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8:28 pm EDT

Expedia scammed

I tried booking a round trip flight using your website. I was scammed by two of your employees who work for you. I called 800-Expedia & spoke to Ron who helped me booking the flight. However, he stated if I purchased a gift card, I can receive a discount on my flight. I believed him being he was on a recorded line with me. I went to my local CVS & purchased the 1st gift card for $435. I have him the account & PIN number off the back of the card. He told me I would receive an email & a call from the accounting department to verify the info. I then received a call from an account manager named Brian. He told me he received the info from Ron about scheduling my flight. He asked if I was still at the CVS, which I told him no. I had just got home. He told me in order for the card to be activated, I needed to return to the CVS in order for him to get access to the store's server. I found this to be strange. I want sure if I was being told the truth or not. In a nut shell, he told me he couldn't process a refund without me purchasing another gift card for another $435. He also knew the call was being recorded. I want sure why I had to purchase another gift card, but knowing I was also recording the conversation, I went ahead & purchased another gift card for the same amount. I walked away with nothing. No flight, no refund. I need this investigated.

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5:06 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Expedia customer service

My name is jabari mckenzie im a faithful customer, how I was treated was just piss poor.. Ive been trying to book a room for 1 night 06/02/19 to 06/03/19 had some issues with completing the payment. The app said I booked the room and the hotel and expedia customer repressive didnt have it.. I called expedia to see if my card was charge it wasnt so I was trying to proceed with the payment again the lady said that hotel room had been booked, I was confused but I let it go in explained to her that I only had 100 on my card for that room I didnt have anymore money to spend more, so asked her can she find me another hotel thats no more then $100 thats including tax.. She siad she will se what yall have so she found a hotel for 119 after tax 130ish after tax I told her I dont have that much on my card can you find me something cheaper she suggested that she add a coupon on my account so that I can book it though the app.. That was at 9am.. From 9am to 430pm ive been hung up on, rudely talked to and on extreme holds 36mins, he came back on the phone in told me that I was going to be on a call back that was at 11am no call ever came to my phone so I called an explained whats going on for the 5th time he put me on hold for 3 mins then call hung up.. I have two things I need to book through you guy but im not in till I talk to some one higher then the guy thats behind the also in I get email or call I will call everyday this is unacceptable..

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3:21 pm EDT

Expedia customer service

I am a customer of who has used this website NUMEROUS times over the years to book flights/hotels. My customer information is [protected]; my3boys3. I have credits at that I have been trying to use. I called a few weeks ago and was told after I book my next trip, call them and give them reference number E-[protected]. Manager Kayla gave this information. It is 558.00 in credits. I got this information out of them after being on the call for almost an hour and a half. WHILE AT WORK. So today I booked a trip and called to use the credits. The representative told me he had to book my trip and then apply credits. After one hour on the phone he still hadn't booked my trip. He asked for my address THREE TIMES. Asked for my credit card information numerous times. I asked him what he was doing so long and he ignored me. For 10 minutes he kept repeating my name every 2 minutes - but not speaking to me. He has earlier told me he could not apply my credits that AFTER he made my arrangements he would transfer me to customer service. I finally hung up after he was not talking to me. He then called me back on my cell phone and again asked for my address! I hung up again. I then made my own flight and hotel reservations on their website - it took all of 2 minutes. My itinerary number is [protected]. ALL I WANT IS MY 558.00 CREDIT TO BE APPLIED. I called back and was on hold for 25 minutes with no one picking up the line. I am beyond frustrated. This credit is owed to me. And the treatment I received from their representatives is disgusting.

