Ethan AllenPoor workmanship

I bought an upholstered chair and the fabric on the back of the chair was coming off, I noticed it about 3 weeks after it was delivered. I had to constantly bug them to get it repaired. I wanted it to be replaced because it looked like shoddy workmanship, but they convinced me they could repair it and they would send their "best man" out to do it. A month later, same issue. They would not replace it, told me the warranty did not cover it. I also had a side table that I cleaned with a reputable wood cleaner and the finish came right off. They didn't want to do anything about that either, but I finally got them to put another top on it. I can't clean it with anything other than a microfiber cloth if I don't want the finish coming off. I told everyone not to buy Ethan Allen furniture - it is ridiculous!


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