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I recieved a call from this company today. Here is the email I sent to them after trying to get a hold of them.

I received an automated call from your company which is fine. I wrote down the numbers that it said and called them. No problem. Attempted to get through to a real person to no avail. Press 1 if you are calling about your account. Okay. Pressed 1. Transferring you to an operator. Fancy piano music. Girl comes on the phone. Automated again. Press 1 if you are calling about your account. Maybe it’s broken. I don’t know any extensions for your company so pressing 2 is out. Press 4 for a last name directory. First of all what happened to #3? Second, all the girl said on the original call was her name was Chelsea. No last name. So that’s out unless I want to start calling everyone on the list. Which I would but I don’t have that kind of time. Press 3 for the corporate receptionist. Maybe they can help me. Pressed 3. Sends me back to the nice lady telling me to press 1 for my account. Frustration ensues. I listen for any more numbers I can press and at the very end it says to hold on and someone will be with me in a moment. Waiting….. Waiting… Please press 1 if you are calling about your account. *click*

If you are going to use an automated system that is fine. But please have people there to answer the call after they run through the system.

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    bakerman4524 Jun 17, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Fuuny, Chelsea was the same person mentioned as the person to get in touch with at Enhanced Recovery. I doubt hightly that this is the real name of anyone at Enhanced Recovery'.

    Here us my complaint;

    I have had the misfortune of having the last same name as the person this company is trying to contact. It is apparent that they are using master phone lists and calling everyone that has the same last name. They state that if the the matter does not pertain to you, to ignore the message and delete it. They were told last year, the first year this started, that there was no person within the family who had the name "Howard". Nowhere within the recorded messages that they leave, do they state that if you are not the person that you need to take time, (yes, your own private personal time) to maybe give calling them at the number they left for "Howard" to get them to leave you alone. Then year two came around and they started calling for "Howard" again. When I called them to tell them no "Howard" is in the family blood line, they were extremely rude, stated they would take me off the list and then, without any apology abruptly hung up. There should be a law against using Master phone lists, like those used by politcal action groups and your neighborhood Goodwill Organization in an attempt to harass innocent people in pursuit of getting as much dough as they scrape up for the company coffers. I have no sympathy for those of you who that we should be more understanding. I've read some of your comments and you are way off base. Nobody should have to put up with this, even if they once were acquainted with the offending perpetrator or not.

    My wish is that someone at the congressional level will get wise to what these people are up to and put a stop to it once and for all. We as Americans deserve to have our privacy respected.


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  • I have hopefully reached resolve today...from the above complaint and company information (I inserted copy of info below) I spoke with a real live person and she pulled up the account attached to my phone number asked if knew the person trying to be reached and I said no and she said ok thank you I will remove your number.

    Company information:
    Jacksonville, Florida
    United States
    Phone: 18006580054

    I also added that there is a ton of negative chatter, posts, and other information out there on the company to which she said that's how it is for collection agencies...I corrected her and said no I am also a business person, have been an accountant for over 10 years, have managed my own share of collecting money from patients and I would not want a company I work for to have this kind of reputation, mistakes, whatever...and for my example, the negative chatter and other problems is regarding the company's way of trying to get a hold of people who don't even live where you are calling and in my particular case, ma'am, the automated phone calls every single day for weeks that lists the phone number for a telemarketing company that has nothinig to do with ERC and she has no idea how her number has been listed as the call I pointed out that even if was the person they were looking for I could not have called them back...she then said..."oooo, ok, that is not good..." I gave her the number and assured her again i am not the person they were looking for and no one at this number is or has ever heard of him.
    I also told her the crazy 45 minute search to find a phone number where someone can answer the not that Crystal who answered the phone will be able to fix all of that, she did atleast answer the phone and said she would remove my number.
    So on a wing and a prayer, this will be resolved for me and this post can help someone being called regarding a collection that is not theirs.
    God Bless!!!

