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Complaints & Reviews

Unethical behavior

I installed my car track in 2016 october and it was working smoothly and I was receiving call normally and it suddenly stopped. In july 2017 I took my car for oil service and they turn off my battery and I never got a call, again in august I took my car for inspection services and I asked them to turn off the battery just to test if I will get a call and I did`nt. I then got worried then phone car track to find out what is happening only to be informed that my terminal was switched off in nov 2016 as they were getting faulty signal and the technician was routed to come fix the terminal, firstly I was not informed of the switching off and secondly it was about 6 months and the technician never pitched and I should continue to pay for a device that is not working. I continue phoning them for follow up and when will the technician come, lastly when I phone then I get a different story saying that my terminal is working, I then told them numerous consultants there informed me that the terminal was off, I then inform them that I will not continue to pay for the terminal that is not working. Last time my discussion with car track was that they have found my telephone recordings and they going to listen to them them they will tell me a way out, to my suprise when wait for feedback I received a letter of demand from the attorneys saying I owe car track, I explained to them was happend and they said they will revert the case back to car track, till today im getting calls daily from the attorneys. I am totally fed up, and to my knowledge car track owes me money for the months that I paid while my terminal was off

it is not safe

I'm Rebecca a customer of car track vehicle discription TEMP-785387
On the 04/04/2020
My car nearly got stolen I packed it around 18:18:21 04/04/2020
My concern is the perpetrators managed to push back the vehicle where it was packed so that they can manage to still it
by lucky
They only managed to still a
2.Radio and sound system accessories
My concern is the moment the battery is being disconnected from the vehicle's terminal usually I receive a call from car track so to my my understanding that shows that my car tracker was offline a long time ago without being noticed by tracker department
But monthly subscription is being deducted

Please attend this matter as I'm about to open a case for tracker company

Contact :[protected]

car condition

My name is Mr Godwin, I have contract with cartrack for my two vehicles but along the line cartrack called and say that they are picking up another device in one of my car that they need to remove it from my car I allowed them, afterwards the system in that vehicle stopped working that they could not position my car when it's driver decided to steal the car. The cartrack was unable to position my car saying that the GPS problem I later found the car dumped at the garage with everything inside that is external stolen as the car was messed up then I had to let the car go because it's condition I can no longer use it to work again, then I sold the car half of what I paid for, even though I reported to cartrack my situation n also advised informed them to cancel my contract with the car due to their negligence they refused and was still doing the debit every month
They also made me loose my claim with miway because after I reverse the debit order I never knew that they suspended my account only found out when my second car got stolen on the 18th of March and they refused to look for my car but luckily saps found the car for me, so now miway are using that against me that my cartrack was suspended even though I paid up the outstanding

installation and vehicle power steering

I have arranged to install a new device in my 3rd vehicle day of 9 January 2020 at 12h00 (sibisiso) installation no:263338 Ref: [protected].

The system does not work after installation... and now have a problem with my Power steering!!!

I have phoned several times to Cartrack with no success.

I something happens to my vehicle, expect a CLAIM from me and I will Cancel all my trackers in my vehicles from cartrack on cartracks cost.


uninstall and install a cartrack device

I applied for a tracker to be removed from my previous car to the new one and that was 5 weeks ago. I also told them that the dealer is selling the old car. After 3 weeks of doing nothing, i finally called them and they told me that they have removed the tracking device from the old car and they coming to install on the 13th December at 6. I waited for them until i turned blue and called them - unfortunately they has already left.

The following week I called them and I was told that the tracker was not removed from the old car. I told them to call the dealer and see if the car is still there. Unfortunately the was was sold and it was in Durban. I was then advised that they have logged a call with Durban branch to remove the tracker and they will come and install. It's been weeks without any solid information but lies.

My car is at risk now because of them and my insurance won't cover It should something happen to it.

I am at a point of cancelling the whole thing and look for another tracking company.

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warranty claim form submitted & they are ignoring me

I reported my car stolen on the 16th September to cartracker after I called them I was told to open a case at the police station before I could contact them, I did open the case and called them afterwards to give them a case number, the following day when i enquired about the recovery process they told me they conacted the police and they were told that the car was stolen by a friend and that cartracker considers it a family matter & they can't assist me. I went back to the police who was handling my case he contacted cartracker and asked who gave them the information since he never recieved a call from them he told them the case of theft was opened and they should play their part & stop lying to clients because it's their duty to make sure they assist in recovery of vehicles as promised...
that's when cartrack started to aske questions regarding the car theft.(2 days after I reported) and after that 2 weeks I was told to fill in a warranty claim form because they couldn't locate the vehicle & the chances of recovery were slim..I did as they asked & it's been 2 months haven't heard anything from them I have made countless efforts to contact cartrack and the lady by the name Chantall Dippenaar who I submitted the claim form to but they are not responding and the cartrack the sends me from Pilar to post regarding the matter as if I was never a client .I feel their service sucks big time including the team in the control where a joke of my report the first team to tried to report the case.I deserve an answer and willing to take this matter further.


