Farfetchreturned items, still not refund after 3 weeks.

Dear Farfetch
Firstly, I want to apologise, that I have had to send this email to each of you. I realise, that this ‘issue-related-email' may not be your department. I have had no other choice, but to correspond to each of you in the hope that ONE person, the right person will contact me and help me.
In the past, 3 weeks I have purchased an abundant of goods from Farfetch and have been happy with most of it. However, the items that were not suitable, or did not fit I have returned for a refund.
This, issue relates to 3 products that I have returned, in access of $800+ value and I have not had an email, notification or acknowledgement in the process of a refund. To which I am still waiting.. I followed all the correct steps, in returning my goods (Kenzo Espridrilles, Y-3 Black Sneakers and Y-3 Green Sneakers) all of which did not suit/fit properly. I filled out the order page, received the RA slip and the courier collected each of the boxes separately, nearly 1.5 to 2 weeks ago.
I have included as an attachment, the documents that I have to prove this. For some reason, when I now go back to my order page, the items I have requested to be returned, have not been lodged. But, yet, I received the RA/courier vouches for them and they have been returned.
This is my 8th email to send to Customer service, with not reply. I am beyond frustrated, concerned and annoyed that I have had such a stressful time with this.
Can someone please look into this ASAP.
Hi Miquel
I find this unacceptable. I have emailed every single day, for the past 10 days, with no replies, except one from you a week ago asking about the courier slips / RA's of which I sent you. Its taken a whole week for you to reply finally. I am absolutely, frustrated and stressed over this situation. I purchase from Farfetch on a weekly basis, always high end and usually upto the $1000 + bracket. This has left me, incredibly disappointed, to the point I would be very hesitant to spend any more money on your site, instead opting for Fiorezli, Matches or Netaporter; where I have never had any issues.
I sent you THREE, RA/ Courier slips of which each of the shoes were sent separately, with the corresponding labels for the courier company. I was at the desk, each time the courier collected the three shoes, on separate days.
The fact, you asked ‘am I sure, I posted/returned the Y-3 sneakers' is offensive and insulting. The pink kenzo espridrilles has that mark on it, when I received them & I noted this when filling out the refund form on your site. They do not fit, but also had a red mark on it.
I am not going to go any further with this. I have sent in excess of 15+ emails, plus the courier documentation supporting my returns. I would like you to put this forward to your Manager and cc' and I would like a refund of all three shoes asap.
The email of my account, is only one:- [protected]
RMA nO. 5112681
RMA NO.5072257
RMA no.5097858

  • Farfetch Customer Care's Response, Jan 30, 2018

    Dear Melissa,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. We are disappointed to hear that you were not completely satisfied with your shopping experience.

    We see that a member of our Customer Service supervisory team has contacted you regarding this issue, but if you need more assistance with any remaining issues you may contact us directly at [protected]

    Warm Regards,


Jan 28, 2018

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