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Emirates Airlines / refund or change of date of airline ticket

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To whom it may concern,
My name is joe tabone and a year ago my wife had to return to her native philippines regarding some paperwork on a house thereat she purchased a few years before. Before leaving she consulted a lawyer in the philippines regarding this matter and he informed her that this problem would be resolved in about a year. Therefore I purchased her and my infant daughter both a 1 year ticket so while the issue regarding the residence be resolved she could also enjoy her parents as well besides seeing our baby daughter also. Recently she informed me that the house matter will take a few more weeks and she will have to miss her flight due to this matter. Therefore on receiving this information I proceeded to my emirates office where the tickets were purchased to se if the flight could be extended at an extra cost. When told that I could not extend after a year I asked for a refund since the flight will no be used and since my wife has to stay a bit longer. This appeal was also denied even though emirates has an area in their website where you can request for a refund of your electronic ticket (my wifes and daughters return tickets are electronic tickets and the booking was done online at the travel agency). I paid for ticket expenses in cash and recently I was informed by the agency that my daughter who just turned two years of age was no longer considered a child by emirates but now a infant and I was requested to pay a extra fare due to her age.
My wife has always used emirates in her travels to the philippines and always had words of praise for their service but this matter now has left us with doubts now. My wife enonima tabone electronic ticket no. [protected] and my daughters beyonce anne tabone [protected] are not going to be used so why is it so difficult to extend or give a voucher so with an extra payment the flight can be used so they can return home. My wi and daughter were due home with flight ek 335 e 15 feb 09 7 mnldxb hk1 00:20 05:20 then board flight ek 107 e 15feb 09 7 dxbmla hk1 08:15 13:20. I surely hope some sort of compensation could be worked out. Please feel free to contact me on [protected] I also want to thank you for taking time and consideration in reading this appeal and hpoe for a positive reply from your end so until I hear from you thank you and take care.

Mr. Joseph tabone

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  • Pa
      19th of Nov, 2007
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    Emirates - regarding deportation from tripoli
    emirates airlines

    i travelled to tripoli from india on 15th november via dubai by emirates,libyan goverment passed an amendment stating that non libyan should have arabic transcript of passport,deporting the passenger from libya who travel without arabic transscript,emirates deporting the passenger from tripoli from 12 of nov,allowed me to board the flight from chennai to tripoli,deported myself and my son from tripoli, impounded my passport ,tortured me to pay the deportation flight charges,caused me mental agony and great financial stress,i donot know how they r going to compenstate my loss

  • Ra
      27th of Dec, 2007
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    United Emirates Airlines - Terrible experience!
    Emirates Airlines
    Gold Coast

    I have flown with singapore Airines to the uk previously and with trhe sudden passing of my father had to get to the uk asap for the funeral Flight Center informed me the only flight that could get me there and back for Christmas was with Emirates. So i booked first was the start of it I was traveling by myself back to Manchester and my husband had to care for my children in Australia. The Flight was scheduled to leave Brisbane at 8pm we finally got on the plane and 9.30pm and flew to Singaposre were i was delayed another hour and 3/4 when i and other passengers checked on the screen re transfer flight to Manchester no Gate No Time i was reassured by the flight attendants that we would not miss the flight at this point i was very distressed as i had to get home quickly. I was on to find out i was not the only [person to have missed connecting flights about 100+ other passengers were affected too. I was told that they had a flight for al the persons to Manchester at 2.35pm that afternoon we had arrived in Dubai at 8.10am my connecting flight left at 7.55am i had no monies but was provided info re food at a restaurant the staff were rude and told me and fellow passengers to hurry up as they had to clear away the breakfast things bad customer service on the plane with one uptight male steward telling me off for passing him a food tray i just cant believe their customer service bad attitude and all. The Flight home to Brisbane wasn't much better i was shown no empathy or sympathy and was treated like a second class citizen no upgrades occurred. I have attempted to search for a complaints page or feedback page on their website but as yet no luck.

