Exxon Mobil Corporationcustomer service

On 7/27/18 between 7am and 8am I went into the Exxon gas station at 771 TX-179, Teague, TX 75860. I recently donated plasma and had my card from them with $23.62 on it so I went inside and asked to pay $28.62 with $5 in cash and the rest on the card. The cashier, Patricia I believe, was extremely rude from the second I walked in. Well, she didn't know how to split the payments but didn't mention that. As she was processing the transaction she was cussing and frustrated. Then I was told by her that I had to pay the rest in cash, when I told her I didn't have more cash she got even more upset. She ended up cancelling the transaction, giving me the $5 back. She then blamed me for messing up her drawer and still cussing through all of this. I asked her if she could just do the $23.62 on the card and she proceeded to tell me to leave the store. I asked who the manager was and she sarcastically told me it was her. Before I saw her nametag I asked for her name and she, again, sarcastically told me Sandy. Which is when I saw her nametag that said what I believe is Patricia. I only get my gas from exxon and dont believe, as long as the company supports that type of behavior, I will ever give my money to the company again.

Jul 27, 2018

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