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Store #10420
$74.09 charged at 6:49pm on 1/31/19
$65.99 charged at 6:51pm on 1/31/19
I contacted the store when I got the notification of these charges and both cashiers confirmed that no purchases were made in those amounts. I contacted my credit card provider and they disputed the charges and refunded the amounts, but as soon as they did that I got 2 more notifications for almost the same exact amounts from a different store location.
Store #4038
$74.09 charged at 7:04pm on 1/31/19
$65.45 charged at 7:04pm on 1/31/19
Both of theses were also unauthorized charges and need to be refunded. I have already began a dispute of charges with my credit card company. I have never shopped at either of these store locations.

I need these charges returned to my account. I have spoken with both locations and they confirm that these charges were not done at these times so I don't know if your system has been hacked or what but these charges were not made by me and my card has never physically been ran at either of these locations. I can be contacted any time by cell phone [protected] to get this issue resolved.

thank you- Melody Ballew

Feb 01, 2019
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  • Me
      Sep 19, 2019

    Something similar happened to me today! I live in Ashley, pa, I used my card at my local family Dollar maybe a week paycheck was deposited today and a few hours later 2 transactions from the family Dollar in Detroit Michigan drained my bank account down to a zero balance! I call my bank and they tell me they need to file a dispute which could take up to 2 weeks to resolve, well I needed this money today so I ho to my family Dollar, show them my bank account, they basically laugh about it ans tell me to call detroit.. completely unwilling to help! I call corporate and they tell me there's nothing they can do because they can't prove I'm not in Detroit making these purchases even though I'm standing in their PA store while on the phone with them!! They tell me they will file a complaint but not to expect a call back because they don't do that! There are forums about the very same thing happening to hundreds of not thousands of people at family Dollar stores...this is most definitely internal!

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