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Enhanced Recovery Corporation / Enhanced Recovery Corporation is incompetent

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Thinking about hiring a debt collection company? I would avoid Enhanced Recovery Corporation like the plague. Although I have never been late on a debt, I received calls from this company daily for weeks. It was just an automated dialer. It didn't matter if I answered the phone, or called back the number they left, they never answered the phone. I left multiple messages for them, but never reached a human, even when I called a different number I found on their website. They never said who they were trying to reach at my number or why they were calling. Now, as someone trying to collect a debt, why would you hire a company too understaffed to talk to the people they are trying to collect from? Not to mention they were calling the wrong number the whole time. The only way I was able to reach a human to make them realize they had the wrong number was by using whois to find a number associated with the registration of their domain name. Otherwise they would have called my number forever and never collected the debt they are charging you to recover. Do they expect the people who owe money to go to such extreme and creative methods to find them? This company is incompetent, understaffed, and just plain evil.

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  • Pa
      22nd of Aug, 2007
    Enhanced Recovery Corporation - Fair debt collection rractice!
    United States

    Enhanced Recovery Corporation has been continuously calling my house for me, for people that don't even live at my house after I sent them a Cease and Desist Letter. I taped the voicemails left on my machine for proof. I would like to collect the $1,000 for each offense but don't know how to go about this without having to payout any money. They don't even say what the debt is for.

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  • Al
      19th of Sep, 2007
    Enhanced Recovery Corporation - Poor service!
    United States

    On Sept. 18th 2017

    A rude and combative representative from this company called my residence and asked me if I knew one of two people. I did not confirm nor deny my familiarity with one of the names this person inquired about and instead asked what this was in regards to. She asked "Do you know them or not." This went on for quite a while. I spoke to her manager whose attitude explained the original callers bad behavior. At the end of this call he was now only rude and indigent he was speaking to me as if I had something to do with whatever they were trying to collect. Remember, I was listed as a reference according to them and I have nothing to do with the person who allegedly listed me as a reference. The manager, freely gave me his employees first and last name indirectly dared me to file a complaint. What recourse does a bystander have against this type of harassment. How can this type of bad behavior be legal. It is clear from the representative and the managers behavior that this type of treatment is a norm and not only tolerated but, in my opinion, encouraged. What rights does a bystander have against such terrible people.

    Advise smb!

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  • Ch
      19th of Sep, 2007

    When you say, "What is this regarding?", that means you know the person they are asking about.

    If you don't know them, you say, "I don't know them."

    If you don't want to get involved with deadbeats and the people trying to track them down, you don't provide references for them.

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  • Ja
      28th of Sep, 2007

    I can not understand for the life of me why people like you feel like it is always the collection agencies fault. For once I wish people would take responsibility and pay back the money IN FULL that they owe. If people where responsible enough in the first place collection agencies would not be in business. Most collectors would be willing to work with a debtor like you but in 9 out of 10 cases you get aggressive and belligerent first. It is not there fault that you are embarrassed that you put yourself in default of your contract. Also, you are not a customer you are a debtor. The time to be treated like one would have been with the original creditor. Finally, you can't be made at ERC because they are just doing what they are paid to do and that is to collect a debt for the ORIGINAL creditor. So be mad at them not the 3rd party collection agency.

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  • Ma
      1st of Feb, 2008

    ERDC ENHANCED RECOVER DEBT COLLECTORS WILL LIE then THEIR "SUPERVISOR" WILL LIE, then the "FLOOR MANAGER" ===>>> WILL LIE. beware, i was helping my step-son settle a way late credit card and ERDC told me a LIE at least FIVE TIMES, supposedly over a recorded line (probably to teach newbies how to be so good at lying). We agreed to pay off his account, and they made like the electronic transfer would not happen until the next Monday, when I assured them I would have the amount covered (I needed to transfer some funds). They even mentioned some hole-in-the-wall small bank as their transfer agent so I would fall for the lie, all three of these blood-suckers repeated the same lie - that the account won't be hit until Monday. FRIDAY it hit, costing me bank fees. Any firm that deals with SNAKES like these people are SNAKES themselves.... SO DO NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT TELLING THEM WHATEVER YOU WANT THEY WILLLLLLLLL L-I-E TO YOU WITH NO HESITATION AT ALL. BEWARE. DEAL WITH THEM ACCORDINGLY. WE TALKED IN GOOD FAITH THEY SURELY DID NOT.

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  • Sh
      8th of Apr, 2008

    patricia you sound like a professional debter. And may i remind you that if you and the people you know paid there bills they wouldnt have to deal with collection agencies. Also its the people who dont pay there bills that cause intrests rates for the rest of us to go up.

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  • Wi
      13th of May, 2008

    There is NO such animal as a professional debtor.You can understand that, if you communicate using the AMERICAN ENGLISH language.We accept your apology.D'ont use that term anymore, else you will demonstrate to others that your communication skills are lacking in the use of correct grammer.Now, go to your room and stay there until we call for you. Good night.

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  • Wh
      13th of Jun, 2008

    As a former employee of Enhanced Recovery Corporation, and also as somewhat of an expert regarding every collections State Law applicable to North America, I'll have you know that most of the "research" tips you give on the Complaints Board is completely false. The reason that the fines for breaking any of the state laws are so steep is because every employee there has been trained not to break them. Every phone call is completely legal, every word we say is part of a strict guide, and every rebuttal is completely within the guidelines of the FDCPA laws (since you don't accurately complete your research, I'll just let you know that that stands for the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.) You can look that up.

