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Enterprise Rent-A-Car / scam and fraud!

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About two years ago in May or June of '06 my automobile was stolen. My insurance company provided me with a rental car (Chevy Aveo) from Enterprise Rent-A-Car for about 30 days. Fortunately my automobile was recovered and my insurance company took care of the repairs. After my automobile had been repaired I took the rental car back to Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Upon returning the rental car we did a walk around of the rental car to make sure there were no damages. There was two Enterprise associates, my father, and I doing the walk around. One of the Enterprise associates noticed that the headlight on the driver side of the rental car was askew. The Enterprise associate then proceeded to get down on all fours and look underneath the car and behind the front bumper. The Enterprise associate then reached up in to the area and proceeded to pull out a towel that had been lodged behind the lamp apparently in an attempt to keep the lamp in place! I was completely surprised that someone had lodged a towel in there in an attempt to keep the lamp in place. The Enterprise associate then started questioning me if I had put it there or if I knew how it got there. I told him I had no idea how it got there and that I did not lodge a towel in there in an attempt to hold up the lamp or for whatever reason it was in there for. I did find it odd that the Enterprise associate seemed to find the problem rather quickly. Almost as if he knew, but I doubt it.

I denied any claim to the damages and told them I was totally unaware of any of it. They didn't care! Enterprise Rent-A-Car had the rental car repaired and when I was told that I owed 750.00 my father and I were outraged! We received an itemized report of all the repair work performed and were blown away that the whole entire bumper had to be replaced, the grill had to be replaced, the lamp had to be replaced, and even something about a new gloss finish! They want 750.00 for something I did not do! I did not, however, sign up for the insurance package and they told me that if I had signed up for that, that I wouldn't be liable for any of this. I understand this but 750.00??? That's outrageous! I think they tacked on some extra repairs and thought that I'd pay for them!

So it is now almost two years later and it is now in collections. Today I received a phone call from Wakefield & Associates claiming that I have 24 hours to pay or this matter will be in the hands of the courts. They said it is my word against theirs. But I do not understand how an askew headlight amounts to 750.00 in repairs and keep in mind I didn't even do any of the damages. Why not go after the previous renter of the rental car or the one before that or every single person that rented that vehicle. There is no proof that I caused the damages to that vehicle and you know why there is no proof? Because I didn't do it!

I was almost going to pay them and get this over with but after doing some research on the internet about how horrible Enterprise Rent-A-Car is and listening to my father I believe this is a matter for the courts.

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  • Jo
      11th of Aug, 2008
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    I also had a problem with Enterprise Rent-a-car. In July 2008 my family and I were coming back from a vacation and had a wreck. We needed to rent a car and got a Chevy Impala with about 28000 miles. The car was very nice and glossy looking when we rented it. We drove through a rain storm all day on our way back home. The rest of the trip was uneventful and no problems. When I returned the car to a local rent-a-car the next day it was nice and sunny. Well, I noticed that the gloss was gone and when I did the walk-around right there were 2 scrapes on the right bumper near the lights. I didn't see it on the walk-around when we rented but here it was in plain day. I know we did not scrape the vehicle but it appears that we will have to pay for it since I didn't get the coverage. I know it was a chance to take but it shouldn't have been a problem since I did not scrape that car.

    My advice to anyone is not to use Enterprise Rent-a-car and if you must then make sure you are covered as they(or someone) seems to be very good at hiding scrapes on these cars. By the way, the Enterprise Rent-a-car was in Mobile, Alabama. I don't know if they were responsible for hiding the scrape but you never know.

  • Na
      2nd of Apr, 2009
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    March 24, 2009 North Bergen, New Jersey

    The EXACT same thing happened when I used enterprise while my car was being repaired.
    When I rented the car the agent said I would have to wait for an Oil change/ the car was glossy/wet.
    When i returned the car it had a smooth layer of dust on the right passenger side door. The agent came rapidly out of the office (I thought was strange) did NOT TAKE A WALK AROUND WITH ME, and went straight for the Right passenger side of the doorl; took the tip of his finger, made a small smudge and said the car was he KNEW EXACTLY that it was there, WITHOUT LOOKING AROUND THE CAR FOR OTHER SCRATCHES.
    when he washed the car (only in that area) I could see a whitish area, he stated it was a new scratch > When I told him I didn't do it, it was there he laughed and said there was no "record" of this new scratch. I said "if it was a NEW scratch how come it was as smooth as the rest of the car, that there was no indentation; roughness, irregularities noted ??
    He rubbed and area and a piece of a compounding material came off, he didn't say a word?? Not only that the scratch color was a grey mix, (the car was black) . He still said he had to file an accident report..I refused to use MY insurance for this.

  • Le
      6th of Aug, 2009
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    Yes Enterprise did something similar to me as well although it was a small knick in the windshield. While doing the walk around I pointed out a few "small scratches" and the Enterprise employee was like "oh no we're only looking for MAJOR damages" so I was like 'ok... no MAJOR damages on this car, and signed the rental agreement w/o their rip off insurance. When I returned the car, they charged me $50 for the chip in the windshield!!! And then the next week I get a letter in the mail from Enterprise Damage Recovery Unit asking for my insurance information so they can file a claim, but I already paid the local store $50 for it! Those ###s. I mean ok $50 I don't really care, I am so sorry to hear about your $750 charge. Please let us know how the court battle goes so I can reference it in future conversations with people about how they should never rent from Enterprise again.

  • Mo
      8th of Dec, 2009
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    Enterprise recently did the same thing with me. They gave me a upgrade when I was renting so I was happy that I got a good deal but two days into the trip, the A/C stopped working so I called them trying to exchange the car from a nearby enterprise but it was Sunday and they said that everything was closed. So we cut our trip short and started driving to an enterprise location some 150 miles away from the place we were and 20 miles later the car's engine started heating up. When I called them again, they said that I could not drive that car anymore and it needed to be towed and suddenly they were able to find an enterprise location nearby which was open on Sunday (cheats!!). In any case, 2 month later, I get a mail from damage recovery unit that I needed to pay up for the damage which I had done to the car (??). They explained to me that car heating and A/C problem cannot be related (I am not an expert on cars but anyways ...) so I must have done something to damage the car. They said that there is a dent in the grille, which was already there when I had rented the car (its in the rental agreement). Its a 2200 $ bill and when I read the bill closely, I see that they have charged me for A/C repair as well. I have asked my insurance company to deal with them but it seems I will end up paying atleast a part of it even though I did not do anything. ENTERPRISE is a big rental company but I did not know that they are even bigger fraud. There are so many similar incidents on the web. I just wish that I had read these before renting it from them.

    Could you please post how the court battle went so that i could use wisdom to fight these guys.

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