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Violation of the Fair Debt Collection Act

I have been getting phone calls from Enhanced Recovery Corporation for several months. Recently I was talking to an employee whose manager was talking to her. The manager told the employee to tell me that he was recommending legal action for my debt. I asked the employee for the manager's name. At that time the manager got on the phone with me and told me that I was refusing to pay the debt and that he was recommending it for legal action. He did give me his name. I told him the same thing I've been telling these people for months, that I am not refusing to pay the debt, but cannot do what they're asking me to do. He told me that I would not be contacted by ERC again because my debt was going to the legal department. Since then (about 5 days ago) I have still received daily calls from ERC. After reading some of the complaints against ERC I would not pay them a dime even if I had it. I would suggest to the companies that hire ERC to collect debts to find a reputable and trustworthy company to collect your debts! I also learned that ERC is in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Act. I recommend that everyone read up on it.

  • Le
    LEGOMAN Oct 01, 2009



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  • Ev
    evangelineo Mar 25, 2011

    i am having a seriuos problem with erc they phoned my work when they were told not to now everyone at work knows my personal business and the so called manager told me i should have paid my bills then i wouldn't have been turned over to collections and then when i said look i can't talk because i am at work he said duh you just realized you were at work?? what a jerk there is no reason to treat people that way all i did was notify them that my banking situation had changed and to no loner do electronic drafts for the month of march and that i would send a money order and they called me and told me i was refusing to pay when i have always made my monthly payments it would just be paid differently. what a bunch of jerks i plan on speaking to a lawyer just to see what my rights are.

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  • Di
    DirtyHarry2011 May 03, 2011


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  • Kn
    knightshawn25ca May 19, 2011

    They are now calling my about a debt we cleared up before we bought our house saying, even though it was a charge off that their and us agreed to (because we talked to their client and not them, we still needed to pay or they would sue us, with or with out the consent of the client. We know the laws, this is not the first time we have had to fight this company and the last time they just stopped calling eventually. My suggestion is to set up a recorder and when you answer their call BE SURE TO TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING RECORDED (OR ELSE IT WON'T COUNT IN COURT), and go in with the conversation until they hang themselves. Make sure to mention the date and time of the call in the recording and tell them not to call any more that they must communicate via postal mail. Next time they call do the same then get a lawyer. By law once you tell them they can't call you they must stop. They do have every right to send you a notice of collection everyday through the postal mail if they wish, though. They may be 'A'-holes but I am a much bigger one and I relish the fun time I'm about to have with them. Take the opportunity to get your anger and disgust out and free yourself from stress because long story short, if it's a bad collection they can't sue and if they try to sue you can counter sue for much more.

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possible ID theft

This collection agency has been harassing me with recorded phone calls. When I called them, they claimed to be collecting a debt I owed ATT. They listed a phone number and address that have never been mine or anyone's I knew. I called ATT and they had no record of this debt or any account at the phone number or address. ERC asked for a police report, but the police say I do not have enough information since all my information comes from ERC only. ERC claimed their information came from ATT, but that's all they can tell me. In a used car salesman sort of way they offered me a chance to settle this debt... WHAT?? I don't owe anything! If I did I would pay ATT, not them. Anyway, now I am worried because they have my social security number. My credit record is currently clean, no negative items, all accounts in good standing. Watch out for this company, and don't give them more information. At first I started to and then in later phone calls they acted as if they got this information elsewhere, not just from an earlier phone call with me.

  • Bo
    bobtheman Sep 02, 2009

    Do you have a common name? Could just be they think you're someone else.

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  • Af
    Afraid1 Mar 03, 2014

    They call every day 3 to 4 times a day, 7 days a week. Ring 3 times then hang up. Tonight at 8pm they called and threatened that if I did not call 866-552-7907 that they would be at my home on Wednesday March 5th and if they did not find me at home they would show up at my place of employment. I have the message saved on my answering machine. I'm afraid.

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  • Be
    beachguy1111 Jan 26, 2016

    They called me and said same thing, I went to ATT store and spoke with ATT on several occasions and they were telling me it's fraud. This was just after I switched to Verison if that matters. ERC also gave me an account number when I asked for ti so I could provide it to ATT, the # given to me by ERC had no significance.

