Esso / unethical behaviour// poor customer service

To whom it may concern.
I write this to with huge disappointment on type of customer service that was offered at 5995 major Mackenzie Dr E, Markham, ON, L6E0G1 (receipt attached)
I live within .6 Km from the gas startion and own two cars so I go there almost everyday. On the night of 2017/03/16 at around 11:10 pm when I went inside the store to pay for the gas, your employee was busy talking over his personal phone (in his language) and did not pay attention to the business at all, I smiled and said "you forgot to ask for the free car wash' that's it your employee just lost it on me and started saying that Esso doesn't do that anymore, when I pointed at the sign instead of acknowledging it he said go complaint anywhere you want to. To that I said fine tell me where I can complaint and I will. He got even ruder and started moving his hands in air (still talking on his phone) I then asked for his managers number which he denied. I strongly recommend you review the video as he continued to call me stupid in front of other customer and it can be clearly seen on video (store video)how he was making fun of me by making faces.
Worst part, he decides to call 911 and two York region officers attended his call. At this point he reflected poor customer service training by saying that I was being rowdy and using slur and being abusive (please review your store video). As the cops were investigating an Independent witness came who was behind me in the line when this all happened and told the cops that all I asked was a question and the cashier was making stories to defend his own case.
I strongly request ESSO to send an official from head office to go see the video that was being recorded and give me an update before I escalate this further as I don't believe in that stores management.
The receipt also contains my aeroplan number to show how much business I bring to Esso and receipts can be provided if necessary.
I am sure the ESSO Policy doesn't describe to call police and humiliate customers if an employee forgets to ask for a car wash, kindly update me on the action being taken.


Mar 22, 2017

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