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Resolved insider pass scam

I purchased an item from Newport News in January 2009. Today I realized that they've been charging me...

Resolved return/credit

I returned products that I ordered from catalogue online in May. I kept tracking information to see that it...

Resolved coupon fraud

Spiegel does not honor coupon discounts. Instead of rejecting the coupon, the website displays the purported discount in the order summary, but does not honor it later. Spiegel claims that this is because they do not honor third party coupons and they explain this somewhere in the fine print. I still find the practice fraudulent. Of course, Spiegel can choose which offers to honor, but should not give the impression that it gives a discount at the time of the order, only to later retract it, referring to some fine print.

  • Ek
    EK3 Sep 21, 2010

    I think it's ironic that the title of your complaint is "Coupon Fraud". What would you call it when you attempt to use promotional codes that were never directly sent to you by the company and the codes you are putting on the order are from a paid promotion program. If they honor your codes, how is that fair to the person who is paying to be part of an affiliate program. You're benefitting by finding codes on a website you have no right using. You also don't know if there is a catch to using the codes. What if you have to spend $50 or more to get the free shipping and you didn't. Is that the company's fault because you don't know the provisos because you stole the code?

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Resolved unauthorized credit card charges

I ordered a few pieces of clothing from Newport News in November '08. I was doing a lot of Christmas shopping online as I was working out of my home state and had very little free time to take care of it. My credit card statements were going home where my daughter was retrieving my mail so I wasn't viewing my statement. Needless to say, I didn't notice the recurring charge of $14.95 from Insider pass until March '09 statement. At the present, I have notified my credit card company, protested the charges and they will investigate it for fraud. I also called, Encore Marketing and protested the charges. They have agreed to take all the charges off which remains to be seen. Some how, when you order from Newport News, this charge will piggy back in on your credit card along with the purchase price of your clothing in two separate transactions. They started by charging $1.95 from Insider pass on my Nov statement. There was another charge from Newport News for the clothing. Every month thereafter I was charged $14.95 right up until I caught it and they had already charged me for April. What a scam! The girl I spoke with at Encore Marketing could not tell me what the charge was for. She was going to refer me to someone else. At this point I had been on the phone long enough and hopefully had already solved the problem so I did not go any further. My advice to consumers out there is Don't buy anything from Newport News!!! They are making a lot of money off this type of deal.

  • Sc
    Scarlett Moon Apr 16, 2009

    A daily check of my bank account revealed a $14.95 debit from 'Insider Pass'. Having no idea who or what that was I did an internet search. The charge had come from a third party associated with Newport News called 'Insider Pass', what I assume is touted as a discount club. I had never signed up for anything although I had placed a credit card order with Newport News in October...this is April. I have clicked on many of their links to view their catalogue...does this justify an unauthorized charge by a third party to my credit card? I think NOT!

    After a quick search I found others to whom this has happened. I was outraged!! As I was on hold with Newport News I kept reading complaint after complaint about these companies.

    You must call Newport News and very angrily ask for a supervisor. You do not reach a supervisor, you reach 'Robert' who speaks on behalf of management; who speaks over you and tells you that 'Insider Pass' is a third party; who after much angry cajoling agrees that Newport News is associated with Encore Memeber Services - Insider Pass; and then you are given the number for Encore Member Services - 877-518-7283. You must angrily ask them to remove and refund your charges. They then give you a confirmation very official however 7 - 10 business days to refund your account so we'll see. I've also opted out of Newport News email list and will NEVER buy from them again!!! Who do they think they are?

    Telling me that Encore is a third party...associated with Newport News...Encore Member Services had to get the credit card number from somewhere!!


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Resolved steal money through returns!

Like others have said - they are the worst company for returns I have ever come across. I have been a loyal customer for years and they suddenly decided that I did not return something in time and will not credit my card as I requested. A 30 day return policy is ludicrous for an internet catalog company - 30 days could easily be the time it takes to receive the package, return it the same day, and then they would probably not really look at it for another month! Do not shop with them if at all possible - definitely not if you think you may have to return something. It's better off to go somewhere else!

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Resolved horrible customer service and return process

I had extremely bad experience, returned dresses more than month ago (With confirmation that they received...

false advertising

Their website says that refunds are "promptly" given "within 15 days". 25 days after I...