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collections on closed

thay are calling me at wrong hours before 7am and are nasty about a closed acct from 2006 also most places are closed on sat. the james madison high school has be come ashworth university I never had any school books or did not reg. for that school. I asked about free info. on high school at james madison, I never got any thing but bills from them the collections co. wonts $718.00 FROM ME THAY HAVE MADE A MESS OF MY CREDIT. i am not emply. at this time and it is night mare i would not pay them if i had any money . i never got a thing from james madion school.

  • Send them the following letter to verify the debt... keep all copies of their original letter send it certified return receipt and regular mail its also suggested to include the certified mail number in the letter as additional proof it was certified, keep the signed certified post card as proof they received it..chances are they can't verify the debt and will stop harrising/ collection action

    March 03, 2009


    Rip you off Collection agency
    Po Box 666
    Screwing you, state of
    Re: The debt company named
    Your File number: 000000

    Dear Sir or Madam:

    I am disputing the debt that your client claims is from "fill In the blank"

    I have no idea who Rip you off Collection agency is; I am not in receipt of any documentation making me liable to any party. I am not in receipt of any documentation making any other party liable for any alleged debt of my own. I am not aware of any novation, nor have I agreed to any novation of any description.

    Under 15 U.S.C. Section 1692 (G), this letter will also serve to dispute the validity of this debt, or any portion thereof. Therefore, within thirty (30) days of the date of this letter, you, or your client, need to provide the following information in order to validate the alleged debt:

    1. The original contract between the original creditor, Re: The debt company named allegedly executed by me;

    2. All transfer/assignment documents between the original creditor, Re: The debt company named, and your client, , and whatever other entities this alleged debt was transferred to before it reached your client. In addition to the transfer/assignment documentation, you must provide evidence that this specific alleged debt was part of any and all transfer/assignments; and

    3. A Copy of Re: The debt company named the original creditor’s, alleged last billing statement (as defined by 15 U.S.C. 1637(b), supported by affidavit based on first hand knowledge of the original creditor.

    Until or unless you can supply all of the above information, you are now on notice that you have no right to send me threatening letters or telephone calls and any further communication from you will constitute harassment, and I will take whatever steps necessary to insure that violation of this request will be forwarded to the appropriate governmental entities.

    Very truly yours,

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Resolved Idiots

I too have been the recipient of ERC calls. They have been told..including the supervisor that "Corrine" doesnt live here..never has lived here and we've never known anyone in our entire lives with that name. We paid cash for our house and our cars..we owe nothing to anyone and have a credit score at the top of perfect. Every morning at 8:05 they call anyway. So I decided that we'd have a little fun... (this is currently on going.) We told them "Corrine" doesnt want to talk to them. We've refused to take a message. Last call we told them "Corrine" got a really good deal so she and a couple girlfriends went to the Bahamas for a week. When they call back in a couple of days, they will be told she couldnt get a flight into Miami and went to Orlando instead and decided to spend a couple extra days there and see DisneyWorld but has to be home by (date to be determined) to pick up her new car. Not my fault they are stupid after we've given them our name...address and obviously they have our phone number. Have yet to speak to ANYONE from ERC that isnt as dumb as a box of rocks!
All they had to do was listen... now it's our turn to waste their time.

  • Co
    Collection answers Mar 15, 2009

    Here is an idea for you. Try calling and stating for them simply to pon your number. They will have 24-48 hours to remove your number from the auto-dialer and you will never recieve a call again.

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  • Je
    Jessica Marzigliano Oct 07, 2010

    I paid this company for a debit but scheduled for them to withdraw on Friday not on the same day I called. Unfortunately they ended up drafting my account of the day I scheduled it for Friday and now I cannot get a hold of the manager/supervisor or the lady that proccessed my pay off! Everyone is pointing fingers and nothing has been done to reimburse me the bank or anything. I have paid other debits before but these people have violated my trust, bank account and dependability by tapping into my account when they should not have. One day makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE!!! These people need to get it straight or seriously FIND MY RECORDED VOICE AND AUTHORIZATION!!! Once you make arrangements to pay the ball is on thier court. It is now my word against theirs! I want JUSTICE!!!

