Endurance Warranty Services LLCthe company refused to pay for the engine replacement

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I recently obtained the vehicle insurance from Endurance Warranty Services LLC. After couple of months my car stopped to work and the towing company delivered my car to the mechanic. He found some problems in the engine and announced that I needed to replace the engine. I called to the office of this company and asked to pay for the transportation and engine replacement, but these guys started to diddle-daddle and found some fake excuse, why they weren’t able to pay for the engine replacement.


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      Dec 26, 2017

    I too had a extended contract on my 2012 BMW 750Li Xdrive (AWD). I always had my car service at BMW North Scottsdale and previously Chapman BMW Camelback Road here in Phoenix. My transmission started jerky and stutter shifting with clunks every now and then and I got a TRANS Malfunction code in the tranny. Upon Scottsdale verifying the problem, they contacted Endurance for an inspection to repair. Mt car comes with staggered tires option standard tires, After the inspector DEEMED that I had oversize (staggered fit opt tires) tires on my AWD BMW per factory because the door plate reflect the standard tires and the Service Advisor informed him that the car come either or as the non AWD's will have or could be set up the same way, they denied my claim, did not call me to say why and if I had not called them, they would have cancelled my warranty without refund. BUT, I called them to get a BOGUS excuse of denied claim for oversized tires, What A CROCK !!! Now they've credited all but $450+ saying the rest would come in a check after refunding my bank cards. They even went to the extent of telling me to look on page whatever, I told them refund me now or within 5 days if not I'm contacting the BBB for fraudulent advertising and refusal to own up to contract. BEWARE EVERYONE of this company, One rep on the phone said he was a manager and I told him let me talk to your Boss's BOSS and they both had the same BS answer... NEED A REFUND, last words!

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