Resolved no immediate order confirmation

When I order from Newport News, I get no order confirmation email with the information of the items I have...

billing and re occurring charge

I ordered from Newport News in April of 2008 with the intent to have a deferred billing promotion that was ongoing for no charge on your card until july 2008. So when I originally placed this order I did not read or see in fine print so the company claims misleading verbiage used to pursue customers to thinking something different however when I ordered and used the deferred billing code 7449? I think that was it my charge did not show on my card the next couple of days so I thought okay good. So a couple days go by and I notice that I have a hold on my card and this caused me to get an overdraft fee of $35.00 cause I did not have the full available credit cause I am thinking well they might just authorize card to see if it's valid and open card. Cause no where does it say when you enter code or anything that we authorize amount. However 4/10? these dates are APX? I called and spoke with a rep that told me that if I used a bank card then it would not allow me to do a deferred billing and they would cancel my order and call me to get another card but they would not charge my card which then later I was advised from another customer rep that Newport news places a hold on the amount of purchase and then bank releases it days later. Which did happen but it was very misleading So after speaking with the rep I was very upset and decided to cancel my order they told me they could not do that cause it had already been shipped. They were quick to ship out and take money but the return took over 7 weeks. The clothes came to me in a plastic bag that looked trashed that they charge me $15.00 for shipping so I am thinking they could have at least put in box for that amount compared to all the big department stores online that offer free shipping ETC. Fast forward to return issue on the website it states "Please Allow 15 Days. It takes approximately 15 days for us to receive and process your return. We'll credit or refund the price of the merchandise including any taxes you were charged (excluding shipping and handling), less the cost of the UPS return charge, when you choose this option. Allow two billing cycles for your credit to appear on your credit card statement... Okay so with that said it took 6 1/2 wks for return to show and so when I called again and spoke to rep final time David was his name to make sure everything was okay. It seemed like everything was alright. I did get an email conformation stating returned had been processed and all. Then today 7/1/2008 I have a charge on my card for $107.94 which I do not have 107.94 in my account so another $35.00 charge for overdraft fee. I bank with Key bank and it is a Mastercard I used. So why would they charge my card for items that were returned and keep my information in system to authorize charges I did not consent too. So in all these has cosed me $199.88 and out of the only clothing item I did purchase was cheaper then originally shipping $14.00 for leggings. I am disgusted with this company and will never recommend them to anyone or use them ever again. Billing has been an issue with this company since my purchase. The hassle and time I've been dealing with talking to reps, managers, billing account specialist and no resolution arrg hate them.

unauthorized charges

I have repeatedly requested that spiegel stop charging me for a "privilege pass," a $14.95 amount charged against my account each month even after paying off the bill. I asked via email at customer service in february, over the phone with customer service in march, on every bill until april, via email again and again.

I have been harassed by collections insisting that I owe three months of this plus late charge. I have refused to pay. Now my very good credit report is being ruined.

Please help.
Dr. Deirdre pettipiece

  • Ra
    Rachel S Sep 07, 2009

    I can't believe how many complaints I come across for this company! I just got finished typing my own, and now I find this one. Had I seen all this before hand, I would never had ordered from them.

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  • Ek
    EK3 Sep 21, 2010

    There is a toll free number for Privilege Pass on your credit card statement. If Privilege Pass is charging you why are you continuing to call Spiegel? They're not the same company!

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  • Cb
    CB Tenn Apr 05, 2011

    I'm sorry. I just sent Spiegel a check for a purchase I did not even make to keep them from sending me to collections. Unbelievable.

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  • Re
    reaster Jul 06, 2011

    I returned items to spiegel for a refund. I called to check the status of my refund and was told it takes two billing cycles for the refund. Two and a half billing cycles I still have no refund. I call and am on hold for more than ten minutes with blaring loud music and advertisements. Finally the call is answered and I'm told the COMPANY IS IN BANKRUPTCY! Meanwhile, they are still selling their low quality merchandise to unsuspecting consumers. This company needs to be SHUT DOWN!

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4 years later, rec'd collection on paid acc't.!