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12:58 pm EDT

Expedia pink shell beach resort and marina-fort meyers

in the hotel they have a game room my son won a I pad tablet. It is a $1.00 a chance. He won it it was droped into the exit but it was to big to go through. I went to the service counter they said they would send some one their. The hotel has the company " Game time "sticker on the machine 239-768-5647. My son was told it would be mailed to my house. He left without even asking wher to send it or any information. I was told from game time it was a 4 to 5 hundred item and we will not get it and then they hung up on me. my son is so very upset.What does this show our kids, ? Expedia has to check up who is repersenting them for intertaining . Please see what can be done this is a scam. A very hurt child my child Mason Jessie I am Christina Rybinski I have always use expedia conformation #[protected] I also have pictures of this machine . My # [protected]. Thank you please check into this

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11:12 am EDT

Expedia airline tickets

Itin.# [protected] due to health issues we booked first class tickets at around $3000. Every flight you booked us on was either delayed or cancelled. Left almost 2 hours late from ft. Myers, making us miss our connection at dfw. The plane then that we were rebooked on was cancelled before the tickets were even issued thank god because they had us going to san francisco instead of portland. Had to wait in line for 6 hours to rebook then they did not want to honor first class tickets. Forced them to meaning we spent the night on the floor at dfw. Arriving a day late for car rental. Then coming home when we arrived at pdx found that flight was delayed, stated we had been rebooked on united to go thru chicago making us late getting back.(and not first class that we had paid for) refused those, finally got on a flight arriving in charlotte at 6:30 am. Our original flight had not even boarded yet but our seats had been given to someone else. Finally thru our own efforts got on the 9:20 flight to ft. Myers. Never will book thru you all again if i can help it.

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5:01 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Expedia I make a reservation for hotel in canary island

So I bought my hotel from july 9th to july 14th, so I got a bad news my mom need a surgery in venezuela which is in really bad situation, so I called expedia and to the costumer service and they can not return my money, I called the hotel and they said that last word will be the expedia, luis ramos, told me ask the doctor a paper to prove my mom will have surgery reallyyyy people that's not your business please be consider my mom health, if will be your mom or ceo of expedia will be return right away.

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8:17 pm EDT

Expedia poorest customer service and unprofessional

Expedia Itinerary Number: [protected]

My husband who was supposed to board the flight on 10th May Friday from Bengaluru India to Newark, NJ, USA. When he arrives at the airport for his flight check-in and boarding, he was told they couldn't find his connecting flight and his name isn't registered either with Lufthansa or with United Airlines.
Further he has been put on multiple calls usually on HOLD for almost 3 hours and obviously he misses his flight, he has been at the airport from 12 am until 4.30 am with no sleep, nowhere to go as he had checked out of a hotel for his trip and the only so called 'Best' option as per the agent was to put him either on 35 + hours flights with multiple stops or a delayed flight option to fly on Monday. This is because the company wants to save on the cost of the flight for no mistake of the passenger and ultimately who suffers, the poor passenger who was to attend an imp. event over the weekend and has booked his tickets in advance and made all the payments as well.
How does Expedia justify this behaviour? if there was a mistake made by the company / system or manual error, wouldn't the best customer service be to put him on the next immediate flight as per availability, i can see there are multiple flights available for Friday but they are obviously expensive which Expedia realizes and knowing that the poor passenger is at their mercy and is probably no ' Celebrity' or big shot, hence can be taken for a ride, at the cost of his sleep and more money that he has to spend to stay in the expensive Bangalore city hotels because EXPEDIA messed up and he has to pay the price.
Utterly disappointed.

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3:04 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Expedia unable to cancel a hotel reservation due to a death in the family

Confirmation # [protected]
When we made our reservation on-line we made an error on the date. We realized this after we printed out our confirmation. The hotel, Quality Inn, 201 Wintergreen Drive, Lumberton, NC 28358 (910-674-4473) changed the date for us.

We had a death in the family and asked for a refund on 05/08/2019 around 2pm through Expedia/ Expedia recognized our hardship. Expedia contacted the Quality Inn who did not sympathize with us.

The hotel manager "Dupak?" of the Quality Inn refused to give us a refund despite difficult circumstances. He claimed it was policy. How heartlesss and unprofessional.

