Farfetchhigh end garment returned because of defect

The zipper on the garment was defective. Before my daughter tried it on, she pulled down the side zipper. However it went off the teeth and therefore was unable to zip it up again. I telephoned Farfetch immediately and I put the notification of the non functioning zipper on the receipt. When the boutique in Italy received the garment, they claimed the TAG was removed. Not true. It was an outright lie. Then the battle ensued to have my funds returned. This is on going, 3 months later. Hugo insulted me in his email, " we carry only the highest quality garments" and insinuated malice toward me, when it was clearly the boutique that was dishonest. Let's hear it for the Italians! The policy of the Tag is a good one BUT there should be a third party verification and not the boutique that shipped out the garment and makes a fraudulent claim against an innocent client. It is easy when there is a distance between client and boutique. I doubt if they would have pulled this despicable stunt if the client was in their shop. I am currently working with my bank to receive the funds of this item that Farfetch has had in their possession for 3 months now. Hugo M. said to me in an email, " we were about to issue you a credit, but we are not going to do that now because of the chargeback." I regret this abusive attitude from Farfetch to me and all the other customers that have had a similar interaction with the company.

Nov 29, 2018

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