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Expedia / complaint for itinerary # 7401927579339 - horrible experience at smugglers cove hotel islamorada florida, please refund my $375.26

1 Smugglers Cove Islamorada Florida, Islamorada, FL, United States

My name is Scot I am making a complaint about my reservation and stay at Smugglers Cove Islamorada Florida Itinerary # 7401927579339 which I booked through Expedia for January 3-5. Last week my family and I had a horrible experience at Smuggler's cove, and I would like my money back $375.26.

This was my family's horrible experience.

• For the entire 5 hour drive to Smugglers cove, nobody would answer the phone at the hotel. We called Smugglers Cove Hotel number many times with no answer.
• When we arrived at Smugglers Cove there was nobody in the office, we tried to get a manager's attention to no avail. Finally a lady who spoke no English pointed us to room number 2 next to the office.
• When we called the Smugglers Cove office number a text came up instead, I and my children could hear the sounds of someone having sex coming from room number 2 which is where the Office hotel manager lived apparently later we found out his name was either Rafael or Ricardo we never actually got his real name.
• We knocked on the door, Rafael/ Ricardo yelled "I'm busy come back in an hour!" we said back that we would not wait an hour.
• Eventually Rafael/ Ricardo came out wearing no shirt, sunglasses, and extinguishing a Marijuana Joint in his hand and smelling of POT.
• He said we had No Reservation, we were aghast!
• With nowhere else to go having driven so far, we said we needed a room, with 2 beds. We were able to show him on our cell phone our Expedia reservation at smugglers cove, he did not show us, he had no record. Rafael said to my wife "Lady do whatever you want...?!"
• We walked up to room 6 and saw that the door was WIDE OPEN.
• Within minutes the Toilet overflowed sending filth all over. See picture of broken toilet attached.
• Also Raccoons came by and terrorized us, nobody was bitten thankfully. See pictures of Raccoons attached destroying garbage.
• Our blankets were dirty and smelled like urine.
• Rafael the manager was seen later smoking a Joint / Marijuana outside sitting on a swing.
• There were no towels, the refrigerator was broken.
• The Hotel stairs and banisters were broken and unsafe. Several slats missing from the railways. We had a conversation with a woman who had a toddler and she said she couldn't let the baby walk on the upstairs landing as the baby may fall 2 stories down to the ground.
• There were several other people outside of the manager's office with complaints, no response from Rafael/ Ricardo, televisions broken, no WIFI passwords, one guest from Chicago was so disgusted Rafael/ Ricardo tried to fight him.
• The Jetski rental guys who work there even said that this place was a nightmare mess.
• The public restrooms had out of order signs. Both restaurants and fire pit and BBQ areas were inoperable and decrepit. We wanted to BBQ one eve and no area was available. People were showing up to eat at the restaurants and they were all closed the entire time we were there. We were prepared to eat dinner out each eve at Smugglers Cove and nothing was open as advertised.
• No working ice machines, refrigerator was broken so all our food spoiled.

This was a horrible experience for my family at Smuggler's cove, my children witnessed the manager Rafael/ Ricardo using drugs, everything was a mess.
See my pictures attached and please refund my money for Smuggler's Cove and I suggest you never advertise this place again.

Sincere thanks, Please call me back ASAP, I paid EXPEDIA with a visa card.

(Itinerary # 7401927579339)

Scot Colburn
[protected] cell phone
scot. [protected]
scot. a. [protected]


Jan 9, 2019

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