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For months I have been getting mail at my home for Dr. Michael Dattoli. I have written on the envelope "Does not live here, return to sender", I continued to receive information. I finally opened it to see if I could contact Express Scripts and I called the phone number listed on the letter and left a message as I was instructed to do so. I then followed up with an email and got the response someone was looking into it. I received a phone call and was given a number to speak with a supervisor and it would be taken care of immediately. I called and the supervisor acted annoyed with me! I continue to get the mail and each time it is for a different patient of this doctor"s. I now use the number on the letter to fax all the information that I have received again requesting my address be removed from their computers. I get no response, I then contact the fraud department and leave a message for the Chief Medical Officer Ed Weisbart, MD who by the way signed the letter that I am getting these numbers from. I get a phone message from his asst. Susan Gaffney and of course no phone number to call back to and they are working on it. Bare in mind this is now going on for about two weeks since I decided to open the envelope. I get a call from Melanie Fogarty to tell me they are working on it but no one got any of the information I faxed, that was not the number, well updated your form letter with the proper information!!! I even went as far as to google Dr. Dattoli and called his office in Florida!!! and informed them. The sad part is that the information is for differenct patients and their information is going God knows where.
I received another call from Melanie and she told me it was all fixed and I reminded her that I wanted something faxed in writing explaining what happened. Here is what I received: "Dr. Michael Dattoli's address has been changed from being in Glen Gardner, NJ to his Florida address." Gee, I feel better, I would like to know how my address got into their computer system and I was told she could not tell me that!! But it was not a third party!! Woohoo!! I am still waiting to find out what happened! Beware of using this company!

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  • Ri
      25th of Feb, 2011

    How do you expect the "poor" President/CEO of Express Scripts, George Paz, to be motivated to streamline his company's operations when he was only remunerated a paltry $13.8 million in 2008!

    Most of their employees are hostile on the telephone and adamantly refuse to divulge their full names: "I'm the only Cindy here" refrain becomes disgustingly common. I have faxed George Paz and received the same type of reply from Melanie Fogarty - "their working on it.

    Richard - Feb 25, 2011

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  • Ba
      16th of Jun, 2011

    They are the most uncaring rude people. Only care about the money. I have come to find out it is going to be the same or small difference to pay for my prescriptions out of my pocket-which is of course is what the insurance companies want you to do! I am diabetic and it can take over 3 weeks to get my prescription refill. They left a message to call and they needed a credit card number, the person on the phone was so rude and finally hung up on me. when I called back to talk to a supervisor she told me that she must have been transferring me. I told her that is not true, because I had to call back-but she said that was not so. I have decided to give in to the insurance companies and pay my own costs. Insurance is the reason that we have no other choice either espress scripts or pay for it yourself. What a racket! I bet they have kick backs from the insurance companies for every person who gives up. I do not trust they are giving me the correct medication and my life is worth more than a few dollars. I trust my local pharmacy. They talk to you, they will answer questions, they keep you up to date on changes and it only takes a day to get my medicine. This is the worst company ever and even more scary because they hold your life in your hands and and they DON'T CARE -they will tell you that-just awful, hateful and just plain mean.

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  • Ad
      12th of Jun, 2012

    Why is this company allowed to commit theft! My family members and myself have been getting phone calls and literature to use express scripts claiming this service would be a cost savings. Finally decided to try it. My wife was against it from a previous bad experience she had with her medications. Express Scripts sent her the wrong dosage and scripts. I was misled by the customer representative, she told me my account would not be charged for two to three weeks when the products would be delivered. The next day I checked my checking account and the monies were extracted out of my account. I called requesting to cancel the order. I was told can't be done, products have already been shipped out. Not true the medicines were still at there shipping center in ST. Louis Missouri. Called the company back requesting a credit for $272.45. Let the run a round begin. On 05/31/12, I did talk to one person who helped me. She explained that Express Scripts could not charge you more at your pharmacy if did not use their service, but Express Scripts must be contacted to negate the extra charge. She also explained to me that I would receive my credit by 06/12/12 since the products never left the shipping center in Missouri. I have spoken to 9 employees who could not resolve my problem. Policy and Procedure. Once shipped can't be returned. I canceled the order before the product was shipped. Adam H

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  • Du
      29th of Aug, 2013

    poor serive with no communication

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