    Thanks for letting me air my grievances on this site i am endevouring gain a proper complaints page direct to emirates.

    Rachelle M.

  • Ga
      27th of Feb, 2008
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    Emirates - Baggage loss
    South Africa

    I am garima sharma please help me as I m in big trouble becoz my luggage has been misplaced by emirates airlines while flying from banglore to capetown on 24th feb 2008, my compalint no is jnbek29240 n its already 3 days and we were given a priority tag which was pasted on our luggage & hellip;…….. We are regularly mailing them, except giving us the reference / complaint no. No other assistance is there, they every time says we are just in the process of tracing the luggage where as it is already above 60 hours that we haven’t found our luggage………….. The description of my luggage is it’s a red colour bag, trolley bag, with a plastic covering on it n the name n address is mentioned there ie. Anubhav kumar, dale court ,1, ehibition terrace road, capetown south africa & hellip;….. Emirates people has assured us that it wont happen again as we have suffered earlier also while we flying from capetown to banglore on 20th december 2007 our file refernce no. Is blrek10341,12792, for which its already 2 months, that was my husbands baggage for which they have delivered us the wrong baggage with which there is no match of colour, the tag identification anything was not matching n after that our case reopens when we informed this bto the emirates office.

    Now we have lost one more luggage plzzzzzzzzzz help us n if any of the luggage is found plzzzzz inform us or courier us to the below mentioned address:

    Complaint no. Jnbek29240 & blrek10341,1279

    Anubhav kumar


    Add:5.3.1, vinci-5, villa italia, century city, capetown, south africa

  • Pr
      4th of Aug, 2008
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    Emirate Airlines - Unprofessional
    United Arab Emirates

    Dear Sir,

    It was really a horrible experience flying your new sector in emirates from Kozhikode to Dubai on 15th July 2008 (CCJ to DXB). We had to be in the airport waiting for nine to twelve long hours and then emirates inform us that the flight has been cancelled. This is so unprofessional and after about 12 hours they provide hotel accommodations more over this hotel was so bad and of cheap standards. Is this how you provide service normally when your flights are cancelled. Well never expected that emirates could provide something like this when much better hotels are available in town.

    Kindly request you look in to this matter and get them more organized. Hope I get a reply for my mail.

  • Ar
      13th of Sep, 2008
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    My name is Arif Hossain. I am a frequent flyer of Emirates. Like, I have already travelled twice (in Business class) to UK within in last one month from today. I am very much satisfied with the service of Emirates till date.

    At this onset, I am writing to you to let you know that I had been missing my Baggage for the last 1 week since I have arrived Dhaka on 6th September. Accordingly I filed a form (File Ref: DACEK20905) at ‘BG lost and found’ on the very same day. But, the way they have been treating this issue is very unsatisfactory. I am somehow fed up with their service and felt like letting you know even though I know this is not the perfect place to make complaints.

    Many thanks
    Arif R Hossain

  • Ja
      5th of Oct, 2008
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    Emirates Airline - Missing baggae
    United Arab Emirates

    I am a business woman and a regular passenger of the notable emirates airline but with a great regret in writing to seeking help from your board in regards of my business partner (Mr. Syed mujahid hussain shah) & rsquo;s lost baggage during a flight journey on board this airline flight ek607 from karachi to dubai on 6th april 2008. Mr. Mujahid has lodged a report to the concern airline customer service and senior claim assistant in charged (Asilya mukhidinova) in regards of this matter but they declined to give any appropriate assistance nor take any responsibility on this matter. They even rudely told him that they have his baggage in the same flight but yet they are unwilling to handle it back to him. I tremendously regret and been very disappointed with the bad attitude shown by one of the concern airliner’s staff as mention above. The items inside my friend’s baggage are camera, watch, cloths, documents and hepatitis b medicine made in south africa (Worth aed35 000) , therefore his total claim for this baggage is aed47 000. Your urgent attention will be much obliged and I should be glad if you or the media would kindly take some drastic action to this matter. For more details my partner can be contacted at his mobile number 00971505066493. Thank you.

