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So, a year and a half ago I flew to London from Perth and I purchased an open ended return ticket just in case I ran out of money, I had a way to get home. The initial flight was booked for February the following year, about 8 months after my arrival in London which I changed to August due to travelling enjoyment, which I then further changed to January as the final ammendment. The flight was confirmed, seats chosen, and three days later, a two and a half month trip around the European continent. What could be better right?

Oh so very wrong.

Less than a week after my flight was confirmed and I had booked further travelling plans including flights and accomodation between the months of August and January, I received an email from Emirates informing me I had to urgently contact customer services in regards to my ticket. So I did, wasted a great deal of money on roaming charges and was told that my ticket expired in May of 2011, and therefore I could not fly in January but instead had to fly August, as they were going to be generous enough to let me fly out of expiry. If I can fly out of expiry anyway, why not in January? Apparently this does not make any sense.

Customer service have told me that the employee who changed the flight date to January did not realise I flew in 2010 and thought I had flown in 2011. Not my fault. She did not realise the ticket was out of expiry. Again, not my fault. Yet I have spent the last month and half while travelling emailing and calling all around the world trying to get some sort of refund and being told by every single customer service agent they are going to do this that and the other, which I have realised is an Emirates method of getting customers off the phone and off their backs, and hoping the problem will magically resolve itself. What a positive bunch.

I flew with Emirates to not have to deal with these problems as it is the most expensive airline to travel from Australia to Europe with. So, if you are flying with Emirates and need to change your flight date, confirm everything on the call, all calls are recorded, so at least you will have a reference. I am going through absolute hell trying to sort out a flight home when I should be relaxing on my budget Europe tour. Budget Europe tour, which proves that paying for a whole new flight home just is not an option, but apparently everyone who works for Emirates is really wealthy and they do not seem to understand the whole "can not afford it" concept.

19 years old and I have never EVER made such a complaint. I am strictly a good review kind of person, but this has to be known by anyone who could see themselves in a similar position.

Criticise me, tell me it is my fault, because if it is, I am more than happy to hear it. Emirates surely believe this is the case, no doubt.

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  • Vi
      Aug 12, 2011

    Hi there,
    I work for EK and will tell you that not all is lost. Understand that, despite it not being your fault, and that an EK agent made a mistake, they are under no obligation to honor the mistake, especially since they caught it and contacted you to know.

    As far as refunding the ticket... well, it takes customer service while to get back to you, no doubt. But you will get it eventually. If you want, send me a private message with your ticket number and I'll see what I can do.

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  • Mo
      Mar 20, 2014

    On the 17th March 2014, My CEO Mr. Mutlaq Al Qhatani and myself Mohamed Unais Ziyard travelled by Emirates EK 363 from Guangzhou to Dubai, our seat no's were 26B & 26C, the steward in-charge of that section was Mr. Rudy from South Africa, he was very arrogant towards the passengers giving orders as if we were soldiers, I have been flying since the 80's I always had a respect towards Emirates mainly due to the staff attitude towards the passengers, however with this trip I had enough of it, We were not the only passengers who complained, there were other passengers too who agreed with me.

    Emirates as an airline is expanding as an airline materially, the same way the hospitality factor too has to be taken into consideration, if not this whole propaganda being one of the best airlines will be bogus.

    My contact email is [protected] I am awaiting a reply from emirates.

    Regards, Mohamed Unais Ziyard.

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