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3:42 pm EDT

Expedia hotel price warranty

I booked two nights hotel on Expedia about one month ago, now I found the hotel price dropped about $100 per night, Expedia has price warranty policy, so I contacted them by phone and by email, they found all kinds of excuses not to make the price adjustment form, I sent them 6-7 emails, with screenshots of the current price, first they miscalculated the price and tax, then they said the screenshot didn't include cancellation policy, then they said they don't accept two screenshots, everything has to be on the same page., when I sent screenshot on one page, they still say they couldn't see the cancellation policy, while all these can be resolved if they just go to their website and pull the information out. I am really disappointed and never use Expedia again

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8:09 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Expedia ticket cancellation fees

hello sir,
I 've booked a ticket with a lineary number [protected] from your website on March 2019 and I have cancelled it on the same day but till now I didn't receibe my money back.Note that I phoned you many times and your operators told me to call Egypt Air and I did so. Egypt Air said that they didn ' t receive the money because the ticket was cancelled. Please give a solution to receive my money back and thanks by advance.
Maher Saadaoui
phone number [protected]
e-mail: mahersa3douni.[protected]

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12:01 am EDT

Expedia service

I have an airline credit and try to use it to book my flight. But it takes 10 days since my first call and takes totally more than 5 hours on phone. I am still not able to use the credit because of the issue between Expedia and Airline company. I am Expedia customer in this case. Expedia should honor the credit to its customer. Very disppointing!

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10:43 am EDT

Expedia booking a flight

We had booked a flight from Toronto to Venice. All was set but my girlfriend and I decided to book special seats. When we went to book these we found out the flight, Airt Transat, had been changed to a much earlier time and different route. Had we not happened to have wanted seat booking and tried through Expedia, we would never have known and been out of luck when we got to the airport. There was NO email from either Air Transat or Expedia informing us of any changes. We have long trusted expedia's services and have booked many things through expedia but this is a very bad experience and I hesitate to use expedia again.

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9:07 pm EDT

Expedia transfer from aruba airport to hotel 4/27/19

Itinerary #[protected]
April 27, 2019 we had to wait over an hour for the BUS/van to arrive to bring us to our hotel in Aruba. I mentioned a van because that is what we got.
i have always had DePalm Bus transport us to our airport. Not today. The company was ElTours. The contact person numerous times when asked told me the bus was coming in a few minutes. It was over an hour. Everyone was frustrated and angry. No bus but two mini vans arrived to take around 40 people. Obviously all of us would not fit. My family was the first ones waiting any of course people rushed and we didn't get on the 1st tiny van. To assure a place in the second one I hurried into the van and my husband, sister and myself held all of our suitcases on our laps. There was no room in the back of the van. Unfortunately ElTours is surppose to take us back to the airport on May 4th. I don't look forward to another nightmare. Expedia needs to look into this complaint and ElTours. I have always booked my trips with Expedia and now don't have the confidence I had. I paid for a service that ElTours did not deliver. I think someone needs to rectify this issue.

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1:49 pm EDT

Expedia priceless car rental in san juan puerto rico

Jim Heafner
90 Candelero Dr.
Humacao, Puerto Rico 00791

Expedia Group, Inc 333 108th Ave NE Bellevue, WA

Re: Itinerary# [protected]

Dear Sirs/ Ladies:

The contract I made with you for this car was for $71.92.

When I got to the Priceless counter they told me that because we paid so little for the car (under $10/day) we had to buy their insurance, etc.
After protesting profusely, they reduced the requirements for this we had to add on and finally we were told the least it would cost us was $209. (See final bill.)

During my dealings with Priceless I call Expedia to confirm my $71.92 price. I was told that yes Priceless was right, that there was a clause in the agreement that inflated our contract because we paid so little.

This drama occurred to the people in front of us that day and the people we observed when we returned the car. It is a legal scam, and you are assisting it, because your online booking process hides Priceless' real charges. You know there are more charges coming, but you didn't alert me to that. You told me I would pay $71.92.

I am requesting reimbursement for the amount I paid ($209.69) beyond the contract I agreed to, $71.92, or $137.77.

I am also requesting you fix your system. Currently you are participating in theft. You need to be responsible for your actions.


James H. Heafner

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12:54 pm EDT

Expedia aon travel insurance

hi, I have been trying to obtain a refund due to the airline (Air France/Delta) losing my stroller on April 2016. Upon arrival to France we reported the loss and I have provided all the necessary documents to AON. It's taken over 2.5 years and nothing has been done.