  • Yv
      28th of Oct, 2008
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    Re; Lost Luggage,

    Reference: Our Ref: DXB/X/SH/230907/6584174

    Emirates Airlines lost my luggage which included an Oil Painting and wooden Artifact on a flight fromAustrlia to Dubai in June 2007 and to date, have not received any advice on how to recieve any compenstaiuon. I have written and emailed numerous mails to customer support for the past year to find out how to claim as I am now living in beautiful Scotland. All in All, the package cost approx USD1, 700

    Can anyone advise me why Emirates is ignoring my emails and how to claim the USD80. I am not very impressed with the level of customer support Emirates has given. Is customer cupport email adress as follows:

    Please advise and much appreciated


  • Ke
      12th of Apr, 2009
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    Emirates - Bad Ckeck In Line management
    United States

    I was in line at Houston for checking in with my wife and there was nobody to direct people to an empty line. It looked like a free for all. After some time after we went to the front of the line. We went to what looked like an empty counter. After waiting a few minutes the attendant asked us to go back to the line. A attendant had now appeared from where ever she wandered off to the mange the line and now put us again at the back of the line despite our protestations on having already been in the line.


  • Ge
      1st of Jun, 2009
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    Emirates Airlines - Wrong information cost too much for me

    This is my complain related to my last trip on Emirates airlines[Doha-Cairo-Doha]

    Date 30April2009-22 May 2009 Idid the booking on March2009 payed my ticket on middle of April 2009 [1860QR]I asked how many kgs permitted the staff inform 30kgs and 7kgs as handbag next question was how much the extra wght.will cost she inform 39QRper kg.On 30 April on the airport Emirates desk when it is my turn to finalize my process Iam having 19 kgs extra, staff ask me to pay the extra wgh.which is [2110QR] I was realy shoked for that some as I kwen it is 110QRper kg. and not 39 Discussing the desk staff she said we are not responsible about wrong information given. It was a very bad and stresfull situation for me as my husband left to his work,

    No way except to pay that 2110 Qr as no time or persson to keep with the 19 kgs extra my main question how it comes the Emirates airlines will not informe their customer regarding the change especially it is too much difference [my last trip was on august 2008 and the charge was not that much]???

    My Email and my cell pfone available in their DOHA office where Ibooked and pay my tiket.Ibeleive that airlines play a very bad game with customers wich can end by loosing them.

    Imade a complain to their main office in DOHA but not reply up till now

  • Ra
      3rd of Aug, 2009
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    Emirates Airlines - Private
    Raycho Raykov

    Dear sirs
    I would like to describe my troubles when I used to fly with emirates airlines from karachi via dubai, vienna (Austria) , varna (Bulgaria).
    I and my colleague am frequent flier on these destinations – every 3-4 months we used to fly. Already 3 times we used to fly on this destination, and we are very satisfied from everything but…
    Please kindly note, that all of this our flights we have problem – all of this our flights we miss the next connecting flight dubai – vienna. Between flights we have only 2 hours and 15 minutes. The problem is that from karachi airport can not issued boarding card for the next flight dubai-vienna. Due to unknown reason already 3 times we can not obtain boarding card for the next flights from karachi airport. Thus this time of 2 hours and 15 minutes is not enough to get to the ticket desk and back to the gate. It might sound curious for you, but in our last flights we missed our connection flights due to the time limit with a lot of troubles subsequent. We are afraid that this problem will continue in the future.