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Disreputable Collection Activity

This is a good one. My fiance filed bankruptcy two weeks ago and the Automatic Stays went out a week ago and we know the creditors received them because we had control letters sent also. These guys from Enhanced called yesterday and left a message. I called them back. I told the young lady that her company was violating a Federal Court order and that if they failed to comply I would have our attorney so advise the court. She asked me if I thought that they were "Psychic" and said my fiance had to advise them that she had filed Bankruptcy. I laughed at her and said that I didnt care what she thought. She hung up on me. I called back to talk to a supervisor. They were in a meeting. So I waited until today, and then called back. The first guy I told what was going on said that I was threatening them because I told him they were in violation of a Federal Court order. I said Lemme talk to your boss. David Crow was the Boss's name and he was the first intelligent and competent person I spoke with at this company. He asked for our attorney's name and Phone # to confirm the Bankruptcy, apologized for his employees idiocy and held his temper while I vented a little. I suspect he will not be at this loser company for long. Do not pay these guys anything. Their methods are reprehensible. Tell them that if they call you. Say, "I acknowledge the debt, but I will not pay your company any money because you are untrustworthy and have a bad reputation." They will be out of business in a year. I confirmed that this is definitely Enhanced Recovery Corp., they are located in Jacksonville, Florida

  • Ca
    carl17ace Aug 22, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Untrustworthy really? Look the records dont show that she filed bankruptcy thats why Mr. Crowe (who no longer works there cuz he got fired) asked for the attny info its the only way to stop the calls the original credit card company didnt inform them. I used to work for that company and i had to deal with punks like you trying to intimidate collectors into stop calling. You want to sit here and say that we're dumb people and scammers in order to work there you have to get your background and credit score checked because they dont hire criminals. So run your mouth somewhere else about this.

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  • Jw
    JW63 Aug 23, 2009

    I believe the grammer and tone of the reply by carl17ace says a great deal about this company. Educate yourself folks on the FDCPA. Collectors do have a standard they can not violate. You have a right to sue if they do. Get a good Attorney and they will stop violations. If you do owe the debt, negotiate in good faith to take care of it.

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Annoying phone calls

It's been about 2 week, every morning at around 8:10 am I got a call with the message: "Please hold for...

phone calls

MY mother has had a massive stroke and is bedridden. She can not talk, walk or eat by herself. ERC CONSTANTLY calls -- EVERY morning at 8 am., waking up everyone in the house, asking to speak to her. I have tried to talk to them to no avail. I WILL file harassment against them if it continues. This is an EXTREMELY rude company and as of now I will refuse to speak to them or deal with them.

Harassment & extortion

The Enhanced Recovery Corporation called and left a number of messages for me regarding a debt my company owed. When I called them back, they said it was a debt owed to my bank. They provided very little information about this 'supposed' debt and were extremely anxious to get my credit card number on the phone, which made me suspicious. I said I would check with my personal banker and verify the debt. My personal banker said that absolutely no such debt existed. Since the one time I had called ERC back, they have since called me 3-4 times per day, everyday, leaving messages. I finally called them and told them if they didn't remove my number from their database they would be sued for harassment & extortion. They very quickly removed my number and said that I would not hear from them again. This company should be shut down for illegal activity.

  • Jo
    john doe Jul 05, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you are fool of ###

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  • Mt
    Mtime Aug 08, 2008

    they have done nothing illegal, unless you provide them with a cease and desist and they still contact you, then that is illegal.

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  • Le
    LEGOMAN Oct 01, 2009


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Submit a Complaint to FTC!

After our phone number changed, we began receving upwards of 5-6 phone calls per day from this company looking for someone named Linda. They are still calling as recently as today (June 12) though I have contacted them several times in the past 3 months to let them know we aren't her. They even say our phone number is no longer in their system, but the calls continue.

