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Fairfield Toyota / customer harrassment

1 2575 Automall PkwyFairfield, CA, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 707-402-3100

We ordered a vehicle thru the USAA buying program which directed us to Fairfield Toyota and had many problems from the
start. First, we did not receive any calls back from the sales rep, but
when finally contacted, the experience was poor from the start, much the opposite to the USAA website that said it was fun and easy. The Sales
rep, Jackson Willingsby was disrepectful and provided little to no customer
service throughout the experience. I provided the sales rep with exact
specifications on my requirements for the sale and was continuously told
"too hard" "you're wrong", etc...not good customer relations...things not heard from a dealership that is in the business of selling vehicles to customers, especially in the current economic climate.

I felt from the start that the entire buying process switched both customer
and sales roles as I was doing most of the work, especially since the price
was pre-negotiated from the start (buying program supposed to make the
process easier).

After purchasing 6 vehicles in the past years, I have never seen or been
treated with such indignity or disrespect as my wife and I experienced by
the Sales Manager, Warren, The General Manager, Robert Armstrong, along
with other sales managers.

We went to the dealership after much prodding to the sales rep to meet our
timing to take off from work and children's schedules to contract and
pickup the vehicle.

Upon arriving at the dealership we waited for over 20 minutes to get the
process started and took the vehicle for a test drive. One of my
requirements was to not have any Fairfield Toyota advertising on the
vehicle and to not install a front license plate frame (as I am an active
duty military member with residency in Pennsylvania which only has 1 rear

This was not the case and once the dealer removed the front plate frame
there were multiple scratches and 2 holes from the installation.

This is where much of the trouble started. I then asked if it were
possible to buff the scratches and fill the holes with grommets to cover
them. The salesman, Jackson Willingsby then went on ranting about how he
couldn't sell me the car and how demanding I was. Nothing asked for above
was impossible or irrational. We never said we didn't want the vehicle.
We just wanted it as agreed to.

We then asked to speak with the general manager or someone in charge to
resolve the issue. We were escorted inside and sat for 30 minutes until my
wife and I proceeded to the sales manager's office to ask what was going

We were then verbally attacked by all three persons in the room and my wife
was told "we were the rudest couple evert" and when asked why someone
hadn't contacted us in the past 30 minutes, told in a most negative manner
"only 30 minutes" after my wife explained we had to take one of our sons to
a scheduled event.

After speaking with Robert Armstrong via telephone, he told me the only way he could sell me the vehicle was if I told him that I would rip up the Toyota customer service survey or have positive remarks?I called Toyota Headquarters and confirmed this is not and should not be part of the sales discussion by the dealers to the customers.

While speaking on the phone, my wife was brought to tears after this verbal abuse by the Warren. We
then spoke with the general manager on the phone where Warren told him that
the words above were never exchanged.

In the end we left embarrassed, saddened, and disrespected from the

I would think in the current economy with slumping auto sales that this
particular dealership would tread people at the minimum with dignity,
respect, and in the end good customer service to stay in business and sell

Any help you can provide in getting the word out to fellow citizens on the
sales practices of Fairfield Toyota would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Rd
      23rd of Apr, 2008
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    Wow. Exact same experience with Toyota of Lewisville, Texas Saturday 4/20/08. Lied to about price, berated, talked to like children, waited for 3 hours for an agreed to price over the phone. Filled out credit application on line but was told they could not retrieve the information and that I refused to give them information when asked. GM said he would call back but did not. Everyone that was involved has lied. The lack of integrity was amazing. My son left in tears and I was shocked. After buying 5 toyotas in the past this was a real eye opener and basically boiled down to them not believing that we would give an excellent rating on the survey. Even the finance manager was in on it. Very shady and unproffessional. After googling information it appears calling corporate will do nothing. Please be aware that Toyota of Lewisville in Texas is not a company of integrity. Toyota's policy of respect for people was wiped out on this day.

  • Se
      5th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    And to think I was considering working here after I got an email for a walk in

    I'm about to get my degree so why settle for a dead end job like car salesman

    Your complaint was great, and thank you for keeping people like me from making a huge mistake.

  • Va
      5th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes
    Fairfield Toyota - Terrible experience
    Fairfield Toyota
    2575 Auto Mall Pkwy
    United States
    Phone: 707-3993120

    On 3/16/08, I traded my 1999 Toyota Camry to Oldsmobile Alero. While I was in the dealership, they said they found a lender for me from Oregon. Since my credit is very bad and thinking to myself, this dealership is giving me chance. I drove the car off the lot and thinking everything was fine. About a month later, I had a problem with the car. I called the dealership, took it in. What they told me that a diesel gas was put in. I even reported this to my insurance company stated the same matter. How is that possible I told them. Then about 2 weeks later, my car will not start sometimes. The only way it would start if you put in neutral (it's an automatic car) until my car was taken away on 6/1/08 approximately 1:30 A.M. I called the police station to report that my car was taken away. No idea why.

    The next day. I called the dealership and admitted that it was them who took the car because no lenders approved me after two months later. On that same day 6/2/08, I went to the dealership with my parents so I can take all of my belongings from the car they took. Per my conversation with one of the Financial Managers, he told me that he called me 13x and mailed certified letter, which is impossible. I told him I ONLY got a call from them 2x, in which I did return their call and left them a voice mail. But no return call and no certified letter. During our conversation, what he said in front of my parents that the check will be cut the next day. I went back the next day, no check was cut. I spoke w/one of the Sales Managers and told me that to call tomorrow and ask for another Sales Manager since he was going to be off that day. He said to call before noon, which I DID.

    On 6/4/08, I called the dealership and actually spoke with that Sales Manager and the call was transferred to the Financial Managers. While talking to the Financial Manager to call him back with 30 minutes (12:00 P.M.) During our phone conversation, what he told me to come in the afternoon and the check will be cut. So, after work, I went back to the dealership, the check was not ready. The actually Finance Manager was there but would not faced me. So, I ended up talking to another Financial Managers, what he told that they had an audit that and everyone was busy and he (Financial Manager) was trying to call me... BS. Another excuses there. I told him that I am really tired of the run around, the commute, my time, etc. I also told you guys always it should be ready tomorrow, then tomorrow... During our conversation, what he said and promised that they will have someone or FED EX my check the next day to my work, in which I asked him to do that in writing. And I want to see if this going to happen.

    The car that I traded in with got sold.

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