Extreme Acaiberry / Fit-fac / misleading trial, unauthorized charges, no refund

Much the same as others. I signed up for a "risk free trial" and provided credit card to cover $3.95 S&H. Was charged $3.95 the same day by "NETPURCHASE [protected] UT". Eight days latter there was a charge for $29.95 from " [protected] NV". Eight days later there was a charge for $89.31 from "IP-SUPPLEMENTS4MYBODY [protected] KNA". Four days later I got the "trial" pills (14 pills) in a bottle in a bubblepack envelope with nothing other than the pills inside. Return address was "Fulfillment 4650 SW 51st St., Bay 711, [protected], Davie FL 33314. On the envelope was the ship date, which was one day *after* the $89.31 charge appeared. Two days after recieving the trial, another package appeared with 60 tablets. Return address is the same.

Called the AcaiBerry number on my credit card statement and got through. They agreed to cancel future payments, but refused to accept a return of the unopened bottle, even though the trial bottle was shipped *after* the charge for the full bottle was made - so you essentially have no way of cancelling the full bottle before after you've given the product a try.

Then there is the fit-fac charge. It turs out the AcaiBerry folks shared the credit card information with these folks and they were going to charge me $29.95 a month for something I'd never heard of before. I still don't know what their service is. Fortunately they agreed to refund the money and cancel future charges.

Beyond disputing the charge with the credit card company - who also advised me to send the unordered bottle back to the return address on the original shippment and has told us not to pay the disputed amount - I have also filed a fraud complaint at the government's web site.


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