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booked trip to italy in mid april--got cancellation insurance--trip was to start on May 30th--refund policy was >3wk in advance got a refund of 50%--if < 3wk in advance--got nothing. On May 6 called to cancel as my partner became ill. Said I wanted to cancel--was told to call travel insurance number and get a cancellation number and that would facilitate cancellation. Was called later that afternoon by expedia to ask if I wanted to cancel for just my partner or both of us--Told them for both of us. Tried travel inurance company--on hold for ne hour-- no luck--On May 8th called travel ins and got cancellation case number and called Expedia to give them the number--(again waiting interminably for cnnection as always). Though all was ok--got call the next day (May 9th) from expedia with a new person asking if I"wanted to cancel my trip." I said I had called three days ago to cancel. She said no cancellation had taken place so far, but that she would intitate cancellation then, but since it was 21 days before the trip, I would get no refund. I protested that I ahd cancelled three days prior but was told it hadn't occurred. I was then told I had travel insurance, so it didn't really matter. I said that was not the point. As it turned out, due to full hospital rooms here, my partner was admitted to a private clinic, as there was no choice. Private clinics of course, are not covered by insurance, so travel insurance refused our claim. I then called expedia with a more valid reason to protest their actions. I got an email from them saying that when I had called originally, they only put that down as an information request re cancellation. I said that they called me again that afternoon to confirm that I wanted to cancel for both of us, adn that I had calle on may 8th(22 days in advance) to give them the cancellation number(not that my cancellation with expedia should have anything to do with whether I choose to put in a claim with insurance) they have not answered any emails re this, but of course they have my 3599 dollars and will not refund the 50% owing me. I always used first in my on line booking search, but seriously, STAY AWAY FROM THESE CROOKS!!!

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  • Do
      Aug 19, 2014

    I agree. I had cancellation insurance and a valid reason to cancel. Cancelled a week in advance of travel. Insurance denied claim. Said my reason was not listed - can they ever list all reasons?? Terms of contract also said they reserve the right to deny a claim for any reason whatsoever.

    In other words the insurance is a sam - there is no insurance. No help at all from Expedia.

    Shame on Expedia for acting as a sales agent.

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