Farfetchno refund for returned product

I received my bag in late November and noticed a multiple scratches so I contacted Farfetch and the representative asked for pictures to help facilitate the refund process. The boutique received it December 6th and no refund has been processed to date (it is now January 9, 2018).

I contacted Farfetch multiple times to enquire about the refund and still no refund. The last person I dealt with contacted the boutique on January 2, 2018 and no response.

By this time, I am completely frustrated and asked to speak to a manager on January 4, 2018. Three business days later and no response.

I've submitted customer information request form (likely my fifth or sixth at this rate) asking for a manager's response and expressing my discontent.

After reading all of the poor reviews, I'm now not so sure how this ordeal will end. I've made sure to share this awful experience with my friends and family so that they can avoid these problems. With so many online shopping options, it still surprises me that such poor customer service can still exist, especially given the price point for Farfetch's products!

Not sure if anyone on your end can help?



Jan 09, 2018

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