I have received the worst service at car track. I am a first time buyer so my broker advises me to take car track, i'm like okay since I didn't know much about it. Days before collecting my car, I tell one of your call center people that I will not be using car track as my insurance is providing a tracking device. My broker sent an email to inform you guys that I will not be using you guys.

I had an appointment for fitting with my insurance. So you guys contact me and say booking was arranged to fit my tracker of which was arranged with my insurance so I thought its the people from my insurance since I had a booking with them not you guys. I had left my car at home with my parents so that they can allow you guys to fit the device not knowing, they were only aware after I called them and told them to tell your guys to take out that tracker out of my car of which your guy said he cant and ran away. Your people get to my house and fit the device when I have told you guys that I will not afford to pay you guys... Since I have been calling in to try to sort this out but I have never ever got any joy...

First time buyers please be very careful with people that call you from car track, they will fit a device by tricking you into thinking that they from the insurance and want you to pay them r2000 for them to remove it. You guys are taking advantage of first time car buyers which is not right. I will inform people about this service...

Nomthandazo hadebe


New Customer-BAD experience: DZZ 910 MP We have decided to go over from Tracker to Car Track the last few...

panic button not working

Good day this is of a disappointment how car tracker and has ignored my concerns regarding the panic button that was not working in my times of need I have written to Hellopeiter with my graivance and have spoken to numerouse agents of Car tracker and it seems like no-one is taking my complain serously including the agent that replied to Hellopeiter her name was Maggie.

On the 30/08/2019 I was highjacked and Kidnapped and from that scene i reapetedly pressed the panic button upto an extent where i was brutally abused and violated by Pepetrators who left me in the bushes. My car was recovered at a crime scene by my Husband who was called by strangers who identified the scene and the Cartracker was then called by my husband so that they can locate the car and however Cartracker emegency guys came and witnessed the car but upto to so far there was no case was logged by Car-tracker acknowleging the scene that was witnessed by them.

I am not quet happy about the turn around of services that i have recieved from you that even today you still debit my account and yet you failed to protect or provide services that you promised to serve.

I guess as a client i deserve some sort of explaination of why your services failed and you are not doing anything about my concern and to an extent that you leave me with no choice but seek legal advise agaist your service at hand

My details are registration is FX98ZPGP
MY user is MOFA 00022

I Hope you will respond to my complain since you failed to take action on hellopeiter

Regards: Juliat

access to app

For over a month now I have not been able to access my App. You guys upgraded the app and since then I am unable to sign on... it has been a nightmare to get someone to assist me as an always been transferred around no one seems to want to assist. In many occasions I was asked to leave my details for someone to call me but no one calls me. Some days I am asked to call between 8-5 as that department is only working within those hours then when I call during those hours I am told to call after 6 as they have high call volumes during the day... 2 weeks ago I called and your agent excused himself and asked his colleague if he wanted to take the call now and assist me but the guy said no rather take the clients contact number I'll call her back, which again did not happen. Today I called again and a guy by the name of Manqoba who was just in a rush to get rid of me said he's transferring me to the department to assist with the App but sent me to the Fleet department instead and I was told that the App department doesn't work on holidays of which I don't understand why Manqoba couldn't just tell me that... can I please get someone to assist me...

[Resolved] unpaid wages

I am former employee who had to file a wage claim against Cartrack after more than 12 months of trying to...

r99 monthly cartrack tracker

On 28 August 2019 - A technician came to my work address as per my request to install my unit. This took...

service deactivating

Your technician was here to take out the system and re-instal it in the new truck and he said "eish" and...

bad service

Car Track South Africa has the worst operators working with clients. Our company have more than 10 vehicle...

Faulty car track fleet management unit - bad service


ID Number: [protected]
Vehicle Reg: FK 06 HF GP

I am incredibly disappointed at the level of incompetence from CAR TRACK.

