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Enhanced Recovery Corporation / Why such rudeness?

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Years ago I had a Spiegel credit card... And like most women I used it! However, I was in a dispute with them at some point for fraudulent charges... after some time and a never ending battle... the communication stopped... I had yet to hear back from Spiegel. Turns out Spiegel filed for Bankruptcy. After a couple years I forgot all about it... no contact... out of mind. Yes... stupid me! It recently showed on my credit report that I owed so much money and it stated it was recent.

I turns out, my account through Spiegel went to a couple different companies before ending up at Enhanced Recovery. It is funny, I have lived at the same address for about 8 years and not once received anything stating my account was turned over... Again stupid me.

I contacted Enhanced Recovery, spoke to a Mr. Abrams... explained my problem and informed him I wanted to rectify this ASAP. A offer was presented however I can not afford $800 in 3 easy payments in under 90 days... .I stated after much back and forth discussion I would have to call back later that day and try to resolve this issue. In the mean time when I informed Mr Abrams I have not received anything in the mail or any such phone calls, and could he fax, email or mail me some information to ensure they were indeed legitimate... Mr. Abrams stated and I quote... "We have already sent you enough information" OK... But I haven't received it!!!

After a couple hours I called back, my account was placed with a 'higher up'... why I asked? ... because I refused to pay up. WAIT A MINUTE... I DID NOT REFUSE TO PAY! I needed some time to figure things out. After then being lectured about checking my credit report and spending money and taking care of my responsibilities... .I then explained I wanted to rectify this... after again much back and forth Carla stated she could offer me a settlement of 50% of the balance... Fine. If this will make it finally go away... so in the midst of the agreement... I hear a "uh oh... I can not offer you this settlement" Ooookkkkkkk... now what... "

I asked for their clients name so maybe I could contact them and attempt to work this out since I was clearly getting NOWHERE! I was told I had no business to know the company and I could not contact them. But it is my account with them???

So after a minute I was offered a 'hardship' pay off the balance in 24 months... OK FINE, Let's just get this over with. So I asked if I could have something in writing explaining our agreement and what the payments would be... no not allowed. I was actually told it was not allowed. I am trying to work this out and I can't have anything in writing??? HAS ANYONE EVER HEARD OF SUCH A THING? OK, so I made a mistake, a big one but now I am trying to fix it. For my protection isn't it best to get any type of agreement in writing?? Anyway, I was told I needed to settle right now. I again stated I would have to call back. Why nothing in writing? Why such rudeness? Why? They were so rude, mixed my words and made me feel like I was a worthless piece of nothing because of a bad debt. You would think if they wanted their money, they would work with me a bit better. And get me something in writing.

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  • Ni
      17th of Feb, 2007

    PS: In SOME states only ONE side of the conversation needs to know the conversation is being recorded. Check with your state District Attorney to determine your status in this regard. Some will even give you written dispensation to record a conversation. DO NOT BREAK ANY LAWS. I'm Nick Bleeker, I got things in my background you couldn't burn off with a blowtorch. I been everywhere.

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  • Ni
      11th of Mar, 2007

    When you call an 800 number the other end can see the number you're calling from. Then, it's easy to develop your address. Call them from a "cold" phone. Some phones systems (Qwest) will allow you to bloke certain types of incoming calls from specific numbers, and places like Radio Shack often carry similar devices. Here's a tactic: the next time they call you, you might choose to say you're the guy and you're ready to pay up--or whatever--and find out what it is they want you to do, who they think you are, and who their client is (presuming they haven't bought the debt outright). With that information, find a cheap attorney and ask him to put a stop to it. Some might decide to complain to the client, etc. You can use the many information services available online to check public record, develop information about the calling entity, it's officers, and so on. Then you can use the same sources to develop additional public records data and use it in a lawful manner. Check to see if your state allows lawful recording of such conversations, or if they will give you written permission to record same. Then go to a lawyer for lawful use of same. You may want to use the information you develop to locate the actual real guy. It's a fact that the more posts on the internet about--whatever--from many different sources, the more prominent that topic will become. So, if I had a complaint about something, I'd post it EVERYWHERE. I could write about investigations and investigating people all night, but if you do a little research, I'm sure you'll find what you need in the way of Creative investigation and lawful use of the resultant. I'm Nick Bleeker, Nazi SS, 1943-1945, , what I've seen and done you don't need to know. I'll be back here again.

