Ex-Smartstyle Worker / not worth working for


I am currently working for this company but I will be resigning Monday. When you are hired, they tell all kinds of lies to get you thinking you can make a lot of money on minium wage. Since I've been working there, I have not had a decent paycheck more than $300.00. You can make commission but it is damn near impossible to make it. And they way you get paid every 10th and 25th of the month is so confusing! From the way they tried to explain to me you get "advance pay" which usually shows up on your paycheck stub on the 10th of the month. They tax you on your tips so a little advice, if you don't want to report your tips to the IRS don't let customer leave tips on their credit or debit card. This job is best for those who are just out of beauty school and are looking to get more experience and for those who do not have responsibilites such as children, car note, bills, etc. The prices are so undercharged and when you have clients who want the whole works (cut, blowdry, flatiron, and style) they complain about it and think they get all that done for $14.95! Get out of here!


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