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Expedia / stranding customers

1 IL, United States

I patronized expedias service and was appauled by the horrible experience I had with them. I urge everyone that if you plan on using them "don't".

I booked my flight and rental car through them and ended up stranded at chicago airport christmas eve 2008.

My flight was fine, san francisco to chicago. I was then instructed to wait outside in the freezing cold for a shuttle to pick me up and take me to advantage rental car office offsite. I waited forty five minutes and still no shuttle, so I call info and get the phone number to advantage because the one on my paperwork doesn't work. So I call and get a recording that puts me on hold for over a half an hour and eventually hangs up.In the mean time my friend whom i'm traveling with calls expedia and is put on hold the entire time i'm trying to get a hold of advantage.

Finally we get a customer service rep from expedia and she puts us back on hold while she trys to get a hold of advantage. Another half an hour later she gets comes back and tells us that there is nothing she can do. I told her that was unacceptable and I wanted to talk to a supervisor, so she puts me on hold. Half an hour later my friend starts calling other rental car companies to see if we can get a car some how, and we are told that there is not a car to be had. Its christmas eve and we have now been at the airport three hours and still have nothing.

After an hour and twenty minutes on hold waiting for a supervisor she finally gets on the phone and informs me that advantage went bankrupt a couple months ago, and there is nothing expedia can do. So we were stuck in chicago even though we were suppose to drive to detroit that day for christmas. I told the supervisor that was not acceptable and she needed to find another rental car for us. She then told me that they knew they went bankrupt two months ago and it wasn't there responsibility to notify their customers. She told me that it was my responsibility to confirm all reservations. I then reminded her that I had a confirmation from expedia two days prior saying every thing was fine. She then told me that she could do nothing and hung up on me.

So please please please pass this along to anybody looking to use expedia...
Don't use them...


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