    Our next flight will be on 20 aug 2009:
    Kostov kalin – flight: khi-dxb ek603; dxb-vie os840; vie-var os763
    Ticket # 176-3613735256
    Raykov raycho – flight: khi-dxb ek603; dxb-vie os840; vie-var os763
    Ticket # 176-3613735257

    We kindly asking you – is it possible in the future to be arranged to receive our next flight boarding card on karachi airport checking desk! We consider this is a solution for our problem, because thus we will not need to get to the ticket desk in dubai airport and time between connections flights well be enough.

    Deeply appreciate your action in advance. Will be very grateful if you reply on my e-mail address: gr. [protected]

    Best regards
    Raykov raycho

  • Ro
      19th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    To whomsoever it may concern.

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I travelled from Bangalore to Dubai on 18th Jan 2010. I had checked in 4 luggages. Emirates staff at Bangalore told me that I had 7 kilos excess baggage and asked me to pay INR 4, 550. I was ready to leave the excess baggage behind, but the staff insisted that I take it with me. I paid the amount and cross checked with them a million times about the safety. They assured me that evertything would go well.

    Much to my surprise, one BIG SUITCASE weighing 20 kilos appx was missing. I checked woth teh staff at Dubai who made me run from pillar to post . They told me that the baggage was sent from Bangalore and recieved at Duibai. They asked me to file a complaint and leave and assured me that the bag will reach my residence at Sharjah in the eveni9ng. It has been more than 2 days now and they dont have the courtesy to keep me informed.

    Please let me know the procedure for claim and also the status of my baggage. EMIRATES MUST REALISE THAT YOU CANNOT COMPENSATE ANY BODY'S SENTIMENTS.

    Hope I never travel in this airline again.


  • Dy
      1st of Feb, 2010
    -1 Votes

    Emirates does not really care about customer issues, they only care about generating sales. Let 's warn other people to stay away from Emirates.
    join us at facebook group "Emirates Airline-poor customer service"

  • Jo
      18th of Feb, 2010
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    Emirates Airline Dubai - MISINFORMATION
    New York
    United States


  • Vk
      27th of Feb, 2010
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    Emirate Airline
    14, jagdamba mkt, Rithala, Delhi-85 INDIA
    England, Greater Manchester
    United Kingdom
    Phone: 91 9310263955

    This is V.K.Singh from India. I got the offer in Emirates Airline Group Terminal 2 Departures Hall as a SUPERVISOR QC & PROJECTS from Emirates Airline Group, United Kingdom.
    Manchester Airport United Kingdom Post code M90 4QX . Please verify this offer early as possible.

    Thanks & Regards,



  • Fl
      7th of Aug, 2010
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    Emirates Airways - Meals/Service
    Emirates Airways - DUBAI
    United Arab Emirates

    On the way to Dubai the food was so terrible.
    Considering we had to cheek in 4 hrs before the flight and the flight is usually en anything because 2:00 in the afternoon we have not ate anything because breakfast and lunch before 10:00.
    The Heathrow airport stopped the junk food bar so we had coke and crisp for lunch in the airport from our sidebag.
    Then 4 hrs later was our departure to Dhaka and they served our dinner 8 hrs after cheek in.
    What they gave did not fill us up after 3 hrs of flight in the air they dicided to give us some food which was few fried potatoes 2 tiny dices of chicken and some cake which was full of icing and a rock hard bun that you can brake your teeth with:(.
    anyway, I am a 10 yr old average size for a 10 yr old and my proper wheelchair is in the luggage hold and while I am in DXB I have to use a Airport Wheelchair Which Could Fill Me my sister and my brother and also my parents so it was a very large wheelchair which will not specify my needs. It was really large and old and destroys my image:).
    Not only did I have To Face The embarrassment of this narsy rusty wheelchair I was also remove form my family through out the connection flight time which was 3 hrs in total and I am 10 yrs old my mum promised we will never fly Emirates Again.
    In December we travelled With Jet Airways and it was great.
    They need to consider people and their needs and not only old or oversized people that travel you know.
    I hope you consider my information and never fly emirates again.

