Etisalat / policy change needed on scammers using etisalat

Dear Sir/ Madam,
a policy change is needed because people involved in scams are using Etisalat registered numbers freely without concern for any reprisals or difficulties. I have been informed by Etisalat that unless they pretend to call from your company, then the phone number is left untouched. I unfortunately got involved in the LuLu scam and have just had to cancel all my banking details, but the scam artists are still using the same phone number to try and steal others' information and banking details. It is unthinkable that a company concerned with security and genuine client safety and satisfaction, would not take action on such a matter. However, this is exactly what Etisalat are doing, by not taking action, even though there is evidence to prove that these are scam artists using Etisalat phone numbers, you are condoning their actions and putting other Etisalat clients at risk of falling for these money laundering scams.
I hope that you take this as a serious matter, and take the appropriate action,
Yours sincerely,
Freya Crombleholme

Jul 29, 2018

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