it. In my mind I was keeping the shirt, so I didn't rush to wash it. It's a cold winter here, so I had not had a chance to wear it yet, which is why I hadn't washed it until now.
They don't stand behind their products like other large retailers. I understand Farfetch is a 3rd party company, but with that should come them assuming the liability for the items that they're selling, and they won't do anything of the sort so it's clear that it's just too risky to buy from them. If you have a problem you're left completely on your own.

Jan 09, 2017

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