Expedia / the worst quality customer service ever

OH, United States

BUYER BEWARE - Unless you do not care about cost, price guarantees, or perks, stay as far away as you can from any Expedia or its affiliate companies. Since August 2011 to March 2012, we spoke to no less than 15 -25 representatives and supervisors. They are as pleasant as can be and offer a world of guarantees to get your booking. It makes no difference if you have the reps name, extension, date, taping of the conversation, etc. You will be ripped off big time! We have NEVER had such poor quality customer service as we have with Expedia and their employees. They do not return calls, they do not honor their promises or guarantees (you will be referred to the "terms & conditions", which naturally comes after you have placed your deposit and received your confirmation. So, if you see a lower price, upgrade or perk, it will most likely state "new bookings only".Not one document we received matched another.
We were provided different information each time we called and asked for detailed breakdown of invoices or information we received. Personal information was wrong, and a hassle to get corrected. Information for 1 member of our group continued to come to us, not them. When we tried to correct that, we were told they had no means of doing so. The other party booked individually, with their own e-mail address and credit card.
Their supervisory level reps are worse than the customer service representatives. They are disrespectful and uncaring.
Several months before the actual cruise, I wrote a 9 page letter to their headquarters, the cruise line, and the affiliate partner they represented, of which only summarized our issues and situation at that time. We could now add another 8 pages. The cruise line said they could not speak with us because we booked through a travel agency. The affiliate partner responded to us that their board of directors review all such complaints about their affiliations. To date we have not heard one word from Expedia headquarters. They are extremely unprofessional..

One response from a supervisor was so off course, it was pitiful. Although there were more than 10 in our group, only a few of us used Expedia. Needless to say, after our experience, Expedia, its affiliates and the cruise lines have lost, not only our business, but those who traveled with us.


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