Esso / car wash and customer service

I went for a quick car wash to clean my new car . I had not driven in extra dirty conditions or even on the highway, it was mostly dirty from being driven in the rain.

The car wash did nothing ... and i mean not a thing . The car looked the exact same way as i drove in . I went back to the store and told the person working there who identified himself as the manager (Nook) who came out to look at my car in the parking lot and told me that i should have got a more expensive car wash and this is what i paid for . I said that this was not acceptable and i would like a refund. To which her replied no, no, no and walked away from me ! I was left in the stunned by the rudeness of this interaction . At the same time a elderly man came to complain about his car wash and i watched a similar scene play out where he was arguing with the gentleman about his car, which was clearly not cleaned properly . He also left this man in the parking lot without addressing his concerns ?!
I am shocked if this is actually the manager of this location and how he deals with customers. I live in this area and have been using this Esso for the past 15+ years, but i will never be back now.

Jul 17, 2016

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