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  • Ja
      20th of Apr, 2007

    My boyfriend just got a collection letter from ERC (Enhanced Recovery Corporation) claiming he owes over $13,000. This is the first time he's heard of owing this money. They claim the original creditor is "Maryland National Bank." I did some digging around and found that "Maryland National" was the same as MBNA (recently bought by Bank of America), the largest issuer of all those store credit cards.

    My boyfriend had also previously owned a Spiegel credit card, but according to his credit report that account was always paid in full. However, the report did show that a separate account belonging to some "bank" that charged off an unpaid debt to a collection agency. This was sometime around 2003/2004.

    I now have a suspicion that this may somehow be related to his Spiegel account. When he tried to call Spiegel to close that old credit card, they couldn't locate his account (probably b/c it had been sold off when they went bankrupt).

    Our first course of action is to write a letter back to ERC disputing that he owes the debt and DEMANDING validation. We also plan to send a copy of the complaint to the IL Attorney General.

    I found several other stories online of people who previously had a Spiegel card who are now facing similar collection issues. It's starting to look like this might warrant some kind of group legal action...

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  • An
      19th of May, 2008

    Janet, their behavior apparently continues. I have recently had a similar issue with this company.

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  • Ma
      10th of Jun, 2008


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  • Wh
      13th of Jun, 2008

    As a former employee of Enhanced Recovery Corporation, and also as somewhat of an expert regarding every collections State Law applicable to North America, I'll have you know that most of the "research" tips you give on the Complaints Board is completely false. The reason that the fines for breaking any of the state laws are so steep is because every employee there has been trained not to break them. Every phone call is completely legal, every word we say is part of a strict guide, and every rebuttal is completely within the guidelines of the FDCPA laws (since you don't accurately complete your research, I'll just let you know that that stands for the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.) You can look that up.

    As for the "unjust" phone calls that have repeatedly been deemed "harassing" are also completely legit. After three months of ignoring your Credit Card statements (which are actually a luxury, not required by law and should be accepted as such) and the proceeding three months that ERC holds rights to these accounts, I do believe that these "victims" have had plenty of time to come to terms with the reality of how bills work. You take someone's money, then cry when this person after six months asks for their money back? Not to mention that all of the collection steps are clearly stated on the Credit Card application that these innocent people are so eager to sign. My suggestion: If you don't readily have $10, 000, don't accept a credit card claiming you can pay someone that amount of money. Is that not common sense?

    The term "Cold Call" is laughable at best, considering that all of the information given to us by Discover, MasterCard, Visa and American Express (Can you guess where this is going?) is given to us by *gasp* The Card holder. When you fill out that attractive piece of paper that gives you all this free money, you have to supply your Name, Social, Address, ect. We are not magical. We do not ask you for your Social for our pleasure, we verify it. And I literally laughed out loud when I read your advice on pretending to be said card holder to obtain information. Well isn't that just the pot calling the kettle black? You see Nick, in America, that's called fraud. Also you cannot record our phone calls unless you have asked our permission. There is no exception to this. We only record our phone calls because we include a declaimer informing you of our intent and purpose for calling, which is given in every call. (Much like you'll hear, should you call your cell phone provider or local bank.)

    So, just to educate you Mr. Bleeker, as a former collections agent we do not wake up in the morning with a mental list of all the people that we want to make cry on our telephones. We do not enjoy being called names, being lied to or being evaded. We have families and lives and feelings and we also pay our bills on time. We are not in the wrong. Personally, I have spoken with many people who have simply fallen on hard times and could not foresee what was going to happen. In which case I pull as many strings as I can find to get these people a low settlement (which is not an option by the way, with their CCD provider) If any of the people on this Complaint Board had called this company and rationally explained their situation with intent to pay (Not to mention if they had simply paid their bills in the first place) nine times out of ten they would have walked away paying MUCH less than they owed. This to me sounds like a huge favor our company is doing for them. And just to be clear, when life gets tough, you still have rent to pay and your children are still hungry. Delinquent card holders expect bills to take a few months off. Now where was the small writing on the application that said THAT would happen? Right next to the small writing that said life was going to be easy? I thought so.