I have recently rec'd a bill for $24oo+ for an account paid off in 2004 (at a bit over $800). Has anyone else had such a serious issue with this company? The lawyer for the collection agency was very nice, told me that the buyer of the contract, Midland Credit Management Co., and was a debt brokerage. I know that Spiegel has been having financial problems... This appears to be a company selling paid accounts as collectible to gain income. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I intend to let this go to court, if they have done this to me, they likely have done this to many ex-customers.

  • An
    Angry Spiegel Consumer Feb 10, 2009

    I have just been contacted by a Stacey from 1st National Collections for a $124.85 bill for an item that was returned via UPS to Spiegel in the early 1990's. I initially heard from a CB/HV Collection Bureau Hudson Valley, Inc. in June of 1997 and they were given the information a few days later that it was a mistake by Spiegel. A Ms. Reed and a Shelly both assured me that it would be sent back to Spiegel. Well this morning 2/9/09 I got a call from a Stacey from 1st National Collections who was extremely rude, threatening and nasty with me when I explained the situation. I emailed Speigel immediately, something I did not have available in 1997, and received a form email back from a Ms. Patsy B of Spiegel client services who just referred me back to the agency that threatened me. I do not understand how they get away with releasing personal financial information based on erroneous information. My next step is the Better Business Bureau.

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hidden charge of "free shipping"!

I recently received a bill stating that I purchased an "Insider Pass" for 14.95 from an online...

credit card charges

I had a charge of $14.95 that I could not figure out what it was from. It did not list a name but a phone...

coupon codes

Newport news - online clothing store (

I placed an order on october 15,2007 for $400.00 worth of clothing. I used a coupon code #517 for 25% off on the order. I received an e[mail confirming the order immediately and then another e-mail the next day saying the order was being processed. Now after the oder was delivered and 3 weeks later I wrote them because a few items were on back order until december and I questioned why when the order was placed they said they were "in stock". Well they just informed me on this day november 6th that they coupon code I used was not valid and charged my credit card for the amount of the discount. This was their mistake and I should have been notified the day the order was placed and rejected at that time, not after the order was delivered.

scam and cheating!

I called into customer service after a shipping charge that was more than the product I ordered. The agent told me since it was the first time I ordered she would give me a one time free shipping. I have now been charged 12.95 a month for several months on my bank account, from some marketing company that works with them called encore marketing. I never agreed to a service that hey are offered for discounts. WHAT A RIPOFF. I would never suggest to make any purchase from newport news. What might look like a pretty good deal is not. They will always find ways to con you for more money!

  • Tj
    tjohnson Nov 06, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had the exact thing happen to me. I have tried to get my money refunded and documentation that I authorized it but have had no luck with either. I like the clothes but I will never order from them again. They have lost a good customer and I will make sure and spread this news to everyone I come in contact with.

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  • Up
    UpsetInFlorida Dec 08, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    A lot of you are saying that you can't get through to anyone when you call the 877 numbers to cancel (877.564.8538/877.844.9554). I did a little research it turns out that they're owned/operated by a company called Encore Marketing International.

    So... let's CALL THEM and tell them how big of ### they are for perpetuating these frauds/scams... below is a list of employees and the main number to Encore; if you call a receptionist will put you through to them... CALL THEM NOW IF YOU'RE FURIOUS ABOUT THEM STEALING FROM YOU:

    4501 Forbes Blvd
    Lanham, MD 20706
    Phone: 301-459-8020***
    Business Development: [email protected]

    Stanley Plotnick — Chief Executive Officer
    Steve Klein — President
    Kimberli Files — Chief Operating Officer
    David Gallimore — Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing
    Michael Dubrow — Executive Vice President, Partnership Development
    Sondra Diggs — Chief Financial OfficerSondra Diggs — Chief Financial Officer


    This is the contact information of the CEO of Encore Marketing who's behind American Leisure and EZ Saver Scams... contact him to let him know how you feel about him cheating you and stealing your money:

    Chief Executive Officer
    Stanley Plotnik

    [email protected]

    Encore Marketing 4501 Forbes Blvd
    Lanham, MD 20706

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hidden charges!

I ordered merchandise from these two companies on line they asked if I wanted free shipping and catalogs, etc...

Resolved billed multiple times for ordered clothing

Newport News In 2005, I purchased three items from the website of Newport News Catalog...

deceptive marketing practices

My wife made an online purchase of clothing from Newport News about 2 years ago. On checkout, she was asked...