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Expedia / unauthorized billing

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I booked a trip to Arizona thru Expedia. I later found out that the hotel I reserved was a long way from where I was going. I called Expedia to change hotel locations. The CSR from West Virginia quoted me $124. TOTAL to change from one hotel to another. I told him to check with his manager, because it needed to be the TOTAL amount, not the DAILY amount. He put me on hold, came back laughing, & said he checked w/his Manager and it was $124 TOTAL. for the 7 night stay. I changed hotels.

Later that day I checked my bank account, and he took out $800 from my account. I called back right away and got that same West Virginia office. I told them what happened, repeated my conversation & told him to check with the Manager, since the other CSR did too. He said there was a note in the system that said I KNEW there was an $800. additional charge, & that I agreed to it! I told him they quoted me $124 for the ENTIRE change, and he told me it was my word against theirs. I asked to speak to the Manager, and I could hear all 3 people talking to each other in the background. She told me the same thing, saying that I could NEVER prove what they did, & I would NEVER get my money back!

You know--THEY WERE RIGHT! I have sent hundreds of emails, & made hundreds of calls, and NO ONE CARES! They are ripping people off left & right, with no one to answer to! I am so pissed! That West Virginia Office is up to NO GOOD! I keep telling the CSR's that I speak to about what happened, & all they do is send me a "form letter apology" saying they strive to maintain excellent customer service, and then go into a sales pitch trying to get me to go on vacation again---and USE THEM! They are all NUTS! They have no corporate office that will take your calls, and no line staff will forward your emails to management!

Be Careful! I never did get my $800 back, and I had to borrow rent money because they stole that $800 from my account!


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