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My account was highjacked by someone who got in and changed the contact email address and my password--then erased my cellphone number and all other security identifiers before I knew it--3 days after I updated all of my Norton Internet Security. Now they are soliciting my friends for money, and I am blocked out. There is virtually no way to contact anyone at Facebook to prove that I am who I am and the person who highjacked my account is a hacker. I have tried, repeatedly, but get no response from them.
My email was also highjacked (even though the 2 accounts are completely seperate and have different passwords). But I pay for email (msn), called the Microsoft 800 number, and got that resolved in 15 minutes.
Facebook acts as though I am the intruder, despite my efforts to prove that
is not me!!

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  • Pa
      May 29, 2013

    cannot log in to my facebook acount or gmail a account for nearly a week

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