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J Nov 23, 2017 Review updated:

She is a very hard person to work for. She's very racist and treats her employees like crap. She tells any customer that comes in the store if you have been in any trouble and tells them exactly why. Should be against the law. But GM Mike would never do anything about it. She fired me saying i was a no call no show but little does she know I called her twice and she refused to answer. So i sent her a text. She fusses about customers that come in that are couponing and gripe is she does over $300. Lots of people won't visit that store if she is there. She also threatened to write me up over a fake $20 when i told the asst.mgr on duty and tried to call her and guess what she didn't answer. Finally answered and said she would be there in a minute. She argued with me for 10 minutes at least saying it was real. Well guess what??? IT WAS FAKE! Confirmed by bank. Idk how corporate office hasn't seen an increase in nightly sales that we did compared to when she was there. She was very very rude to customers and GREEN FOREST FAMILY DOLLAR JUST SUCKS. she told a customer if the card had a chip in it she didn't have an choice but to run it as debit(LIE). She's no good for a customer service job. Alot of the business has started going to Dollar General. CHRISTINE SUCKS!


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      Nov 24, 2017

    You should give this feedback to upper management or your human resources representative. Posting it on the internet and simply saying someone sucks does not make you look like an excellent employee yourself however.

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