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  • Na
      11th of Jul, 2008

    Why do they call and repeatedly harrass a person who is NOT the customer, when asked to take my number out of the system..I get some crock of crap...
    "we just got this account and have a right to call you anytime, day or night, to collect the money owed.There is nothing wrong with us calling you repeatedly...or at 8:30 pm, anyday of the week, since this person owes us money"
    Like I care about what a person I don't know has for finacial problems ?? Or that the collection agnecy can't locate them?? I DO NOT GET PAID TO DO THEIR JOB !!
    I personally would love to find this person and tell her that the collection agencies are leaving ALL her PERSONAL information on my answering machine.They have also said they call her work.

    Maybe she can sue them for brech of privacy or something ??
    I have asked they, repeatedly, to PLEASE remove my # from this OTHER person's account information, since I have paid for & have a PRIVATE #. Told to them they had my permission to verify it with my phone company, even providing the phone company's toll free #...THAT would be too easy for them to do...
    They reassure me I NEED to see the "logic" in them repeatedly calling & leaving ALL this other person's information on my answering machine.(name, account #, who's calling and why)
    IF I am NOT that person, just to delete it??? UUUUmmm I shouldn't be getting them to start with..PERIOD !
    since I am NOT the person they are looking for.
    There are sites online where you can find anyone, anywhere...why don't they try that instead of repeatedly calling the WRONG PERSON ??

    I have informed every agency that calls to remove MY # from this other lady's account...yet they keep it on, , call over & over, , then CLAIM they are a different company(or person ). Several have given me ALL the other numbers listed on this person's account.
    when I explain nicely, to them they ARE HARRASSING THE WRONG PERSON .. I am going to lodge a complaint with the state's A.G. and the FTC...
    they say no they aren't harassing ME (??))
    They have ALL gone so far as to pull up their OWN information and state " I SEE WE HAVE left several messages on your answering machine and spoken to you about removing YOUR # from her account...BUT WE CAN STILL CALL YOU, LEGALLY SINCE SHE OWES US MONEY ! "
    Talk about lying and double talk from a collection agency ?? No wonder people are NOT wanting to deal with them...they say whatever they want ..."BECAUSE THEY CAN..." PS:GROW UP !!
    As for them having a family...who gives a's a JOB... be a PROFESSIONAL and leave your OWN PERSONAL FEELINGS OUT OF IT..or get another JOB !!
    I hope and pray someday THEY loose their jobs and have to go through what they put people through...even those who ARE NOT the customer they are looking for.
    BTW :: Many credit card companies will NOT work with you if you do run into trouble and try to do the right thing..They immediately send your account to collections, rather than accept what you can do to repay them
    ..I have seen several friends go through this.When they have used my phone to call the companies...MY # gets listed as a contact #. NOW I get to be HARASSED, sworn at, threatened and been told "well, go tell your friend they owe us money or help them pay the bill and THEN we will STOP HARASSING YOU...
    YES.. they even admit THEY ARE HARASSING DUH !!
    My bills are ALL PAID up to date...yet I am stressed out and repeatedly HARASSED, by an agnecies that can't figure out I am NOT the person they are looking for.
    I was told to call another agnecy to get my # removed from their system...I did that...the other agency said "they have no affliation with the one who's HARASSING me"

    With a SSI # being given by the person who opens the account...they should be more than able to find out I AM NOT THAT PERSON...I have even given them MY own SSI#, to make it easy for them to verify it.
    People need to report these agencies to their state's A.G. and the FTC...maybe someday they will be under a law to STOP them from harassing others and giving the wrong person's # to "another agengy" so THEY can call and HARASS innocent people too...

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  • Jo
      14th of Jul, 2008

    I have been receiving calls from this number for over 7 months now, shortly after I moved and was given my home phone number by the telephone company. The caller asks for an individual that does not live here, has not and will not live here... I explained to everyone that would talk with me on this line and have asked them to remove my number from their calling list. I have been caring for my Mom who just passed away from Colon Cancer... I have been called at all hours day and night by this company! When I called back and asked to speak with a supervisor or someone in charge I was rudely hung up on. I called back and was put on hold for 24 minutes until I had to take another call - I have yet to speak with anyone to have my number removed from the calling list, to make known once and for all that the person and or persons they are calling for are not at this number, I hate to go through the trouble of changing my home number but at this point I really don't have a choice if this company does not stop calling here. If anyone can help I would be greatly appreciative.
    In Mourning over the loss of my Mom,

    A woman called on the 12th, and again this morn at 9 am, my husband told the man on the other end to stop calling here - we just built this house and was given this number by the phone company. The man hung up on him. I think at this point we will seek an attorney to stop the harassment.

