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Ridiculously overpriced. Item received was not brand new. Total disappointment

Extortionate prices you can feel you're being ripped off on the spot but that's my fault I admit.
A quick search on google should have unveiled the truth to me about an online company that charges two to three times the amount you would pay for the same merchandise/brand at bergdorf goodman on fifth avenue, or in selfridges, harrods and harvey nichols in london, and this is totally preposterous.

Now I don't usually leave feedback online to people/businesses. I find it time consuming and a little prejudiced as it could tarnish the reputation of a good company. I say "prejudiced" because most of us tend to treat positive experiences as innate second nature sort of thing. You don't usually get back to your laptop to express your full gratitude and satisfaction about x product unless you were totally blown away by it, and because it's the least you would expect for your money. With negative experiences however, that's a totally different story.

Now my son found a beautiful jil sander jacket. He's been looking for that particular color and model for quite some time [red wool double breasted featuring peak lapels and flap pockets]. On their site they had it listed for $2, 500 [two third of the world population still live on less than $2 a day by the way]. And although i'm lucky to be born to an upper class ny immigrant family, it's still against my morals and upbringing to spoil a son and buy him a 2 thousand dollar jacket.

Long story short the boy is obsessed with the jacket and he had money savings from a part time summer job and so we both agreed to split the amount. He availed of some 20% discount coupon and the jacket was bought.

A few days later, the jacket arrived soiled with little wear marks. You can tell because wool jackets don't lie, especially red ones! This was definitely a display item as if it belonged to an outlet store or something. I insisted he returns it but it was the last one available in his size and so he decided to keep it.

To add insult to injury, 2 months later my son discovered that this was from a previous season. He knew this when he found the same exact jacket, same color, same brand and same size at century 21 stores in lower manhattan, listed for $499 plus 25% discount!

My question to farfetch is the following:
Do you harvest brands from outlets in new york and cheap european countries for a fraction of the cost then take some professional shots and list them as brand new on your website? Is this a legal practice? I need a clear answer please.

This is the jacket:

It currently states: this item is sold out.
Last seen for $2526 at farfetch us.
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And this is the jacket directly from farfetch website:

Thank you.
Ben rawandi
Executive chairman
26 broadway, new york city, ny 10004

Dec 28, 2014

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