I found a complaint form online with the Federal Trade Commission - I would urge anyone having problems with ERC (or any other similar company) to file a complaint. These work in numbers - the more who complain, the more likely the federal government will shut them down!
Click on "FTC Complaint Assistant" - it only takes a few minutes


I have read several articles on this site and today was treated worse than I have been by someone who represented themselves as a manager ate erc. I too only asked for a fax or something in writing to pay one half of a settlement amount. That was refused and I was treated like a second class citizen by this company. I have wrote to their customer service, but do not know if I will ever reach anyone who cares in this company. Their site hides true contact information.

  • ************ Sep 02, 2009

    I also wrote a complaint against this company.

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  • Te
    texastame55 Nov 10, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Apparently, there is a lack of writing skills at ERC. Tonight, after and hour and a half conversation, trying to get a letter or email from them, stating that if I paid the amount they said I owe, that they will mark it PIF and do a Deletion of the report.
    They said they cannot write such a letter. ATT says I owe them $72.00. I disconnected the service in 2011, due to poor cell phone reception and was told that there would be no further amount owed. My bill was always paid if full. When I checked my Credit Score, up pops a claim that ERC put on my files stating that I owe. Figured it would be easier to pay the $72 than argue with ATT and get this removed. I was wrong. They promise the moon, but will not put it in writing. Even had one person tell me that he said what he said, which was what I was asking for, but he could not put it in writing, because he could not put an untruth in writing. So he was telling me he was lying to me, then got mad at me, when I called him on it. Will fight ATT tomorrow.

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This company has been harassing me for months. I have contacted them on numerous occasions to remove me from their list without any success. They have told me that my phone number has been removed but I get almost daily messages left on my phone. I have been interrupted during meetings at work. Each time I contact them thaey promise me that they will resolve the problem. They quote a reference number of [protected]. On a couple of occasions the person I was talking to to try and get this matter resolved was extremely rude to me . This is not acceptable to be harassed like this because of their inefficiency. I would appreciate any help in resolving this issue.

george betbeder

  • Mt
    Mtime Aug 08, 2008

    Send them a cease and desist in the mail. Keep a copy. If they call again, sue them.

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Harrassing Wrong Person with Info obtained by Public Record

This very rude company called my home this morning trying to "get a message" to someone else regarding...

Harassing the wrong person!

Ever since I got into a new phone number 2 years ago, this collection agency has continuously called my number looking to collect debt from someone who I assume had my number before me. Despite my explanations that I am not that person and requests to be removed from their phone lists, I have been harassed by these people at work who have even insisted that I must have "dated or hooked up with him." They've also asked for my social security number and when I replied that I wasn't giving out my personal information they were complete jerks about how stupid I apparently was for letting someone get away with identity theft--I've researched, to be sure, if any identity theft has been going on and there is no trace. These people are aggressive, belligerent, and do not listen as I've been constantly interrupted and cut off. Of course I've stopped answering any 800 or unrecognizable number, but it's unfair that they're infringing on my privacy and keeping me from picking up when an institution that I might actually be connected to needs to contact me.

  • Ge
    geg Aug 28, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your complaint is ridiculous. If you called them and told them they were calling for someone you do not know...without the defensive attitude that appears you have then they would not ask you about your social. You had to have lied and pretended you were the person they were asking for for them to even assume your social would match the person they are looking for. As for the insisting you hooked up or dated them...YEAH YOU ARE SUCH A LIAR! I do not know why you would even assume anyone would think your complaint was ligit. Go get a life!

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  • No
    Not even in Florida Oct 01, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your complaint is not ridiculous (as stated by Geg) -- These guy keep calling my CA cell "looking" for some Micheal guy, I have repeatedly told them that I don't know this guy -- spoke to the FL Attorney General's Office today they have lots of complaints (similar to ours) about ERC. DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER!! Call the FL Attorney General's Office at 850-414-3990. Or the FL Office of Financial Regulation 850-410-9898 and file a complaint.