AON is asking for me to obtain a claim from airline (Air France) and the airlines said they are not allowed to provide documentation to the customer. Such documentation can only be provided to the airline. Prior to this request, AON mentioned I needed to submit to my home insurance for the loss. Why would I buy travel insurance if my home insurance would cover such loss? it does, but it's a 2k deductible and stroller was $421.78 with tax.

Expedia Itinerary # [protected]
AON claim # 16EXC41014
Ref #: 2615195

I would kindly request assistance with this matter. I've been using Expedia for many years and they least I can get as a customer is support in this matter. Thanks in advance!

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11:28 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Expedia hotel satisfaction

Good day, I spend 10 days in Orlando in a house rented through Expedia. When arriving on site, the phone line didn't work, the Wifi (that was supposed to be included) didn't work, there were mold on the bathtub and the curtain of the bathtub. The refrigerator was leaking water. Although I made numerous complain at the hotel (Atlas vacation), I was only able to talk to someone once or twice, the rest I left numerous voicemail. I had to incluse m cellphone plan to have my phone working in the US as well as my data plan.

Today, finally back home, I called expedia to complain, after 1 hour of waiting on the phone, they told me that they called the hotel and the report the hotel has is that before and after my arrival, the condition were perfect... I told her that I have picture as proof but she never wanted to receive them.

Result they cannot do nothing to compensate me. it is a shame that Expedia trust more the hotel than their customer...

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10:57 pm EDT

Expedia getting detail cost breakdown on vacation packages

I use Expedia for my weekly business and I book the packages for flight and car. Your site only provides the package price, however I need cost broken down for separately for the flight, car and insurance cost I take out.

When I request this break down I need this for reimbursement business travel for the company I am working for.

I call customer service and request this break down and usually get it 24 hrs, except when one of your employee (Mark) does not want to provide this like most of your customer service rep. This is his comment:
We completely understand how important it is for you to obtain an itemized receipt of your package reservation.

Your itinerary confirmation acts as your invoice/proof of purchase. You can print this from your confirmation email or from your online itinerary.

In addition, you can also get receipts thru our self-service tool online. Here is how:

1. Sign in to your Expedia account.
2. Locate the itinerary they would like an invoice for.
3. From the itinerary, click the Get receipt or View and print a receipt to generate a receipt.

Please know that the online itinerary receipt shows the total amount paid for the entire package. Your credit card statement may reflect a separate charge for each item in the package booking.

Thank you for choosing Expedia.

Expedia Customer Service Team
I let him know that the above instruction does not allow the individual cost for airline and car.

He told me he could not provide this break down. I told him that If I am not able to get this breakdown, I will have to change from Expedia to a book site that provide this information . No response to this statement, so I thought I would elevate it. You can check my travel with your company to almost every week since January, if you cannot provide this breakdown, I will have to go to someone else.

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1:56 pm EDT

Expedia mismanagement of alitalia ticket name changed

Ref case id : [req:m-[protected]] with
I had to change the name of my partner paula collins into her maiden name paula barbosa as per passport for flight to rome (alitalia az201) on may 28 and return to london (ba 555)

This is a procedure requiring passport / marriage certificate, and all the info were given to expedia to contact the two airlines for the change.

Ba want fine
Alitalia was a nightmare.
I did explain to the expedia technical that was a delicate matter, a marriage in rome.
Expedia technical support was a nightmare.
The accountable persons (technical support) were: assad, sindhu, faizal (manager).
I received partial and misleading info, even a suggestion "to let my partner going to the airport with passport and copy of the marriage certificate".

I had to be on call for 2h, the conclusion was I had to pay for the full ticket £239, as allegedly alitalia refused to perform the change of the surname (check all the - hopefully recorded conversation)
I contacted directly aliatalia uk claim service (melania) and I received a completely a different story. The technical support (faizal was managing this) did not let alitalia to change the name, but I had to purchase a new ticket full price.
To my frustration the expedia customer support offered me £30 voucher!

