Family Dollargetting fired without giving me no reason at all and causing me to lose 2 months worth of pay because of a lie

i work at store 185 in Kannapolis N.C. 28083.I have been there since June I was hired as a stocker under Brenda the manger at the time.she got fired for not giving drug test .Now the new manger Sondra King she has not done that or even mention it to any the employes .She got caught in her web of lies about why i got fired.She said it was because i didn, t come to work but was the one that tould me not to come back to work until i could remeber my password for the portal.She failed to tell me that she could or me could change it on the computer in the store.When i was stocking i did at least 5-6 u boats in a day and 3 pallets.She has lose total control of the store profits are down compared to when Brenda was manger, we never had to call in nobody from different stores to come and help stock the store.4 times she has let stock room get so filled till you barely had room to walk.Plus 3 times she has got freezer food which is suppose to be put up as soon as you get it.She have left it out more than 4 hours before she put it up.Now that me getting fired was over turned for her lieing in the first place .Tell me how is 3 hours going to pay my bills ?The other partime workers get over 20 hours a piece .Sonya is racists i learned that from the store she came from.She has got a whole list of compliants against her going all the way back to the store she came from.But i have not seen nowhere any action was taking against her.It is the same way in my probelm against her nothing was done.You all claim to be honest, fair, loyal to the employes, respect our privacy which is a lie when i talked to HR i got asked question that no one should have known.So who is leaking classified information out?This man name John of the family dollar team relationship told me that someone was working on getting me my money lost because of a lie

Mar 11, 2016

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