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  • Js
    JSTOKER Oct 04, 2010


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  • Da
    dafne2412 Dec 28, 2010

    Oh god!! this is exactly what happens to me every single day they call leave a message and expect you to call back! Okay I mean if you really had a debt & you totally knew about it well then yeah you would right away catch on to the program & say "oh you know what these people are calling me because I owe this this and this" but I say this is just people who want to take advantage of other people by charging them with things they didn't even knew about! These people are complete rip-offs they just try to get easy money! I also see there is many people who complain about this situation & I suggest we all make a petition to have this SUPPOUST company investigated because for so many people to be complaining about the same thing doesn't make since!

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All they do is enhance the truth!

ERDC ENHANCED RECOVER DEBT COLLECTORS WILL LIE then THEIR "SUPERVISOR" WILL LIE, then the "FLOOR MANAGER" ===>>> WILL LIE. beware, i was helping my step-son settle a way late credit card and ERDC told me a LIE at least FIVE TIMES, supposedly over a recorded line (probably to teach newbies how to be so good at lying). We agreed to pay off his account, and they made like the electronic transfer would not happen until the next Monday, when I assured them I would have the amount covered (I needed to transfer some funds). They even mentioned some hole-in-the-wall small bank as their transfer agent so I would fall for the lie, all three of these blood-suckers repeated the same lie - that the account won't be hit until Monday. FRIDAY it hit, costing me bank fees. Any firm that deals with SNAKES like these people are SNAKES themselves... SO DO NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT TELLING THEM WHATEVER YOU WANT THEY WILLL L-I-E TO YOU WITH NO HESITATION AT ALL. BEWARE. DEAL WITH THEM ACCORDINGLY. WE TALKED IN GOOD FAITH THEY SURELY DID NOT.

Scam and cheating!

I had first complaint logged about this completely underhanded firm. Turns out, they did hit our account a day early, not what they kept telling me, so I called to complain. They are well versed in covering their rather filthy backsides, but the fact remains all three of them lied to me several times. I told him to review all the tapes. He was belligerent, but kept an even tone. So that if you become a tad irritated, they can call you on it as you raised your voice, but they did not. It is okay to be belligerent if you keep your tone down. Shows how dishonest they are. I told him the deal is off, we will deal directly with Chase bank and let them know what kind of outfit Enhanced (truth) recovery is. I asked THREE times if they can still go into the account, He ASSURED ME THREE TIMES they cannot. I IMMEDIATELY called the bank and they said as it was an electronic transfer, they CERTAINLY CAN make another attempt to get the funds. We had to go into the back for a special stop order as it was an electronic transfer. My recommendation is NOT DEAL WITH THEM. GO BACK TO THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR AND MAKE THE SAME DEAL. First they gave us 55% settlement, then went down to 35% (after saying 55% was the lowest they possibly could go) Get the 35% deal from Chase - it is usually all they can sell it to the collection agency for anyway.

Harrassing phone calls at work, even after written notice to stop calls or will lose job

I have been getting recorded collection calls from this company, at work. I researched the call, but have not returned them. I have, however, faxed them (2) letters requesting them to STOP all calls to my work. They are putting my job in jepardy and, still, the calls continue, altbough they are using different phone numbers. The numbers change each time I send a fax asking them to stop.

I am following the procedure to have the calls to have the calls stopped at work. I am now sending a certified letter, return receipt, for them to stop.

  • Br
    Brian Apr 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company has called me multiple times to collect a debt for a person whom I do not know. I have returned their calls multiple times and explained that my phone number IS NO LONGER the phone number of the person they are seeking; and that I do not even know the person they are calling for. They have explained that they have "multiple" collection accounts for this person; and that my phone number is associated with all of them. They have promised me (multiple times) that my phone number would be removed from these collections accounts. Finally, today, I threatened them with a lawsuit for harassment if they continued calling me.

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  • Wi
    wilma May 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    There are FEDERAL laws that limit the way collection agencies are allowed to contact debtors. The method used in your case is PROBABLY illegal.Contact the FTC for details, or google FED LAWS collection agencies. GOOD LUCK.

