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Exxon / gas/customer service

1 Blacksburg, VA, United States

There was a malfunction with the gas nozzle at the station I was at today. I used the lock on the nozzle so that I could sit in my car (it was freezing) and waited for my tank to fill up. It felt like it was taking a lot longer than usual to stop so I looked at the screen at the pump and it read $34. I was only at half of a tank, and it only takes no more than $17 to fill my tank (I have a 2003 Honda Accord). I took the nozzle out and one of the employees came outside, I explained to him what happened, he cussed under his breathe and went back inside. Another employee came out and asked me what happened, I told him, he asked me to park my car in the lot so I did. I went inside expecting a refund because it charged me $17 more than I should have to fill my tank. The cashier looked baffled and said he didn't know how to do that, so I waited for the other employee to come inside. He kept going in and out to try to clean up the gas and prevent other cars from parking there. Finally he asked me again what happens and I explained to him in detail. The other employee told him I wanted a refund, and he looked at me like I was crazy. I explained to him exactly how much gas I had already had and how much it costs to fill my tank. He began to argue with me and tell me it was my fault for sitting in the car, victimized himself by telling me how he had to go get a particular product just to clean it up. He talked over me and told me there was nothing he could do since he also was not a manager, hence why I am now writing a complaint. This is actually the second time I have had an issue getting gas at this station but the first time I was on my way to work so I didn't have time to say anything. I figured it would be different this time, but I was very wrong. This was terrible customer service and I will not be giving my business to Exxon anymore.

Mar 13, 2018

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