Farfetcha return

My son purchased a top from yourselves in June (I am unable to give you the exact date at the moment as he works away.
He returned from work to find the top was too big, this was the day it needed to be returned. I rang customer service and explained the situation regarding the return. The agent said as a good will gesture he could return this once. She said DHL would collect the parcel, I thought going straight to Royal Mail would be quicker, in the meantime DHL came to collect the parcel and wouldn't take it as it had the incorrect label on the front, I then sent the parcel via Royal Mail, and paid £13.85.
Royal Mail tried to deliver the parcel on the 7th July however could not gain access.
I have tried to arrange delivery again as the parcel is with Royal Mail but need the address as I have no paperwork as it is in the parcel. I have rang many times and have been sent the address of customer services.
Also have now been told the time limit is way over.
I totally understand you have a policy to follow but this was a genuine overlook on my sons part as a lot of returns policy is 28 days.
I do hope this will not effect the refund. I would also like to add he ordered the top after trying a colleagues on and it fit (which was the same size).
I believe Royal Mail would have left a card that the office could have contacted to re arrange delivery.


Jul 16, 2017

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