    As for the "unjust" phone calls that have repeatedly been deemed "harassing" are also completely legit. After three months of ignoring your Credit Card statements (which are actually a luxury, not required by law and should be accepted as such) and the proceeding three months that ERC holds rights to these accounts, I do believe that these "victims" have had plenty of time to come to terms with the reality of how bills work. You take someone's money, then cry when this person after six months asks for their money back? Not to mention that all of the collection steps are clearly stated on the Credit Card application that these innocent people are so eager to sign. My suggestion: If you don't readily have $10, 000, don't accept a credit card claiming you can pay someone that amount of money. Is that not common sense?

    The term "Cold Call" is laughable at best, considering that all of the information given to us by Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express (Can you guess where this is going?) is given to us by *gasp* The Card holder. When you fill out that attractive piece of paper that gives you all this free money, you have to supply your Name, Social, Address, ect. We are not magical. We do not ask you for your Social for our pleasure, we verify it. And I literally laughed out loud when I read your advice on pretending to be said card holder to obtain information. Well isn't that just the pot calling the kettle black? You see Nick, in America, that's called fraud. Also you cannot record our phone calls unless you have asked our permission. There is no exception to this. We only record our phone calls because we include a declaimer informing you of our intent and purpose for calling, which is given in every call. (Much like you'll hear, should you call your cell phone provider or local bank.)

    So, just to educate you Mr. Bleeker, as a former collections agent we do not wake up in the morning with a mental list of all the people that we want to make cry on our telephones. We do not enjoy being called names, being lied to or being evaded. We have families and lives and feelings and we also pay our bills on time. We are not in the wrong. Personally, I have spoken with many people who have simply fallen on hard times and could not foresee what was going to happen. In which case I pull as many strings as I can find to get these people a low settlement (which is not an option by the way, with their CCD provider) If any of the people on this Complaint Board had called this company and rationally explained their situation with intent to pay (Not to mention if they had simply paid their bills in the first place) nine times out of ten they would have walked away paying MUCH less than they owed. This to me sounds like a huge favor our company is doing for them. And just to be clear, when life gets tough, you still have rent to pay and your children are still hungry. Delinquent card holders expect bills to take a few months off. Now where was the small writing on the application that said THAT would happen? Right next to the small writing that said life was going to be easy? I thought so.

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  • Br
      13th of Jun, 2008

    Ok Wilma...let's talk about grammar first. Ok “d'ont” isn't a word. When putting the words "professional" and "debtor" together that makes “Professional Debtor“..definition: YOU! You need to get off your high horse and stop talking down to people to make yourself feel better, it's shameful. Now Wilma when you called ERC you probably had this same attitude and of course like any other human being, does not like being treated like this, including bill collectors. You are the reason we look bad because you call us being irate and what do you expect as a reaction from your behavior from again another human being? you can clearly see they definitely were not apologizing to you or any one of these "professional debtors"! Loose the attitude and you just might have positive results in your horrible excuse for human existence you call your life.

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  • Ai
      13th of Aug, 2008

    Sounds like Jack not only works for a collection agency but he is also perfect, imagine that!

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  • Da
      6th of Feb, 2009

    Yes ERC either by default or intentionally they are ignorance or arrogance. They act like law enforcment and bark to intemidate you. If you ask me they are there to collect certain percentage of any amount without any regard to the facts at any cost. That is how they make their living.

    Any one who have a legitmate problem please report them to FTC.

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  • Ac
      12th of Jun, 2009

    It has to be illegal for a company to use voice mail in the way this company does. Your phone rings, there is a long silence on the line, just about when you are ready to hang up they come on with a recorded message. Giving instructions on what you must do. There is no time for you to actually collect the information they are giving unless you are sitting there with pencil and paper in hand. I don't think this is a genuine attempt to contact a debtor but rather a attempt to harass. There is no information given as to who they represent but rather its a important business matter. Maybe important to them, but not to me.

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  • Sc
      11th of Jun, 2010

    This company continues to call my house (every 2 to 3 weeks) about a woman who has a similar sounding first name and lives in the same town. She has a different birthdate, address other than the town. I've called the number they leave on a message every time and have given up talking to the computer to have the number removed. I've started talking to a human to have it removed. Each time, I'm told, "this location just got the account, but we'll be glad to remove the number." I've asked them to please leave a note in the account about it which they've said that they've done However it continues month, after month, after month.

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  • Am
      17th of Mar, 2011

    Wow Jack, do you just have a forum response that you post? Not only did the complaintant mention that they were not the one the incured the debt but they also mentioned that the company admits that they were not the one who incured the debt but a reference. Also the complaintant never mentioned anything about being the customer of the service in question. So nothing in you comment actually applies to the complaint at hand. Also I hope that you do not treat the individuals that you contact in the same manner as you treat complaintents here, or else those individuals have a good claim against you for violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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  • Ev
      26th of Mar, 2011

    how quick you are to criticize people who were turned over to collections for not paying credit card bills. most people do not choose to be in debt things happen like major illnesses which can cause people to be out of work and get behind it happens alot and could even happen to you. yes there are just plain losers out there who just don;t give a crap and need to be held accountable but calling people and talking to them like they are dirt is not right.

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