Family Dollar Store # 10976 / assaulted by manager for being a cop's mother

On Thanksgiving Morning 2016, around 10AM, at the Family Dollar Store in Rising Star, TX. I was assaulted by the Manager for being a cop's mother.
Went to counter to pay for items when the store manger asked me if my son was now a cop here in town. I replied "yes, when he suddenly grabbed the items out of my hand, reached over the counter and shoved my buggy away from me, while he yelled that my business was not welcomed there! Stunned, I asked if he was refusing me service because my son was a cop here in town? He yelled back, "YES I AM!" I have reported him and incident to both the District Manager and our local sheriff's dept.
When he yanked the items from my hand, it resulted in a cut on my right thumb knuckle. Since the incident, I have been afraid to leave my home, when I do, I try to make sure I am not alone. I certainly don't go into that store anymore. I did have a witness step forward who gave a statement of the entire incident.
The sheriff's off has the video, conveniently with no audio, and DA's office has witness statement.
Days later, the same manager approached my landlord's wife and chastised her for renting to us.I do not understand what this man has against cops, but for him to take his hate out on me, was very hurtful, humiliating frightening to the point I can't hardly go anywhere without someone to be with me. The Eastland County Sherriff's Dept, is supposed to have copy of video. They do have pictures of my cut thumb. Also statement from witness.

Dec 05, 2016

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