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  • Wh
    Whitney Jun 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Question: If you apply for a Credit Card and put down your work number, why on earth do you think that would be required? That's because if you do not pay your CCD bill, they can contact you to find out why. If you are not allowed calls at work, I wonder why you would hand out your work number so freely. Was it because of that shiny $5, 000 credit limit?

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Debt settled then balance sold

Joshua and Liza Akley @ Enhanced Recovery Corporation agreed to allow me to settle a debt for Direct Merchant...

Immoral, illegal, unethical and unprofessional collection agency!

I found the correct address and further info on this immoral, illegal, unethical and unprofessional...

Complete jerks!

I called to pay my settlement amount and the woman stated that I now needed to pay more than was stated on the document sent on the letter. With no explanation she began yelling at me and stating that I should call back when I have enough money pay what owed. Telling me that I should be more responsible and own up to my debts which made no sense because I was calling to pay???

  • There is a huge SCAM, a multimillion dollar SCAM, being forced on the american public!!

    And our legal system is in on it!

    third party debt collectors!!!

    When you stop paying on a credit card debt,
    The original creditor is mandated by federal law, to charge-off an account when no payments have been received for 180 days.
    That date is refered to as the �Date of Last Activity (DLA)’ and reported as such, to the credit reporting agencies by the creditor.

    After they write it off, they "Bundle" all these uncollectable accounts and sell them for pennies on the dollar on the open market, this is where the 3rd party debt collectors come in.

    They BUY a "BUNDLE" of this uncollected debt info from the original bank.

    However what they buy is your name, account number, and what you owed to the original bank.

    They rarely or never get your "original signed contract" with the credit card company, your last statement of payment on the account, and the original writeoff amount.

    This is what they need to "PROVE" in court that they now have "TITLE" to your original debt.!!

    This information is usually sold several times within the "networks" still as a BUNDLE
    of uncollectable debt!

    They will harris you on the phone, send threating letters, saying that they represent
    "XYC LLC" who now has title to your Bank of Bundi account in which you owe some
    ridiculous amount.

    First off the "XYC LLC" company is usually some "shell" company that the collection law firm has setup, because by law, the law firm itself cannot hold title and try to enforce a judgement against you.

    So they have to "represent" a client who holds title, so they claim against you.

    The law they are trying to collect on is "CONTRACT" law, , which requires them to have "the original signed contract", and the "deeds of transfer", indicating your account specifically with the "deeds of transfer", and a copy or original of your last statement, indicating your last payment on the account, and the "charge Off" amount. Which the original bank "wrote Off" its books.

    They never have any of this information, what they present to the court is a hodge podge of information, a pasted piece from an excell spredsheet with your name, address ect, usually 2 pages sideways, "certifications" which are assembled by their own staff on their own computer systems, including usually an amount you owe which they assembled from their own computer system. From this "Budle" they bought for pennies on the dollar!!

    The problem is unless you "ANSWER THE LAWSUIT" Requiring you to file an answer to the suit, contesting the "CONTRACT CASE" Pay the $15.00 fee to the court, and Show up on the Date of the court hearing and contest the case by demanding that they supply the original contract, deeds of transfer, and last payment statement, "
    indicating your account "specifically" and the "charge Off" amount...

    They will request a default judgement from the Judge..and he will grant it!

    I have specifically fought 3 cases against me, taking several court dates, time off from work, endless hours of waiting, but they realized
    I knew what I was talking about and that they could't proof their case,
    IE get over on me...and they dismissed their suits...
    go here...
    here Collection Agencies Illegal Practices ~ New Jersey
    and here

    and here

    and here for a expose on tv

    The reason the courts are usually on their side is "MONEY"
    each time they file its $15.00 fee, each time you answer its $15.00 fee,
    multiply that times the thousands of collection cases and you can see how the courts make money..not to mention that its a "Buddy" system..

    you can email us at [email protected]
    for more info!!

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