I have not been able to track my car since the 21st of August 2019. I made a call to car track 26th of August, informing them of the faulty tracking unit, the consulted informed me that she will inform the technician to contact me to make an appointment, this has not been done till today. Today I call CAR TRACK AGAIN!! hoping to get an appointment asap. I have been on a call for over 30 MUNITES! being transferred from pillar to post and no assistance at all.

You need to understand that I have a trusted car track's tracking unit to help me track my car, and for me to be able to see where my car is at all times! Your tracking unit is now faulty, and your customer service team is not of any help in assigning a technician to me!

CAN MY TRACKING UNIT BE FIXED IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS. If you can't please cancel my contract and do not expect me to pay anything cause you can't provide the only thing your business exists for.

tracking device

A car tracking device was installed a few weeks ago. Once it was installed I was ensured that my login details would be sent to me within an hour to access the car track app. Nothing has been sent till today after calling numerous times, emailing and actually being told yesterday that the details would be sent to me yet I'm still waiting. Another problem I asked for a panic button when I agreed on the package, that wasn't sent through with the guy who installed my device i was also told yesterday that they would listen to the recorded to call when I decided to see why I didn't receive my panic button yet I'm waiting again. This is disgusting customer service

poor service delivery

Good day. We were scheduled to remove our tracker on thurs 29 aug at 12pm as we were selling our car within the next twpo days.The technician did not show up and the call centre was off no use. The first lady did not know a head from her foot and gave me all the wrong information which sent me into a panic. The second lady promised to call the technician and call e back. After a 45min wait there was no return of call.After calling numerous times a gentleman was able to assist me and informed me that the technician phone was off and they had no other way of contacting him.
I took the day off from work to make sure that the car was at home at the arranged time. It was totally unprofessional on both car tracks side as well as the technician side to just not show up.
They have managed to give me an appointment for Friday 30aug at 12pm.
I have to stay home again, which is a total inconvenience.
I hope that the technician pitches up this time...

Account billing

I do not know where to start however attached is my bank statement.

Initially when I spoke to you and requested that cartrack re imburse me the bank charges that went off my account r150 off which were reimbursed back into my nedbank account only on the 10th and again after instructing you not to debit the r59.73 instead debit the full amount for that same month on the 20th as per my email below.

In may &june and july you debited as per agreement and I didn't have any problems up until I received an sms from you guys again confirming that the account is in arrears. I decided to firstly ignore them but when I received the last one recently I then decided to call in and get clarity as to what transpired in my account after 3months i'm being told of the arrears.

Spoke to a lady by the name of mpho on [protected]) explained my whole situation and she confirmed that she will have to speak to the manager and get back to me with proper feedback. (again I mentioned i'm not running away from anything I just need clarity.) but I believe she couldn't get back to me because of it slipped her mind or was so busy off which again I do understand.

Today @08:23 after getting a notification from my banker the very same amount r150 was debited. According to my understanding this whole transaction was done illegally as you need to get my approval to debit or make any sort of arrangements. You can say it is a small amount but it is my money off which again I need clarity from you guys who requested for that debit order to go off without my concern??? I'm not going to let this one go this time i've been way to patient with this matter.

If this is how you treat your clients then i'm afraid this time around you've crossed the line.in as much as you feel you had rights to neodo track my account but without my concern then it is a problem!!! Should same be not resolved before the end of business day I will proceed to take it further rather spend more on service and be happy that be treated this way.

Hope to hear from your manager soon.

fleet management unit not appearing on my phone application

On the 18th July 2019 I reported that vehicle is not appearing on the phone application but I was told it can't be booked for repair as on Car track side it shows it is working.

This morning 26 July Cartrack called because it was no longer showing on their side as well. The vehicle was booked for 15h00 same (day 26 July 2019) and I was told the GPS unit was replaced, yet the vehicle is still not showing on phone app. I phoned fleet management support but the consultant Nokuthula from Fleet cut the call while I was explaining and she didn't pick up when I was put through to her line 2nd time, therfore I couldn't explain further to her.

At the Cartrack fitment center I was told that there is nothing else they can do on their side but that they picked up that the registration number of the vehicle in question was previously used by a Hilux Double Cab which was fitted with a Cartrack unit, and that it shows that the Hilux Double Cab has been cleared.

I don't know what else to do as the fleet managent department has been rebooting the device.

The vehicle registration is ND495005 Toyota Etios 2019 White in colour.

Zingisa Mashalaba


My account was deducted so many times, I don't understand why but it was a huge inconvenience. I attached...

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