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1 Montreal, Qu├ębec, Canada Review updated:

I bought an air ticket a week ago for Montreal to Geneva via Departure 4 February and return the 15 of June 2008 with Swiss. Unhappily I have to come back earlier for professional reason and I needed to change my return date.
Till to day, I did not have any confirmation of this flight: " Your ticket purchase has not been confirmed by the airline. Please check back in 24 hours for ticket confirmation information." but they get my money as I had to pay more than $1000 for this flight.
I called to Expedia and they told me that it is impossible to change the return date and I have to contact Swiss to do so. Then I called Swiss and they said they can't do anything and only Expedia can do it. Then I called Expedia again and they confirm it is impossible for them to change the return as they have to follow the Swiss rules about that. Then I called Swiss again and spoke with a manager that she told me Expedia should do the job and she put a note on my file via their computer and I just have to call back Expedia. So I called back Expedia and still the same story, it is the worst customer services I never seen in my life. Those people take the money very quickly but after that you are dead meat. My travel is not in a high season period. It cost nothing to change a return date. Anyway, I called back to Swiss to understand what is happening and they told me that they have signed an agreement with Expedia and they can not go against it. Only Expedia can change something.

So At Expedia people are lying to customers and they just try to find the best way to steal customers and make them lost a lot of time calling around and I am sure you know what I mean. On an other way, Swiss do not have any more power as they are subject to Expedia, so Expedia is the new boss of Swiss if you did not know.

When I read on the net that Expedia is so great, I think instead there are a lot of people disappointed about the methods used by them, and those people do not have always the courage to speak loud! When I was younger, I was professional helicopter pilot so I know a lot about what you can do and what you can't do. At that time, traveling by air was always a nice experience. To day it is the place for dumb... I am a frequent traveler too, last time with Swiss, last time with Expedia but it is not the end of the story.

Everything can happen in life to anybody in any company. The only rule that must be applied till the end, is CUSTOMER SERVICE. They know absolutely nothing about it! There is plenty other method to buy air ticket, do not use Expedia. Sorry for bad English, it's not my mother tong.

Best regards,

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  • Jo
      5th of Jan, 2008
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    Expedia tried to scam me once and failed miserably. It seems to be a common practice : .


  • Je
      30th of Jan, 2008
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    hello! i work for and i would like to clear some things up if you don't mind. now when it comes to flight changes of any kind if you are trying to make the change befor your departure flight wich is your flight to your vacation destination expedia can do that change given there is enofe time between the change time and departure time to make sure the air line gets the change. if you want to change your return flight and have already taken the departure flight you need to talk to the air line because once the time of your departure flight has gone the air line takes expedias rights to do any thing to those flights away so .... expedia can not access those flights any more to make changes... we can see them but can not change in any way because the air line will not let us. and in regards to the change penalty that is the air lines policy to charge for a change and to pay any difference in fare on tope givin the new ticket price is higher then the old. that is the air line rule not expedias and expedia has to follow rules set out to them by the air line . i do apologize for the run around you had to go through but i can asure you that in your situation yes expedia could not do a thing it would have had to been the air line to make the change. again i am sorry for the run around.

    apologies from : expedia agent

  • Da
      28th of Apr, 2008
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    Totally true!! Swiss is one of the most difficult airlines to deal with. They constantly say one thing to the customers and another to us. Often times too the Swiss fare is a special fare which prohibits any change of date. You want the best cheapest price, you will have more restrictions on it...
    We lose control of the ticket as soon as the trip has started and this is true for ANY airline. Our changes will be rejected by the airline when they have control of a ticket and that can happen before the trip starts if there were changes which involved a change of class of service or rerouting (for some airlines). Do you really believe we do this to just bug you???
    It is so much easier when people buy tickets with their names spelled correctly and for the correct dates from day one!! If you have to change your dates, the airline will charge you. NOT EXPEDIA.
    WE do not take your money right away, the AIRLINE does!!! check your bank statements... unless it is a special fare, any airline ticket will show the airline name, not Expedia's.
    Expedia gets a whooping $9.00 per ticket and yes sometimes we have to spend HOURS rebooking... so please people, stop accusing Expedia of robbing you!!

  • Ce
      10th of Nov, 2008
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    what its the penalty in money from
    basel to Toronto if you change your expedia flight within 7 days

  • In
      11th of Aug, 2011
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    I booked with BCAA Expedia and had the same problems. I had my itinirary and tried to change something the day before but noone could find my itiniray.
    I was on the phone for over 6 hours, and eneded up not being able to change the flight times so we had to travel without my oldest daughter. I have never had such a horrible experience. When I got back it took me about, 4 calls and 4 hours to speak to a escalation department person, and guess where they were located, EGYPT. I will never book without using a real Travel Agent . I hate Expedia, there customer service sucks if you ever need it. You would think that it would be easier, but it is not.

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