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  • Gj
      25th of Jul, 2008

    I have been getting these harazzing phone call from "Enhanced" for what seems the past two years. They keep leaving messages for a Sharon Snell and the calls originally had a caller on the line, now these calls just leave a recording. I did loose my temper today and gave the poor young individual an ear full and told them they had the wrong number. This number is my business line, etc. I know I will have to complaint to Jerry Brown, here in California, a number of times before something is done. But this is what happens when we allow our elected representitives to represent big business interest and not ours.

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  • Da
      2nd of Aug, 2008

    Please help to locate the phonenumber of enhance recovery corp which they have a bill on my credit report and i have no idea so please help me

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  • Kh
      4th of Aug, 2008

    Not everyone is dogding a debt, but ERC will just not listen.
    ERC called to collect a debt. I always pay my bills. So I called ERC and asked what the debt was for. It was for an overdrawn checking account in my name, but not my SSN. My name is very common and I told them this was not my SSN and they could do everything and any thing they wanted to collect from that SSN. No skin off my nose. But to stop calling and harassing my home number. Did that work? Nope. So I called again. And again I told them they had the wrong SSN and wrong person. They apologized and said they would take my number off the list. Did they stop calling? Nope. What does it take to get these unscrupulous people to wake up and realize that they have the wrong number and SSN and nothing they do will make me pay someone else's debt. I have received 2 calls a day for 2 months, I have called them 3 times including the very first day they called and told them they have the wrong person.
    I have read a lot of complaints here, but does any one have an actual solution? Can I file a small claims suit? What will it take?
    All of their info is on their website:

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  • Ma
      20th of Nov, 2008

    same crap over here. this company, as well as others dont care. the loser who wrote that is now out of a job and probably wishes he can retract. they dont care, they wont work with you and they dont have families like stated. they are all ex-cons and ex/current drug users, it has been proven. are you willing to give your information to them knowing this?

    they wont close the account once you have paid and paid and paid. they just keep billing you and now they insist on direct access from your account so they can take the money out without your knowledge. they are required to notify you in writing, and this hoser likes to tell you they dont have to. most states, less three dont require you to tell them that you are recording them. so record them. give this to an attorney, have them contact them. if they persist, they pay you a harassment fine. also, if you decide to settle, get the lawyer to have them sign a release. they wont do it cause they want to keep charging you.

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  • Sa
      24th of Nov, 2008

    Soooooo, I just started searching out this "company" and found this board. All I can say is "WOW". First, the ex-employee sure has some cajones! I just got a call about 15 minutes ago, a "robot recording" telling me to stay on the line for an important call". Then it hung up on me. So, I called the number back. I told them that they had just called my number, and their pre-recorded message to "hold" hung up on me and asked what they wanted. They said who they were looking for (me of course), so I said (verbatim, in a "I don't give a ###" voice) "She isn't at this number anymore". The lady was a snot and YELLED at me and said "Where is she??" I told her I didn't know, she wanted to know if I could get ahold of "her", or how to get ahold of "her", told her I didn't know and didn't care. She proceeds to give me a reference number and the phone number to call (uh, duh, ###, I just called it!). She asked for my name, so I just made up a name. Then I called back again a few minutes ago. This time I questioned them about random crap that had nothing to do with debts, or finding "me". The way I see it, they're trying to collect on a bill that's been paid for two years now and I'm not dealing with their crap, so if they want to harrass me by calling twice a day every day, I'll call them and waste their time, AND, if you call their 800 numbers, they're charged for the call...WoooHooo, so keep calling them, it'll just add to THEIR bills. Do they not know we're in a freakin' RECESSION and headed for a DEPRESSION and NO ONE has money? The LAST thing I would be paying right now is credit card bill (if I had one)...Rent, food, electricity...those get paid first, sorry ERC!

    By the way, it's fun to screw with them on the phone if you call them and waste their time. Start off talking about the debt, then just start rambling on about politics, the recession and totally IGNORE what they are saying. Time to go give them another call and talk about the fine art of making fudge LOL!

