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Consumer Beware: Everbrite Scam...

These people to say it nicely are COMPLETE CROOKS! I read that testimonial from the mother who found an inexpensive way to whiten her teeth by combining two products for the trial price of shipping only. THAT IS A COMPLETE LIE TO SUCK YOU IN!!! I am ashamed to admit, it sucked me in! My vanity got the best of me again!

I wanted to whiten my teeth, so I purchased the Crest Strips Premium whitening kit and paid about $30.00 (seemed a bit pricey for over the counter whitening strips). I was not happy with the results! The strips are only long enough to cover 8 teeth area on my upper row of teeth in the front. Also, they didn't whiten the spaces or crevaces in my teeth. So if I smiled widely, you could see the darker teeth looming in the back. REAL ATTRACTIVE!

I was directed to two websites through that article, Everbrite & Celebrity White (think thats the names).they I filled out the order almost completly, but didn't finish it all the way. So, they called me and offered a deal I couldn't resist: I could use the product as long as I wanted and pay only $11.90 per month for the life of my subscription! I just had to provide a testimonial, thats it.

So, I said great, the scam artist told me his name was Robert Simpson, and he was licensed in the state and blah blah blah. I asked licensed in what? He could never give me a straight anser and gave me a phone number to verify his standing: 800-DOA-HELP? Gave me the number [protected] to call to cancel at anytime in the future. He said he was recording my authorization for the charge of only $11.90. After, he then starting trying ti sell me magazines and all of this other stuff which I said no thanks. I kept on saying no thanks as he went from one additional product to another. I kept saying no I just want the tooth whitener only. THEN HE HUNG UP ON ME! The phone # he called from was unavailable so I couldn't call him back. Then I called the [protected] # to talk with them since I noticed my account was already charged for the $11.90, They said they did not have my name in their system! I was like, I am looking at the charges right now on my bank account and it has this very number listed that I called you on. I finally hung up after 30 mins of arguing with them and called my bank.

I had to cancel my debit card and go to the bank to fill out an order for a new one. They said there is nothing they can do because they got a preauthorization to charge my account for their product? It's not a legitamate product or at least not this company. I have to call the credit bureau and log a complaint! Man I screwed upo my day off for sure.

If this happens to you, please cancel your credit card or whatever you used to pay for it. Because my bank says that once they got an authorization for me, they can continue to charge my account! Thank God they only got me for $11.90!

We need to band together and do something about these people! please contact me via the comments tab is you have any ideas as to what we can do to stop this from happening to other consumers!

That's me "ignorant consumer!!

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  • Ms
      16th of May, 2010

    Well they got me. I order this from EverBrite Smile was suppose to be a free trail for 10 day only pay the shipping. They charge the shipping right away and then dumming me full read the fine print, you only have 10 days for the trail period and those 10 day count from the time you order it, whether you've received the product or not. So I cancel the order the very next day. The first time I was told I would received an email to finish the cancelling process, call back the next when I did received said email. Was inform she would do the process for me and I would receive an email confirm this was cancel. Call again the next when I did not receive the confirming email, was told by person call them selves Karen Jones that whe could confirm it was cancel and I would receive the confirming email within 48 hours. Oh what received within in 48 hours is a charge of $87.47 on bank account.

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