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5:25 pm EDT

Expedia airline ticket reservations fraud

I purchased an airline ticket from Expedia for Air Malta airlines one way to Rome Italy. I received a confirmation from Expedia stating all confirmed no need to call or reconfirm. I tried to find my reservation on the Air Malta website and the 6 character confirmation code generated by Expedia is not valid and therefore no booking showing up on Air Malta for my flight. I called Expedia 3 times to sort this out, twice was disconnected as they were supposedly trying to contact the airline. Once they connected me to what was supposed to the an airline Rep but it was not the correct department after holding on the call for almost 45 minutes. Now Expedia trying to synch my reservation with the airline but Expedia having same issue as I experience and no one at Expedia can figure out the problem. I asked for a refund if nothing can be corrected and got no results. Now they are trying to contact the airline again with a ticket number which is not searchable on AirMalta website. I have to wait and hope for a call back from Expedia in 48 hours. This is very poor customer service.

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9:37 am EDT

Expedia no notification of cancelled flights

We booked flights to Hawaii through Expedia back in Oct/18. Flights were scheduled for Apr 13-21/19. On Apr.5/19 (one week prior to our trip), I called Air Canada to confirm and check on seat assignment. They informed me that our flights had been cancelled on Mar.25/19 and that I should've been notified by Expedia. We were not notified (nothing in my spam either) and no new flights had been arranged. I immediately called Expedia and between me and my husband we spend the next 5 hours on the phone with Expedia while they tried to get us new flights. They would find us something and then put us on hold for ages (up to 45 min) to confirm with AC. They'd come back on the line to say that "those flights are no longer available". It went on and on like this for hours. We felt desperate because we had accommodation booked in Hawaii and time booked off work. Eventually we asked for a refund because we could tell we weren't getting anywhere and we needed to find something ourselves. We ended up getting flights booked through Alaska Air but they were substantially more money. Our original cost through Expedia was $1354.78 CAD and our new flights are costing us $1813.58 USD. We understand that it is not Expedia's fault that our flights were cancelled but it is their fault that we were not notified immediately. This would've given us another 10 days to try and find new flights through Expedia and save us the cost of new flights through Alaska. We are hoping for some sort of compensation towards the cost of these new flights. Thank you for your time.
Lisa Farrell

Itinerary # [protected]
Confirmation LU8CER (Air Canada)
Ticket # [protected] (Lisa Farrell)
[protected] (Michael Farrell)

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Expedia Customer Reviews Overview

Expedia is a popular online travel booking platform that offers a wide range of travel services, including flights, hotels, car rentals, cruises, and vacation packages. The website has received a significant number of positive reviews from customers who have used its services.

One of the most appreciated features of Expedia is its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for customers to search and book their travel arrangements. The website also offers a variety of filters and sorting options to help customers find the best deals and options that suit their preferences.

Another positive aspect of Expedia is its competitive pricing. Many customers have reported finding great deals on flights, hotels, and vacation packages through the website. Additionally, Expedia offers a rewards program that allows customers to earn points for their bookings, which can be redeemed for discounts on future travel.

Expedia's customer service has also received praise from many customers. The website offers a 24/7 customer support team that can assist with any issues or questions that customers may have. Many customers have reported receiving prompt and helpful responses from the support team.

Overall, Expedia is a highly recommended travel booking platform that offers a wide range of services, competitive pricing, and excellent customer service. Whether you're planning a quick weekend getaway or a long-term vacation, Expedia is a great option to consider.

Expedia In-depth Review

Website Design and User Experience: The website design of Expedia is clean and user-friendly, making it easy to navigate and find the information you need. The search bar is prominently displayed, allowing users to quickly search for flights, hotels, and car rentals. The layout is intuitive, with clear categories and filters to refine your search results.

Booking Process and Ease of Use: The booking process on Expedia is straightforward and hassle-free. Once you have selected your travel options, the website guides you through the booking process step by step. The checkout process is seamless, and you can easily review and modify your booking details before finalizing your purchase.

Range of Travel Options: Expedia offers a wide range of travel options, including flights, hotels, car rentals, vacation packages, and activities. Whether you're looking for a budget-friendly option or a luxury getaway, Expedia has something for everyone. The website also provides detailed information about each option, helping you make an informed decision.

Pricing and Discounts: Expedia offers competitive pricing and frequently provides discounts and deals on various travel options. The website allows you to compare prices from different airlines and hotels, ensuring that you get the best value for your money. Additionally, Expedia's loyalty program offers exclusive discounts and benefits to its members.