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  • Fr
      18th of Feb, 2009

    Please people, read the Fair Debt Collection Act. It's not difficult to read. Installment credit debt EXPIRES after so many years, depending on the State where the supposed debt occurred. Usually the debt is someone else's or made up altogether. Always ask for Debt Verification. That usually shuts them up because they know they don't usually have it. Collection agencies are in the business of fishing for gullible people using things like ID theft. They operate at the margins of the law, most don't care about the law. They basically buy old unrecoverable accounts for pennies on the dollar and start punding away, keeping any moneys they make from trusting souls. Don't be a fool. Ask for verification, in writing.

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  • Xn
      13th of Aug, 2009

    Note for Whitney; The call is not dialed by a live person - if you happen to answer there is not a person on the calling end. There are federal laws agains automated dialing of cell phone numbers. (I get these calls on my cell - not my home phone). I have been a victim of Identity Loss so I have credit monitoring and nothing is on my record as being delinquent. So what is the basis that I should receive monthly calls to my cell phone that are just a recording. I have never used my cell phone on credit applications and the number has changed in the past several years (to try to stop these types of call).

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  • Ro
      18th of Aug, 2009

    Nancy's reply is the reason when I got a series of calls regarding an account I had never had, and the person -- with an attitude much like Nancy's -- grew increasingly snide and arrogant, I took matters to another level.

    I tracked down the office from which the bozo was calling and met him in the parking lot. We had words, pointed words. His choice was simple: He could leave me alone, or the next time we met there wouldn't be any talking, just some killing.

    I wasn't bothered by this again.

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  • In
      22nd of Aug, 2009

    First of all, ERC is a junk debt buyer. They buy debt that isn't legally collectable. That means that the Statute of Limitations to sue has run out. As for the statement that everything they say and do is legal, HAHAHAHA. All JDB's get sued and they usually lose. There are lawyers who make a practice off of just suing collectors. And guess what, they don't charge a fee. Why? Because they win all the time. For example, in the letter above the person asked for something in the mail. By law, they have to send a letter within 5 days of phone contact. If they don't, they can be sued and they will lose. I agree that you should pay your bills and pay the people you owe. But you don't owe ERC anything! They bought this debt for pennies on the dollar. If you owed $1, 000 then they probably paid $200 for it. Then they get you to settle for $500 and bang, instant profit on a debt that wasn't collectible. Oh, and you think you are doing the right thing and it will help your credit score, etc. A paid collection is just as bad on your credit rating as an unpaid one. And by paying, you may be extending the amount of time it stays on your credit...

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  • In
      22nd of Aug, 2009

    Oh and to get them to quit calling, you send a limited cease and desist letter. It just has to say that phone calls at home or at work are inconvenient. All contact must be made in writing.

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  • Er
      25th of Aug, 2009

    Ok the idiot that wrote this above is wrong.. ERC does not buy debt they work for the company's that do by debt .. which is called clients .. we work for them for a % of what we make, for example if the fee is 26% we would get $260 for a $1000 that we collected... And if we have the wrong # all you have to say is you have the wrong please remove it and we will.. Why would we want to call a wrong # when we cant make any money????? ummm... And for all of you that owe money and have collection agencies call you, just answer the phone and tell them what you can do to make arrangements on the account... If you cant pay it all at once we understand.. That's why you can settle your debts and make payment arrangements.. ERC that is, i cant speak for anybody else... And the worst thing to do is not answer your phone to work with us.. We are trained to be more customer service then other collection agencies.. Sooo yea that guy is WRONG!!!

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  • Sr
      28th of Aug, 2009

    I am a current bill collector. I'm so tired of hearing you debtors complain about us calling you and sending letters. If you would not have ignored your credit card company for more than 3 months then you wouldnt be in the situation from beginning. The letters and calls are not harrasment. The definition of harrasment is a repeated action without intent. WAKE UP !!! This is an and attempt to collect a debt...THERE YOU GO THERE IS MY INTENT!!! And I hate when you debtors call in for a settlement did you forget that you ran up the bill NOT US AND MOST CERTAINLY NOT THE COMPANY... So debtors take a look in the mirror and honestly think about what you say before you speak. You people wonder why our economy is so messed up well lets start with billions of dollars in credit cards that gets turned into collections every year. So people wake up get off your high horses and pay your bills.

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