  • Ve
      5th of Oct, 2010
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    Emirates - no seats
    United States

    A useless airline. Told us we couldn't book our seats until 48 hours before departure and then when we tried there were no seats left except a few in the middle, even though we had booked almost three months earlier. For our return trip, 5 months from now they claimed that all their aisle seats are for wheel chair passengers: All of them!

    We canceled our booking and they charged $400 penalty. Worth it for not having to fly Emirates. Buyer Beware.

  • Ca
      5th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I am a silver member with skywards, emirates frequent flyer program. Every year, I make at least one long overseas trip with my husband and my 2 young children to be surprised almost at every instance of ridiculous seating patterns: even when child was 6weeks old, no bassinett was given (despite the fact we went early to airport), child seated away from parent (mind you both children are under 3), parents separated, one seated in the middle row, middle of the plane with a child while people in bassinette rows were healthy young travellers.
    I really, do not understand how this is respectful or taking into consideration the importance of a frequent traveller. In the latest incident, on a return from Beirut, dated Oct 15 2010 (heading to Sydney) flight nb EK954, I was seated row 67 with my baby daughter, and my other daughter (aged 2) was seated behind me (row 68) eventhough we had made a group booking, a few months in advance!
    Next to me, 3 young healthy travellers, not silver members like myself, not travelling together, and had not requested that seating! When I complained to the ground staff that my 2year old child was seated behind me, they said they couldn't do much and it was up to me to sort it out with flight personnel!!! THis is not only ridiculous but also hypocritical from an airline who has in place a frequent flyer program to facilitate travels of its clients.

    I understand this is a complaint centre, that would at least get me aresponse from customer service into why these things keep on happening after I have complained on every single trip, with every single error! Can you please contact me on [protected], for me the company lost any credibility.

    At a point where maintaining our membership status with Emirates was important, the company has lost all respectability to us and, being more expensive than others, doesn't put the comfort of its loyal clients ahead of others!

    Carine Cahwagi Khoury

  • Hy
      23rd of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes
    Emirates Air Lines - Crew Attitude
    Emirates air lines
    United Arab Emirates

    Dear Sir
    Kindly note that we were treated badly with the one of the cabin crew
    i was travelling with infant & i asked her to get worm water fror the baby milk she asked me to wait for one hour as she is busy.
    pushing my bag with her leg.
    giving as the food like she through it not serve.
    the way she talking to client is really bad & She suppose not to be emirates staff at all

  • Ma
      25th of Dec, 2010
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    Emirates - Fail to deliver Baggage

    I came by Emirates flight EK 045 on 21st Dec. 2010 in Frankfurt Airport from Dubai and I found that my baggage was missing. I immediately reported the matter to the Baggage tracing centre in Frankfurt Airport and I was assured that time my baggage will be delivered at home the next day. But today being the 4th day I did not get my Baggage yet or any proper information from them when I call them. My Baggage contains valuable items for personal use and perishable items including medicines and as such I must get proper compensation for them which comes about Indian Rupees 50, 000/-
    Mathews Kurian, Nussbaumweg 14A, 4103 Bottmingen, Switzerland.
    [protected] Tel. 0041 61 4215285

  • Cl
      2nd of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes
    Emirates - Seating
    United States
    Phone: 07787564712

    Returning back from a holiday of a life time in mauritius, flying with emirates, we were transit in dubai for our connection to london heathrow on 26th feb 2011. On check in, in mauritius your ground staff informed us that our seats had been booked for the entire journey to our final destination and that our seats would be allocated together as a family. However, collecting our boarding passes for the final journey from dubai on flight number ek001 we were told the three of us would not be anywhere near one another as the flight was over booked. We chose emirates for their reputation but sadly we were hugely disappointed and felt the cabin crew were not helpful in trying to resolve the situation or even in the slightest bit apologetic.
    I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

    [protected]@hotmail.Co. Uk

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