Customer Service and Support: Expedia provides excellent customer service and support. Their customer service team is available 24/7 to assist you with any queries or issues you may have. The website also has a comprehensive FAQ section and a live chat feature, making it easy to get the help you need.

Loyalty Program and Rewards: Expedia's loyalty program, Expedia Rewards, allows members to earn points on their bookings, which can be redeemed for future travel. The program offers additional benefits, such as exclusive discounts, free upgrades, and access to VIP amenities. Joining the loyalty program is free and easy.

Mobile App Functionality: Expedia's mobile app is user-friendly and offers the same functionality as the website. You can easily search and book flights, hotels, and car rentals on the go. The app also provides real-time updates on your travel itinerary and allows you to manage your bookings conveniently.

Trustworthiness and Security: Expedia is a trusted and reputable travel website. They have been in the industry for many years and have established partnerships with major airlines and hotel chains. The website uses secure encryption technology to protect your personal and payment information, ensuring a safe and secure booking experience.

Travel Insurance Options: Expedia offers travel insurance options to provide peace of mind during your trip. You can easily add travel insurance to your booking during the checkout process. The website provides detailed information about the coverage and benefits of each insurance option, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Cancellation and Refund Policies: Expedia's cancellation and refund policies vary depending on the travel option you have booked. The website provides clear information about the cancellation and refund policies for each booking, allowing you to make an informed decision. It is recommended to review the policies before making a booking.

Additional Services and Features: In addition to flights, hotels, and car rentals, Expedia offers various additional services and features. These include airport transfers, travel guides, and activities. The website also provides helpful travel tips and recommendations to enhance your travel experience.

Overall Rating and Recommendation: Expedia is a reliable and user-friendly travel website that offers a wide range of travel options at competitive prices. The website design and user experience are excellent, making it easy to find and book your desired travel options. The customer service and support are top-notch, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable booking experience. With its loyalty program and mobile app functionality, Expedia provides added benefits and convenience to its users. Overall, Expedia is highly recommended for all your travel needs.

How to file a complaint about Expedia?

1. Log in or create an account: Ensure you are logged in to your account. If you do not have an account, please register by providing the necessary details to create one.

2. Navigating to the complaint form: Once logged in, locate the 'File a Complaint' button located at the top right corner of the website and click on it to access the complaint form.

3. Writing the title: In the 'Complaint Title' field, concisely summarize the main issue you have encountered with Expedia. Make it specific and clear, such as "Incorrect Billing on Hotel Booking" or "Cancellation Policy Not Honored".

4. Detailing the experience: In the complaint description, provide a detailed account of your experience with Expedia. Include key areas such as:

  • The nature of the service or product you used.
  • Specific details about any transactions, including dates, amounts, and confirmation numbers.
  • A clear description of the problem and how it has affected you.
  • Any communication you've had with Expedia's customer service, including their response or lack thereof.
  • Steps you have taken to resolve the issue and the outcomes.
  • The personal impact, such as inconvenience, financial loss, or stress.

Be as factual and chronological as possible to paint a clear picture of the events.

5. Attaching supporting documents: Attach any relevant documents or evidence that supports your complaint. This could include receipts, emails, screenshots, or confirmation numbers. Do not include sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers or passwords.

6. Filling optional fields: Use the 'Claimed Loss' field to indicate any financial losses you have incurred due to the issue. In the 'Desired Outcome' field, describe what resolution you are seeking from Expedia, whether it's a refund, an apology, or another form of compensation.

7. Review before submission: Carefully review your complaint for clarity, accuracy, and completeness. Ensure that all the information provided is correct and that your desired outcome is reasonable and clearly stated.

8. Submission process: Once you are satisfied with your complaint, click the 'Submit' button to send your complaint to

9. Post-Submission Actions: After submitting your complaint, keep an eye on your account for any responses or updates. You may receive feedback from other users or from Expedia through the platform, so it's important to monitor the progress of your complaint.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Expedia

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How can I contact Expedia, a leading online travel agency, for booking assistance or customer support?

Need help with bookings or customer support? Contact Expedia at 1-866-310-5768 or 1-800-469-1793. Their dedicated team is ready to assist you with all your travel needs.

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